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The Yellow Wall-Paper The Yellow Wall Paper Is A Short Story That Was Written In The Late S By Charlotte Perkins Gilman, After She Suffered A Serious Downturn With Depression, Upon Taking A Doctor S Advice To Engage In The Rest Cure And Abandon Creative Pursuits Forever Now, Than A Hundred Years Later, This Image Rich Work Has Been Interpreted By Artist Sara Barkat In A Manner That Combines Both Philosophical Thought And Visual IntrigueSometimes Understood As Feminist Literature, Sometimes Understood As Exploring Mental Illness, And Sometimes Understood As Both At The Same Time, This Story Is Oddly Poetic Even When It Is Chilling And Challenging The Tale Contains Subtexts That Touch Upon The Nature Of Imagination, As Well As The Act Of Writing, And The Artist Has Enhanced These Subtexts With The Inclusion Of Victorian Flower Symbols, Such As Thistle For Independence And Lupine For Imagination Watch, Too, For The Appearance Of Some Of History S Most Imaginative Art, Refashioned And In Dialog With The Story At Hand, Which Gives A Sense Of Timelessness And Broader Societal Import To The Tale Charlotte Perkins Gilman s The Yellow Wall Paper has been told, retold and performed on stage and film There s even a Twilight Zone episode loosely based on the story, an early study of sorts of mental illness in particular, it seems, post partum depression published in the late 19th century The story s societal critique would seem well before its time, while at the same time a poignant reminder that there is nothing new under the sun or behind the wall paper.What sets this edition of this many adapted story apart is the exquisite work of artist Sara Barkat, original illustrations that provide a haunting backdrop throughout, imagining along with the reader the seemingly tragic transformation underway The juxtaposition of innocence and sinister hold the reader firmly, yet unsteadily, in the unnamed woman s story, and while keeping with the spirit of Gilman s carefully nurtured ambiguity as to what is, in fact, taking place, the artwork s genius thwarts any effort the reader may wish to explain away the unfolding descent and the possible reasons for it Even if this story is well known to a reader, these illustrations will renew and deepen one s experience of the tale.

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