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You Are Not Alone The Thrilling New Novel From The New York Times Bestselling Authors Of An Anonymous Girl And The Wife Between UsYou Probably Know Someone Like Shay MillerShe Wants To Find Love, But It Eludes HerShe Wants To Be Fulfilled, But Her Job Is A Dead EndShe Wants To Belong, But Her Life Is So IsolatedYou Probably Don T Know Anyone Like The Moore SistersThey Have An Unbreakable Circle Of FriendsThey Live The Most Glamorous LifeThey Always Get What They DesireShay Thinks She Wants Their LifeBut What They Really Want Is Hers

About the Author: Greer Hendricks

Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen are the co authors of the blockbuster New York Times bestseller, THE WIFE BETWEEN US, as well as the forthcoming, AN ANONYMOUS GIRL AN ANONYMOUS GIRL has been optioned for a television series by eOne, with Sarah and Greer executive producing THE WIFE BETWEEN US has been optioned for film by Amblin Entertainment, with Sarah and Greer screenwriting the

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    I just realized that they re books are following the YA Cover Rule red, green, and blue but not in any particular order We have a cover Thoughts Have I read any of Greer Hendricks other books Will that stop me from doing my darnest to get my hands on this book

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    What can I say, it s a Greer Henderick s book.I need to read it.

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    After thinking about this, I m going to say even less than usual It s best to go into it without knowing much This way you will be as off balance as the main character is after she witnesses a violent suicide which happens early in the novel and provides the impetus for the plot Just like most thrillers you do have to believe some events that are a stretch but overall this is quite satisfying.

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    Greer and Sarah have done it yet again They ve created an entirely original thriller which seems to be harder and harder to find these days Really well done and kept me reading all the way to the end I highly recommend their books to anyone who loves a good thriller

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    I don t want to wait until 2020 Surely you must have a few random stories, short stories, napkin scribbles , you can put out til then 0

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    Ohh I can t wait to read another blockbuster hit my these two ladies So hyped

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    I received an ARC of this title from the publisher for an honest review.Shay has just been let go from her job She s friends with the man she lives with, but his girlfriend has become an increasing presence in her life and while she s fine, her friend time with the roommate has pretty much come to an end Most of her other friends have drifted away, so she s feeling kind of lonely One day, at a subway platform, she witnesses a woman jump

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