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Fifty Years Ago, James D Watson, Then Just Twentyfour, Helped Launch The Greatest Ongoing Scientific Quest Of Our Time Now, With Unique Authority And Sweeping Vision, He Gives Us The First Full Account Of The Genetic Revolution From Mendel S Garden To The Double Helix To The Sequencing Of The Human Genome And BeyondWatson S Lively, Panoramic Narrative Begins With The Fanciful Speculations Of The Ancients As To Why Like Begets Like Before Skipping Ahead To , When An Austrian Monk Named Gregor Mendel First Deduced The Basic Laws Of Inheritance But Genetics As We Recognize It Today With Its Capacity, Both Thrilling And Sobering, To Manipulate The Very Essence Of Living Things Came Into Being Only With The Rise Of Molecular Investigations Culminating In The Breakthrough Discovery Of The Structure Of DNA, For Which Watson Shared A Nobel Prize In In The DNA Molecule S Graceful Curves Was The Key To A Whole New ScienceHaving Shown That The Secret Of Life Is Chemical, Modern Genetics Has Set Mankind Off On A Journey Unimaginable Just A Few Decades Ago Watson Provides The General Reader With Clear Explanations Of Molecular Processes And Emerging Technologies He Shows Us How DNA Continues To Alter Our Understanding Of Human Origins, And Of Our Identities As Groups And As Individuals And With The Insight Of One Who Has Remained Close To Every Advance In Research Since The Double Helix, He Reveals How Genetics Has Unleashed A Wealth Of Possibilities To Alter The Human Condition From Genetically Modified Foods To Genetically Modified Babies And Transformed Itself From A Domain Of Pure Research Into One Of Big Business As Well It Is A Sometimes Topsy Turvy World Full Of Great Minds And Great Egos, Driven By Ambitions To Improve The Human Condition As Well As To Improve Investment Portfolios, A World Vividly Captured In These PagesFacing A Future Of Choices And Social And Ethical Implications Of Which We Dare Not Remain Uninformed, We Could Have No Better Guide Than James Watson, Who Leads Us With The Same Bravura Storytelling That Made The Double Helix One Of The Most Successful Books On Science Ever Published Infused With A Scientist S Awe At Nature S Marvels And A Humanist S Profound Sympathies, DNA Is Destined To Become The Classic Telling Of The Defining Scientific Saga Of Our Age From The Hardcover Edition DNA: The Secret of Life

About the Author: James D. Watson

Francis Crick and Maurice Wilkins His bird watching hobby prompted his interest in genetics He earned his B.Sc degree in zoology from the University of Chicago in 1947, and his Ph.D from Indiana University in Bloomington in 1950 He worked with Wilkins and

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    If I had my way over again, I would have studied genetics at university I was never brilliant at science subjects at school but good with the art subjects, English literature, history and all that good stuff I stumbled across genetics about twenty years ago and have amassed a considerable number of

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    This is much, much better than James Watson s 1968 The Double Helix, which is full of unbearable ego and sexist opinions It even contains a chapter which explains the discovery of the double helix sans most of the commentary that made the earlier book annoying Watson has definitely matured, thank goodn

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    This book is a classic bait and switch You see the title, and you read the little bits about it, you notice its author DNA structure co discover and you think you may have a real winner The parts of the book that focus on hard science are fascinating They delve into the subject matter in a way that those

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    This is a clear and lucid tale of DNA deoxyribonucleic acid , written by one of the men who discovered the structure of the molecule It delves into the history of the discovery, the human genome project, the potential of DNA in various areas such as GM foods, developing new medicines and combating crime It b

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    I found this book fascinating Watson has the knack of making difficult topics comprehensible to non scientists like me He is also a great storyteller He takes the time to present each of the researchers whose works he discusses He boils their often frustrating research down to the one or two big questions their

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    When I came across the audio version of this book at work, I was excited I looked forward to gaining a solid grasp of genetics, and the thought of learning it from Watson was even better If I m lucky, I thought, I ll hear it in the voice of one of the fathers of genetics Watson and his colleague, Crick, were the

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    This is my second time reading this book listening to it, actually It s a pretty long book, dense, and rich with information.Written by the scientist who discovered the structure of DNA, and played an important role in the sequencing of the human genome, the book starts with the discovery of the structure of DNA and

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    Read this as a genetics undergrad and it was one of those books that confirmed my love of the subject, along with

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    Learning about genetics today carries two problems a lot of the very basic stuff is so well known that it s hard to appreciate how novel it was, the great change in philosophy necessitated by Mendel And the rest of it is so jargon laden and tinged with the intimidating aura of white coated genius that people glaze o

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    The first 175 pages or so are wonderful a well written, clear, at times funny history of genetics, from Mendel to modern times After that the book loses some of its direction and speed I found myself skipping parts that were not directly about genetics but about how big science works the chapter on the Human Genome Project is

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