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Fast-Chick Flick Eden Gann Until Recently Did Sexy Videos, She S Totally Fine With That, And The Hell With YouBut It Was Up To Her, Wasn T It, How And When She Left Not Her Studio Boss Charlie Vogel, Who Doesn T Understand That Pink Slips Are For Wearing, Not For Bringing To The Unemployment LineSo If It Happened To Occur To Her To Revenge Herself By Punching A Few Holes In Charlie S Balance Sheet, Manipulating Seducing All His Other Contract Ladies And A Few Lads Out The Door One By One In The Week Before An Important Industry Function, She S Going To Do That, Because Yeah And He Deserves The Reality Check Anyway, Cause To Date His Resume Of Erotic Videos Has Been So Horrible Looking, His Body Of Work Practically Has A Vestigial Twin Growing Out Of Its NeckAnd If While She Does All This She Also Buries The Reader To The Eyeballs Under Mountainous Snark And Attitude Well A Girl S Gotta Do

About the Author: Colwen Kirst

Colwen Kirst is the last surviving offspring of the Noble Gas Family, spent his formative years milking the livestock on an ant farm, worked his way through college wrestling panda bears, is proud owner of a Soylent Green franchise restaurant bring the kids , has breath so garlicky his sneeze once split an atom, and can whip any damn one of you bastards without breaking a sweat.

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