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Shadow Copy: EXIT DARKNESS What If You Could Switch Bodies Would You Do It In Shadow Copy, It Is Possible But Cheating Death Always Comes With RisksBecca Tanner Wants Everybody To Think That She Is A Typical Seventeen Year Old High School Senior, But She S Not Her Father Is The Inventor Of A Radical New Medical Procedure That Has Caught The Attention Of The Entire World And Is Now Secured Under The Watchful Eye Of The United States Government Through The Use Of Ground Breaking Bio Technology, He Is Able To Transfer A Person S Entire Psyche From One Body And Place It Into Another But Suitable Donor Bodies Are Rare, And There Is Heated Public Controversy Over The Morality Of The Procedure Becca S Old Body Was Dying From Cancer, So Her Father Transplanted Her Into A New Body, Just Six Months Ago Becca Mustn T Tell Anyone Who Her Father Is, Or That She Is A Recipient, Otherwise She Risks Becoming A Target Of Those Who Want To Steal Her Father S Research, And Those Who Oppose It

About the Author: Michele Leathers

I was born and raised in sunny California with my five siblings and now spend my days under the bright blue skies of North Carolina with my loving husband and three rambunctious dogs I love chocolate, but who doesn t I hate slow drive through lines, especially when they stand between me and the Diet Coke I am craving I received a Bachelor s degree in Philosophy from North Carolina State University I had planned to continue on with law school, but instead, after raising a family, exploring multiple diverse career paths and at least as many different hair colors, I found a passion for writing young adult novels For me, the most important components of a great story are interesting characters, loads of suspense, and a dash of romance.

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    Great YA book, exciting story and adventure but with a good message under it all Highly reccomend

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    Page Turner Wow What a page turner Everything you want in a YA book The plot is new and interesting.The chase scenes are intense The romance is innocent and fun If course there is a mean girl to make life harder, the nice guy to pull for, and the unknown villain Love the characters Kept me guessing a

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    What happens when the shadows move The story begins with our main character undergoing a tremendous change She has her consciousness transferred into another body Becca is a young girl just beginning to live when cancer sneaks in to steal away her life Fortunately for her, Becca a father was able to use a ne

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    4.5 stars This book has everything for the teenage girl who loves to read Great plot, fun PG romance, intense action, likable characters, and awesome descriptions I am NOT a teenage girl by 50 years and I enjoyed it very much My only complaint is that it left me hanging, but that just makes me crave the next one

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    Everything you want in a story Something else I enjoyed about this book is how the author is able to pull you in to consider and explore an interesting ethical dilemma if donor bodies were real would it actually be ethical to use them And what kind of complications might arise My brain was working overtime trying to figure

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    Loving it so far, I can t put it down

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    Good read that I was able to pass along to family.

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    Read this great book I couldn t stop reading it Had to find out what happened I had so many questions Can t wait for her next book

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