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Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes Sarah Byrnes And Eric Calhoune Have Been Friends For Years When They Were Children, His Weight And Her Scars Made Them Both Outcasts Now Sarah Byrnes The Smartest, Toughest Person Eric Has Ever Known Sits Silent In A Hospital Eric Must Uncover The Terrible Secret She S Hiding Before Its Dark Current Pulls Them Both Under Will Appeal To Fans Of Marieke Nijkamp, Andrew Smith, And John Corey Whaley Trigger Warning fatphobia, binge eating, child abuse, suicideEric is fat Well, he s not as fat as he used to be and he s not as fat as he d like to be not with his best friend, Sarah Byrnes, in the hospital and not talking to anyone As school and swimming and local bigots take upof his time, Eric is drawn to the mystery of Sarah Byrnes Why isn t she talking What happened How can he help Whew.This book swings a fucking sledge hammer towards people of that kind of Christianity You know the ones Those who preach rigidity and a hard line, but there seems to be a sliding scale when it comes to their own actions The ones who rail against abortion and taking lives, but don t seem to give a damn after the baby is born The hypocritical people who refuse to believe that there is another way of thinking or rightness beyond their owndespite billions of people in the world not sharing their particular faith.But this, surprisingly enough, is only a subplot in this fascinating and surprisingly heavy book that s at once YA problem novel and mystery thriller.There are themes of bullying in all its various levels and impacts of justice, of shame, of anger, of apology and moving on, and most of all of becoming a person who sees other people as people And of standing up for people less advantaged than yourself.While there are some things that don t hold up in 2019 like Eric s body image, the general misogyny, the depictions of mental health illness , there were a lot of things that were startlingly relevant Such as the discussion of the separation of church and state and the role of religion in the classroom, bigotry, justice vs vigilantism, speaking up or staying silent and when to know when you re over your head and need an adult , responsibility for other people s actions, and women s rights. I read Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes when I was taking a young adult literature class in college I d just finished reading Chinese Handcuffs, also by Crutcher, and even though I m not interested in sports at all, I really enjoyed it Feeling in the mood for someangst, but wary of the emphasis on sports in a lot of his books, I decided swimming would be an interesting sport to read about and picked up Staying Fat It wasn t bad In fact, it was very similar to other books of Crutcher s I ve read in that it deals with sports and angst However, it has a VERY clear agenda If that didn t annoy me enough, Crutcher takes some big issues and, with the help of the one dimensional Bad Guys and the sympathtic and in depth Good Guys, turns them into black and white choices The Good Guys are right and well meaning The Bad Guys are clearly ignorant jerks who, in the end, see the error of their ways If you agree with the Good Guys and or don t mind having an agenda shoved in your face, go for it The book does have its merits if you can get past that Personally, I just walked away from the book feeling annoyed I would recommend one of Crutcher s other books They don t tell agendas They tell the story of characters instead If only he d stuck to that for this book. I don t know why I held off writing a review for this review so long, but you know what they say better late than never This truly is a magnificent book I would definitely recommend this to anyone I laughed, cried a lot in this book Eric Calhoune Moby is the fat kid in his school and his best friend is Sarah Byrnes is the weird girl with burn scars When Moby joins the swim team in his senior year, he starts to lose the unwanted weight and finally is starting to fit in However, while Moby is losing the weight, he faces another problem He believes that if he loses the weight then there won t be the bond that brought him and Sarah Brynes together in the first place Thus, he is trying to stay fat in order to maintain their friendship that is falling apart because of Eric s weight loss or so he understands The Characters I LOVED EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER IN THIS BOOK Besides Virgil and Sarah s mother Everyone has a key role this book, there was background information stories on almost all of the characters Everyone came together to help Sarah Brynes out Even Moby archenemies Dale Moby and Sarah Byrnes friendship were amazing, there was no romance between them, just a genuine friendship Moby was really concerned about Sarah Byrnes because he loves having her as a friend and not as a girlfriend Moby was willing to stay overweight just so Sarah wouldn t feel insecure because he could lose his weight and be normal while she was stuck with her scars forever The addition of Ms Lemry was great It gave me hope that good people are still out there I loved how she went on board to help Moby and Sarah Byrnes out It s hard for teenagers to seek help from adults who will take them seriously Plot Ending Besides, a little slang words and technology you really couldn t tell that this book was written over 20 years ago There were multiple stories going on in this book, we get to learn about both when Moby and Sarah Byrnes first started their friendship, the Crispy Pork Rinds article that they ve created and their high school years Overall the book had a little of everything in it mystery, comedy, and a little bit of action The ending of this was astounding It was a happily ever after, that wasn t overdone, it was practical and real Things worked out great forever one The villains got their punishment and the good people got the second chance