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My Way to You A Woman S Journey Through Tragedy Leads To The Discovery Of Love In A Novel About Hope And Survival By New York Times Bestselling Author Catherine Bybee When A Wildfire Nearly Destroys Parker Sinclair S Family Home, It S Just One Disaster To Add To Her Mountain Of Stress For The Past Two Years, She Has Shouldered The Responsibility Of Raising Her Younger Brother And Sister After Their Parents Untimely Deaths Forced To Leave College For A Crappy Job That Barely Pays The Bills, Parker Manages Her Family Property, Which Consumes Every Aspect Of Her Life Now Winter Is Coming And The Forecast Isn T Spreading Sunshine On The Dark Cloud Over Her Head The Last Thing Parker Needs Is A Mudslide Destroying Everything She Has Worked So Hard To MaintainColin Hudson S Job As A Public Works Supervisor Is To Protect Parker S Property And Neighborhood From Further Damage But It S A Little Hard When The Owner Of The Land Is A Control Freak Who Tries To Do Everything Herself The Hardworking, Attractive Young Woman Is Far From The Hot Mess She Claims To Be In Fact, Her Tight Grip Of Control Is One Of The Things That Attract Him The Most It S Also The Hardest To Crack Now Colin S Working Overtime To Help Parker Open Up Her Heart, Trust Him, And Let Him InAs Parker And Colin Work Together To Keep Her Home And Neighborhood Safe, They May Be In For Another Disaster Or They May Just Realize That Sometimes It Takes Destruction To Create Something New

About the Author: Catherine Bybee

New York Times Bestselling AuthorUSA Today Bestselling Author 1 Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author 1 Bestselling Author 1 IndieReader Bestselling AuthorRONE Award Winner 2012Not Quite DatingMarried by MondayRONE award Winner 2013Not Quite EnoughWinner of the More Than Magic Award for Paranormal romance 2011Silent VowsFinalist RT Award in Contemporary Romance Fiance by FridayNew York

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    Catherine Bybee has well earned her spot on my favorite authors to read list I crave to a story than just the couple getting together, and she delivers every time There was so much heart in My Way to You I just fell in love with all of these characters and the struggles they were going through Parker Sinclair is one tough chic I want to be her when I grow up Everything that she and her siblings have gone through would

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    In Catherine Bybee s new series, book one has given us a powerful story of one woman who has to keep her life together in the face of many challenges that come her way Parker Sinclair has been living life that any one in their early s would be doing, until tragedy struck and she was charged with raising her two younger siblings, giving up her education and finding a job that was not really to her liking but she had to pu

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    First, I enjoyed this Bybee read She is a talented author and that shines through here It was haunting devastating to learn, from a first hand account, how ravaging the wild fires we hear about on the news are for the people living through them I m an east coast girl, so hurricanes, not wild fires are what I ve seen and lived through That being said, IMO this is a bit women s fiction than it is romance I don t generally l

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    A relevant and scary look into the California wildfires Parker Sinclair is forced into growing up when her parents unexpectedly die, leaving her in charge of her teenaged siblings and the family home.She s barely hanging on when a wildfire rips through the hills behind her house, threatening everything they own Thankfully, the fire crews manage to get it under control, but the hillside is compromised now that the trees are g

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    5 Star Review My Way To You Creek Canyon 1 by Catherine BybeeI was excited when I learnt that Catherine Bybee had a new series releasing and although this book is a bit of a departure from previous books I have read by her, as always the heroine of the story Parker Sinclair is a strong and resilient women Parker s life has not been easy, having to look after her younger siblings when her parents died, she never got to graduate

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    Catherine goes straight to the heart in this magnificent, compassionate, life affirming novel.An absorbing read from a masterful authorEpic Can t wait to see books to come

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    Loved loved loved Couldn t put this one down Loved the characters, loved the story it flowed so beautifully from beginning to end Highly recommend.Thank you netgalley for the eARC.

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    Catherine Bybee s books usually concern strong heroines who face unusual life challenges, face them head on, and who usually find a love interest along the way Her newest book, My Way To You, is no exception to that formula.Parker Sinclair has faced a lot in her 25 years Her parents died leaving her the guardian for her younger sister and brother although she attended college, she never graduated and has no real marketable skills Ma

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    I beautifully written book by Catherine Bybee, what made this book even better was that the author had actually experiences things that happened in this story, and was willing to share that I have read other books by this author and have always enjoyed them, this one certainly didn t disappointA story of overcoming battles, by persevering no matter what is thrown at you.It s a while since I have read books in this genre, but it made a

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    This first book of the series, is also the first book I would be reading by this author, and thus was intrigued.The story centers around Parker Sinclair and Colin Hudson.Parker has had to deal with a lot in her young life, primarily taking care of her younger siblings , even if her dreams turned to dust When mudslides threaten all her hard work, she meets Colin.Colin is public works supervisor attracted to this complicated woman.As they

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