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The Client In A Weedy Lot On The Outskirts Of Memphis, Two Boys Watch A Shiny Lincoln Pull Up To The CurbEleven Year Old Mark Sway And His Younger Brother Were Sharing A Forbidden Cigarette When A Chance Encounter With A Suicidal Lawyer Left Mark Knowing A Bloody And Explosive Secret The Whereabouts Of The Most Sought After Dead Body In America Now Mark Is Caught Between A Legal System Gone Mad And A Mob Killer Desperate To Cover Up His Crime And His Only Ally Is A Woman Named Reggie Love, Who Has Been A Lawyer For All Of Four Years Prosecutors Are Willing To Break All The Rules To Make Mark Talk The Mob Will Stop At Nothing To Keep Him Quiet And Reggie Will Do Anything To Protect Her Client Even Take A Last, Desperate Gamble That Could Win Mark His Freedom Or Cost Them Both Their Lives I like every book that Grisham wrote, period This story is about a crazy, just horrible dilemma Didn t like the movie but hey, movies are almost always worse than a book, because they cut out a lot of stuff, they change the story plus, you don t have your own imagination portrayed in a movie. . The Client, John GrishamThe Client 1993 is a legal thriller written by American author John Grisham, set mostly in Memphis, Tennessee and New Orleans, Louisiana It is Grisham s fourth novel 2009 1373 512 1373 472 1376 623 9644352866 473 Grisham has a way of writing a real page turner This was one of those books that I just couldn t put down The suspense was intense, and the story was good.When I finished the last page, and I finally did put it down, I couldn t help thinking I had just wasted my time I mean, I was thoroughly entertained for every minute of the book, but when I was done, I was left with nothing but the memories of my entertainment.Good book, excellent author, but lacking in anything real I ve read 4 Grisham novels sometimes I just want to be entertained, I guess If that s what you re looking for, then Grisham is your man Pick any of his books They re all the same.The movie was okay This is probably one of Grisham s weaker books, but I m not that good of a judge If you want 2 hours of great entertainment, watch the movie If you want than that, read the book Just like Grisham s novels, each of my reviews of his novels is almost identical to the last with only certain details changed to give it a new flavor.Go ahead Grisham, sue me Then, you can write a story about it.

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