of a new beginning Final Thoughts The only grievance I have with this book is that I wished there was a second book, just so we could see how Moby and Sarah grow up and process everything from their childhood The author does a good job of making several young adult issues like obesity, domestic violence, and the importance of life relatable There are plenty of books highschoolers are obligated to read that really don t teach them much about the real life, and I wish this was one of the books kids are able to read. I believe I read this book while in high school, but picked it up at Borders again.This Crutcher story focuses on Eric Calhoun, a high school student who was formerly the fat kid, and his friend Sarah Byrnes Sarah is a special person Eric knows this immediately To everyone else, though, she s the girl with the scars on her face allegedly from pulling a pot of boiling water on herself at a young age.When Eric joins the swim team and begins to slim down, he attempts to eat twice as much, just to stay fat for Sarah Gradually, he changes his tactics and stays fat for her by standing up for her against his classmates.But when Sarah lands herself in the psychiatric unit, unresponsive and completely mute, Eric knows that something is horribly wrong After all, Sarah is the strongest person he knows What could have possibly happened to Sarah that has rendered her silent in the hospital Eric will go to drastic lengths to find out her secret, putting himself in utmost danger.I really enjoyed this story, and the realistic feel it had to it It doesn t have a fairy tale ending, but shows that people will make the best out of the circumstances they are given. This novel is a heart wrenching, very real novel of two best friends that stayed close for so long due to their alienated qualities Makes me think twice about how I treat people in all settings Chris Crutcher is definitely worth while. This is a book by Chris Crutcher, so of course, it deals with some heavy issues like child abuse, abortion and bullying However, it a lighter andfun novel than Whale Talk The protagonist, Eric, is a fat kid who befriends a scarred girl at his school Sarah Byrnes Her hands and face are severely burned They bond because they are both outcasts However, Eric takes up swimming and slims down After being friends for a long time, Sarah ends up in the Psychiatric Unit at the hospital and no one knows why She isn t speaking The book is about Eric trying to uncover why she had this breakdown interspersed with memories of their friendship together The characters are very strong and well formed I think the book is very well written, and has some funny moments Crutcher writes about young adults and their interactions with each other very realistically it isn t dumbed down This book isenjoyable than Whale Talk because it is less gruesome, even though it still tackles the big issues I thought this book was gripping and would recommend it to both high school students and adults. This book was just plain annoying Chris Crutcher s agenda was so obvious and obnoxious, it made me mad Only half the book was spent on the plot, the other half was spent bashing someone for their beliefs and making this one stereotypical character look like a real jerk The plot and catchy title looked intriguing, but it was hidden too deep underneath the annoying characters This wasn t the first time this happened with a Chris Crutcher novel In his other book I read called The Sledding Hill, in which Crutcher also ignores the plot in order to push his own agenda Had potential, but I was left disappointed. Okay, so can you really read just the title of this book and not want to dive into the rest of it I couldn t This was one of our monthly Young Adult Reading Group YARG Readerville selections back in the day It was also my first Chris Crutcher book and, really, what a way to start I had no idea what his writing style would be like, how his characters would affect me, and I was floored by how deeply involved I became in their story I can t remember exactly who suggested it, but I am so very glad they did because I immediately went out and bought it and have loved it ever since It immediately earned a nice, cozy spot on my Beloved Bookshelf and the only thing I wish different about it is its cover, which is really not that bad, but which doesn t exactly scream I am unbelievably awesome in the way that it should If you haven t read a Crutcher book, and especially if you haven t read this one, I highly recommend doing so immediately He s like the Judy Blume of books about teenage boys and sports and his books are almost always on the most recently challenged and or banned lists every year It s to do with the fact that he actually talks about things and brings up issues and serious problems in the lives of today s teens, including prejudice racial and religious , abuse, depression, and poverty His books are also screamingly funny and this one is no exception.Eric Calhoune isn t like other high school seniors Nicknamed Moby, Eric used to be obese Ostracized by his peers in junior high, he formed an alliance with a girl named Sarah Byrnes, who was also an outsider on account of the quantity of disfiguring scars all over her face and hands the result of a terrible accident when she was little Together Eric and Sarah Byrnes got each other through the nightmare that is junior high But when Eric hit high school he started swimming He swam so long and so hard the fat started to melt right off his chubby body He ll never be thin, but he s no longer the big, doughy butt of everyone s jokes And though the outside changed, the nickname stuck Everything that made up the real Eric stuck And his friend Sarah Byrnes stuck Even though her scars could never miraculously melt away His kindness balanced her acerbity and cynicism and it seemed that everything would be all right Then one day Sarah Byrnes stops speaking Stops responding completely to anything She juststops