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The Future of Feeling An Insightful Exploration Of What Social Media, AI, Robot Technology, And The Digital World Are Doing To Our Relationships With Each Other And With Ourselves There S No Doubt That Technology Has Made It Easier To Communicate It S Also Easier To Shut Someone Out When We Are Confronted With Online Discourse Why Bother To Understand Strangers Or Even Acquaintances When You Can Troll Them, Block Them, Or Just Click Unfriend And Never Look Back However Briefly Satisfying That Might Be, It S Also Potentially Eroding One Of Our Most Human Traits EmpathySo What Does The Future Look Like When Something So Vital To A Peaceful, Healthy, And Productive Society Is Fading Away The Cautionary, Yet Hopeful, Answer Is In This Champion For An Endangered EmotionIn The Future Of Feeling, Kaitlin Ugolik Phillips Shares Her Own Personal Stories As Well As Those Of Doctors, Entrepreneurs, Teachers, Journalists, And Scientists About Moving Innovation And Technology Forward Without Succumbing To Isolation This Book Is For Anyone Interested In How Our Brains Work, How They Re Subtly Being Rewired To Work Differently, And What That Ultimately Means For Us As Humans

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    I felt a kindred spirit as I read through the Author s Note and Introduction It seemed that Kaitlin Ugolik Phillips held some of the same views as I did concerning the use of social media and the dwindling use of traditional social skills As I continued to read, however, the mood and thoughts changed, affecting the way I viewed the book.

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    While the title of this book may be alliterative and snappy, the subtitle aptly describes what this book is about Each chapter looks at our interactions with technology through the lens of empathy With all the tech and social media that we have at our fingertips, are they enhancing our human relationships and ability to empathize or detracting fr

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    Kaitlin s debut book s topic is not a new one, however the way she addresses her subject matter is very relatable At various points in the book, especially when discussing Facebook, I found myself looking back to very similar situations like she described, and upon finishing the book I took some time to reflect on how I could have handled certain conversati

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    A thorough and thoughtful look at the current climate of technology and its role in our lives, specifically how we are affected emotionally Each chapter focuses on a specific field of technology and contains interviews with professionals, innovators and scientists on their thoughts regarding where we are, and where we could be going I learned a lot reading this and a

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    I was fortunate to receive an advance copy of this book I thoroughly enjoyed the author s thoughts on the current state of empathy in technology and the ways technology could help improve empathy in the future The author seamlessly weaves between discussion of the impact our increasing immersion in technology has on people with ways technology can be used to improve empathy in

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    Must Read Especially for Parents More relevant to our world today than Saturday Morning Mind Control was in its Our world and its technology and what we each are exposed to today has changed beyond belief in the last 30 years.

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