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Hidden Valley Road This book explores the disease of schizophrenia through the Gavin family s twelve children six of whom have had psychotic episodes and six being disease free The author did interviews with most of the family and interweaves the stories of their interactions with the history of schizophrenia and the medical research used to try to find a cure It is a fascinating read and I feel that it s the next Bad Blood a non fiction book that is not put downable. The Heartrending Story Of A Midcentury American Family With Twelve Children, Six Of Them Diagnosed With Schizophrenia, That Became Science S Great Hope In The Quest To Understand The DiseaseDon And Mimi Galvin Seemed To Be Living The American Dream After World War II, Don S Work With The Air Force Brought Them To Colorado, Where Their Twelve Children Perfectly Spanned The Baby Boom The Oldest Born In , The Youngest InIn Those Years, There Was An Established Script For A Family Like The Galvins Aspiration, Hard Work, Upward Mobility, Domestic Harmony And They Worked Hard To Play Their Parts But Behind The Scenes Was A Different Story Psychological Breakdown, Sudden Shocking Violence, Hidden Abuse By The Mid S, Six Of The Ten Galvin Boys, One After Another, Were Diagnosed As Schizophrenic How Could All This Happen To One Family What Took Place Inside The House On Hidden Valley Road Was So Extraordinary That The Galvins Became One Of The First Families To Be Studied By The National Institute Of Mental Health Their Story Offers A Shadow History Of The Science Of Schizophrenia, From The Era Of Institutionalization, Lobotomy, And The Schizophrenogenic Mother To The Search For Genetic Markers For The Disease, Always Amid Profound Disagreements About The Nature Of The Illness Itself And Unbeknownst To The Galvins, Samples Of Their DNA Informed Decades Of Genetic Research That Continues Today, Offering Paths To Treatment, Prediction, And Even Eradication Of The Disease For Future Generations With Clarity And Compassion, Bestselling And Award Winning Author Robert Kolker Uncovers One Family S Unforgettable Legacy Of Suffering, Love, And Hope review soon The true story of the Galvin family, a mid century American family with twelve childrensix of which are diagnosed with schizophrenia As the disease takes hold of each child, and the family s life begins to unfold, so begins a scientists quest to try to find a cause and cure for the disease Perfect for fans of TheImmortalLifeofHenriettaLacks Interesting A subject I don t see written about for laymen often Full review will be up by the pub date. To be a staff pick upon publication.A fascinating look into both an extraordinary family and the history of psychology and its treatment of mental illness in general and schizophrenia, in particular The Galvin family had twelve children following their Church s traditions and dictates between 1945 and 1965 Of those twelve, six of the boys developed schizophrenia and were treated some mistreated over decades During that same period and into the 2000s some remarkable advancements have been made in how schizophrenia is viewed, why it originates genetics mostly , and how it is treated This book will interest any who are interested in medical history and who can stand the raw pain and devastation of a family living through constant illness, violence, sexual abuse, and .

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