Right in the middle of class They take her to the hospital and eventually admit her to the psych ward Eric visits her every single day, talking to her, reminding her of their good times But nothing seems to get through And, though he thinks he might know why Sarah Byrnes finally checked out, Eric isn t at all sure what to do to get her back.I love this book I mean, I love this book It represents the best in contemporary young adult literature and it does it with humor, gravity, and tension It s impossible not to like Eric right away and the bond between him and Sarah Byrnes is touching in the extreme My laughter and my empathy clambered on top of each other throughout the story, particularly as Eric surrounds himself with, as his swim coach often says, a cast of characters straight out of The Far Side His buddy and fellow swim team member Ellerby is at the top of the list And their lively, unexpectedly thoughtful discussions in their Contemporary American Thought class provide a wonderful venue for the teens to attempt to parse out the meaning behind the beliefs they ve always held, right and wrong, the challenges they re facing now, and what could cause a young girl to up and walk away from the life she led I didn t even surface while reading STAYING FAT FOR SARAH BYRNES Not once I loved Eric, the boy so loyal, so afraid of losing his best friend that he stayed fat an extra year for her He ate eventhan usual, even after getting a handle on his weight, just so she wouldn t be alone in her differentness The questions that pepper the text captivated me Why did Sarah Byrnes stop talking What was she like before and what hasn t she told Eric What will he do about her, about his crush on beautiful, sad Jody Mueller, about his mother s new boyfriend Carver, about using his intelligence and his compassion to help those around him I ll close with a favorite early passage I stand in front of the huge double doors at the entrance to Sacred Heart Hospital and breathe deep, my frozen hair hugging my head like a bicycle helmet and my breath shooting from my mouth like exhaust from a truck I wear only a light jacket my internal heating system boils for hours after workout Coach forever tells me to cover up when I go outside, but when I cover up I sweat like a walrus in a sauna I threaten Coach with my laundry.Sarah Byrnes is inside Eighth floor Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Unit I ve put this off, thought she d be out in a couple of days, but it s been a full week Sarah Byrnes Toughest kid I know, and she just slipped away.I don t want to go inside I was here once about four years ago when my third cousin got drunk and attempted suicide Not much of an attempt, really He OD s on Flintstones vitamins, but he was wigged out so bad they stuck him in for seventy two hour observation What they observed was extremely yellow pee I hated visiting him The place itself was nice thick carpeting and comfortable chairs, plenty of books to read and games to play It felt safe in a strange way, not for me, but for the people in there But they all had a look, as if something important had been peeled away And you got the feeling it could happen to you.Now Sarah Byrnes is here My best friend I stayed fat a whole year for her.This one you won t want to close This one is worth your time It cuts close and it makes you think and I d love to talk withpeople who ve read it. I think I could write a one word review of this book obviously I ve exceeded that already, but I m making a point here The problem is that if I drop this one word on you, you ll be like, What It s a racy word, and I think it might be okay to use it because it s not like I go throwing the sauce around on this blog all the time I prefer to save this kind of talk for when I hang out with my sailor friends Anyway, here s my one word review FANTASTIC Seriously I know a lot of people say that using foul language is the hobgoblin of little minds along with routine , and that if you can t say itcreatively than you re a loser, but the situation called for it Read this one word review, and tell me which is better FANTASTIC The middle part of the first review had an impact, didn t it Here s why this book is FANTASTIC 1 The characters are amazing Crutcher used to be a child therapist, and he s got this stuff nailed down tight I loved it, it was gripping, moving, heart wrenching, and beautifully drawn Everybody Eric, Sarah Byrnes, his parents, friends, foes, everyone was fully developed.2 The plot is hands down dynamite There s angst, there s sports, there s all kinds of lovey dovey beauty Strong friendships, lies, fears, everything you need for a good hard boiled story.3 The themes are tough to handle, but complex and thought provoking I work at a camp for abused and neglected kids every summer, and I don t think I ll ever be the same This book is reach down into your chest and rip your heart out writing I actually gave my sister a summary of what the book was about, I only got through two sentences before she broke me off and said she couldn t handle any , it was too much I said, You read books where the protagonist is a rape victim, but this is too much for you This was in reference to some books by Charlaine Harris My sister said crimes against adults, although awful, are nothing compared with crimes against children.Tough to read, but totally worth it I m going to have to go out and get every last one of Crutcher s books The guy is FANTASTIC.

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Chris Crutcher s writing is controversial, and has been frequently challenged and even banned by individuals who want to censor his books by removing them from libraries and classrooms Running Loose and Athletic Shorts were on the ALA s top 100 list of most frequently challenged books for 1990 2000 His books generally feature teens coping with serious problems, including abusive parents, racial

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