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    Look out folks here comes GREATNESS When you re slapped, you ll take it and like it image error

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    My top ten reasons why this Dashiell Hammett is one of the greatest crime novels ever written 1 The Voice Tough, Crisp hardboiled the story isn t told in first person but certainly has the feel of first person since we are so close to Sam Spade it s as if we re peering over the detective s shoulder from first to last page.2 The City The buildings and st

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    Born in 1894 and serving as a sergeant in World War I, Dashiell Hammett used his experiences to become one of the premier detective writers of the first half of the twentieth century Set in Depression Era San Francisco and introducing the world to Samuel Spade, Hammett s The Maltese Falcon became a detective story that many in the genre still try to measure

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    Sam Spade doesn t need to go looking for trouble, trouble finds him I found an interesting hardbound version of this novel at the used bookstore and I couldn t resist it Dashiell Hammett wrote this story originally as a serial in the magazine Black Mask It was eventually published as a novel in 1930 Dashiell Hammett was a major influence on the establishment of h

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    I enjoyed Dashiell Hammett s The Maltese Falcon I d seen the movie however, this was my first read of Hammett s iconic detective story There s a lot of story to unravel the history of the Maltese Falcon statue being the most prominent here and lots of characters with their own motivations and shifting allegiances Hammett s novel also introduces the no nonsense detecti

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    2012 re readSam Spade s partner is murdered and Sam is determined to find his killer But what does Miles Archer s murder have to do with the client he was working for or the mysterious Maltese Falcon What can I say about one of the Big Two pulp detective novels, the other being The Big Sleep Well, let s seeThe Maltese Falcon embodies a lot of what made pulp detective fiction great, leading to hordes of imitators You ve got the wise cracking detective who has a way with the ladies, gunplay, deceit, sex, and murder Throw in an elusive macguffin and you have a blueprint a lot of writers have been following for over three quarters of a century.Sam Spade, that blonde Satan, is the father of many detectives that came him In fact, it would be interesting to see whether he or Raymond Chandler has bastard detective descendents The plot the Maltese Falcon is fairly simple Somebody has the Maltese Falcon and everyone seems to think Sam Spade knows where it is Miles Archer s murder complicates things a bit but really isn t much than a bump in the road until his killer is revealed.The bad guys and supporting cast are an interesting bunch Brigid O Shaughnessy lays the groundwork for a lot of femme fatales to come Gutman, Cairo, and Wilmer are than just stock characters The cops were a little light on personality but they were mostly in the story to hassle Spade so that s not such of a big deal.Hammett s prose drives the plot along but lacks the poetry of Raymond Chandler s Seventeen years after I read The Maltese Falcon for the first time, I have of an appreciation for Hammett s spare style The plot keeps moving forward without a single misstep It s only 200 ish pages but by the end, it feels like the perfect length for such a tale.Any complaints Not as such Modern readers will probably not like the book s treatment of women but it was written in the late 1920 s so it has to be given a bit of slack Honestly, my only complaints are that there aren t any Sam Spade books and that Dashielle Hammett wasn t Raymond Chandler.For a parting thought, this line of dialogue nicely sums up Sam Spade s character When a man s partner is killed he s supposed to do something about it It doesn t make any difference what you thought of him.

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    Everything seemed separated for the first sixty pages, with no connection whatsoever But the story was full of suspense and unfolded with many surprises after that The plot was very captivating, and seemed very realistic The main thread is Maltese Falcon I m not going to tell you what it is, as it would be a spoiler and I hate to give spoilers around which everything revolves I

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    Welcome to Spade and Archer detective agency One day a gorgeous woman came in asking to help tracking her sister who ran away with a bad guy The down payment was good, so the detectives took the case, no questions asked As the direct result one of the detectives Sam Spade got to experience all of the traditional noir fun while readers follow ever twisting plot I said it countless ti

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    C S Lewis once observed that you shouldn t review individual books or stories of a general type that you dislike, because your basic distaste for the genre is apt to blind you to the relative merits of how well the author handles the individual features of his her work, and how it stacks up against other works of the same sort When it comes to the whole noir school of detective fi

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    Book Review 4 out of 5 stars to The Maltese Falcon, a classic mystery novel written in 1930 by Dashiell Hammett If you ask a mystery fan when the genre started, a good chunk of them will say during the Golden Age 1920s 30s with authors like Dashiell Hammett, specifically with the creation of the Sam Spade character Immediately what comes to mind is the old fashioned black and white

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