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One Year of Ugly: A Novel A Fun, Fresh, Timely Debut Novel About The Uproarious Adventures That Befall The Palacio Family During Their Disastrous Illegal Residence In Trinidad That Poignantly Captures The Complexities Of Dysfunctional Families And Passionate But Sometimes Messy RomanceAfter Fleeing Crumbling, Volatile Venezuela, Yola Palacio Wants Nothing Than To Settle Into A Peaceful New Life In Trinidad With Her Family And Who Cares If They Re There Illegally Aren T Most Of The People On The Island But Life For The Palacios Is Far From Quiet And When Yola S Aunt Celia Dies, The Family Once Again Find Their Lives Turned Upside Down For Celia Had Been Keeping A Very Big Secret She Owed A LOT Of Money To A Local Criminal Called Ugly And Without The Funds To Pay Him Off, Ugly Has The Entire Family Do His Bidding Until Celia S Debt Is Settled What Ugly Says, The Palacios Do, Otherwise The Circumstances Are Too Dreadful To Imagine To Say That The Year That Follows Is Tumultuous For The Palacios Is An Understatement But In The Midst Of The Turmoil Appears Roman Ugly S Distractingly Gorgeous Right Hand Man And Although She Knows It S Terrible And Quite Possibly Dangerous, Yola Just Can T Help But Give In To The Attraction Where, Though, Do Roman S Loyalties Lie And Could This Wildly Inappropriate Romance Just Be The Antidote To A Terrible Year Of Ugly Combining The Spark Of Junot Diaz With The Irresistible Wit Of Maria Semple, One Year Of Ugly Brilliantly Explores Cross Cultural Struggles And Assimilation From A Unique Immigrant Perspective And Introduces Us To An Extraordinary New Voice In Contemporary Fiction

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    Caroline Mackenzie s offbeat debut novel certainly makes one heck of an impression and is bone achingly funny about the most serious of issues, the horrors that underpin the global refugee crisis Some might question whether it is appropriate to treat the desperate and despairing plights of so many in the world with such humour but Mackenzie succeeds in throwing much needed attention on and high

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    One Year of Ugly is Carolines Mackenzies debut novel, due to be released on July 14, 2020 In One Year of Ugly we meet the Palacio family, who are originally from Venezuela but fled the country to start a new life in the twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago The entire Palacio family settles somewhat comfortably into life in Trinidad and for the most part is trying to carve out a new life for

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    I received a copy of this book via net galley in exchange for an Honest review.i found it a very difficult book to get into, I restarted it at least 3 times and still had no idea what I was reading The author says she was writing with humour , I can only say that our idea of humour must be very different as there was nothing remotely funny about this book Illegal immigrants under appalling duress due t

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    Thanks to the Borough Press Harper Collins UK and NetGalley for providing me an ARC copy of this novel that I freely chose to review.This is a debut novel, and what a debut Although I hadnt heard of the author before, I was thrilled when I realised that we had a few things in common Ive also worked as a translator, and were both alumnae of Sussex University Go Sussex , and I am sure this will not be the la

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    One year of ugly is a wickedly hilarious tale of a year in the life of the Palacios family Full of dark humour with brilliant one liners,the author tackles a serious issue, that of illegal immigrants trying to live life under the radar of the authorities Somehow despite the wit I didnt feel the author was trivialising the subject and to bring the plight of this group of people to the attention of a wider audie

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    I utterly adored this book There lies at the heart of it a serious tale of exploitation and refugees but it is told as a comedic and incredible tale in the year of the Palacio clan, mainly focusing on daughter Yola but weaving in a lovable and diverse wider family Its rare that I laugh out loud at a book but did frequently at this gem A little reminiscent of the superb My Sister The Serial Killer in terms of dark

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    Warning don t read this if you re offended by swearing or millenials I adored this book right from the beginning The characters came to life and from very early on I was invested in their story both of the Palacios family as a whole, and in Yola s individual journey The sardonic tone of the story adds to my love of the characters, because it makes them realists I ll remind you here that this is a work of fiction, and

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    Definitely not my usual romance story but I enjoyed it so much for so many different reasons The mixture of characters is something that I definitely didnt expect and the language within was very different in the meaning that it feltlike I was there with the family and the characters and of course their banter and arguments are very colourful The family drama and the dynamic between all of them is very well done by the au

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    The author frames a refugee story of loss, displacement and suffering in a comedic lens in what is an attempt to make a storyaccessible to the everyday reader One Year of Ugly is really well written and the unexpected twists and turns including whirlwind romance kept me hooked for the entirety of the novel.There is something to be said, however, about retelling a refugee story that is surely interspersed with so muchpain and

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    I really enjoyed this book I thought it was funny and witty and also eye opening, and made meaware of a situation I hadnt been before I loved the characters and the scene setting and Id definitely readof Carolines work I really enjoyed this book I thought it was funny and witty and also eye opening, and made meaware of a situation I hadn t been before I loved the characters and the scene setting and I d definitely readof Caroline

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About the Author: Caroline Mackenzie

Caroline Mackenzie is a Trinidadian writer whose short fiction has appeared in publications around the world In 2017 she was shortlisted for the Commonwealth Short Story Prize, and she won first prize for fiction in the 2019 Small Axe Literary Competition Her debut novel ONE YEAR OF UGLY will be published in May eBook July hard cover UK and July US 2020.Caroline currently lives in Trinidad and is cracking away at novel 2.