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Wild Seed Doro Is An Entity Who Changes Bodies Like Clothes, Killing His Hosts By Reflex Or Design He Fears No One Until He Meets Anyanwu Anyanwu Is A Shapeshifter Who Can Absorb Bullets And Heal With A Kiss And Savage Anyone Who Threatens Her She Fears No One Until She Meets Doro Together They Weave A Pattern Of Destiny From Africa To The New World Unimaginable To Mortals

About the Author: Octavia E. Butler

Octavia Estelle Butler was an American science fiction writer, one of the best known among the few African American women in the field She won both Hugo and Nebula awards In 1995, she became the first science fiction writer to receive the MacArthur Foundation Genius Grant.

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    Recently, however, I began to suspect that calling myself a science fiction critic without having read anything by Octavia Butler bordered on the fraudulent Books to Look For Orson Scott Card I have to thank OSC for the above mentioned article from 1990 which piqued my interest for reading Octavia Butler It is strange that I first read Wild Seed in January 2012, I loved it and it made me a lifelong fan

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    Dear Goodreads friends,If you like to read science fiction fantasy you should get to know Octavia Butler.Love,LynButler s 1980 novel Wild Seed is the first chronological book in her Patternmaster series This details the beginnings of the sub race of humans that will, in Patternmaster, be set in the far future Butler begins her narrative in 1390, in West Africa, where her protagonist Anyanwu meets a strange young

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    I really don t know where to start with this review Wild Seed is unlike anything I have ever read before but yet it was still very accessible and easy to read I would say this book is a combination of urban fantasy, horror, historical fiction and fantasy Butler addresses slavery, gender roles, racial issues, sexuality, and class issues so subtlety you can miss the commentary if you want to and she does this all through the

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    Butler s sci fi classic has so much to recommend it She is a very talented writer, and she creates a mythology and cosmology which are, if not unique, then arguably the best developed of their kind Wild Seed is beautiful and lyrical and powerful, but the rampant misandry and peculiar romanticization of pre colonial Africa mar it infect it like a virus There is neither subtlety nor nuance in Butler s representation of the two

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    4.5 5As Woolf once said Middlemarch is one of the few English books written for grown ups, so too is this one of the few pieces of science fiction written for the real world, not marketing and academia Of course, so chock full is this work with critical engagement and unflinching history that the cries of polemic and bias would not be an unlikely reaction If that doesn t work, prosaic could always be used as a strong condemnat

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    School book this semester was not a fan It gave me the creeps

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    A great book, I can t believe that I just discovered Octavia Butler this year She has been one the gems that I have encountered while reading through the NPR list of classic science fiction and fantasy This novel could easily be a stand alone novel, but I was intrigued when I realized it was the first in a series I will be very interested to see where Butler takes the story from here.Although this is another book about extraordina

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    blog goodreads Most of us don t believe in gods and spirits and devils who must be pleased or feared We have Doro, and he s enough. What can I say about Wild Seed that could come anywhere close to doing it justice This is the story of how Doro met Anyanwu, the only living soul on Earth who could possibly match his will test his patience, endure his passive cruelty, and time and again defy him in ways even she could not

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    Wild Seed Two African immortals battle for supremacy in early AmericaOriginally posted at Fantasy LiteratureWild Seed 1980 was written last in Octavia Butler s 5 book PATTERNIST series, but comes first in chronology The next books by internal chronology are Mind of My Mind 1977 , Clay s Ark 1984 , and Patternmaster 1976 Butler was later unsatisfied with Survivor 1978 and elected to not have it reprinted, so I will focus on the main 4

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    A unique fantasy novel that centers around supernatural superhuman characters from Africa The story begins in the time of slavery, when slaves were captured and brought to America I found it to be a very unique and refreshing premise, compared to the common tropes of fantasy, be they paranormal or Tolkeinian.The two central characters and antagonists were interesting personalities One seems to represent the Earth Mother the power of hea

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