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Nim's Island A Girl An Iguana An Island And E Mail Meet Nim A Modern Day Robinson Crusoe She Can Chop Down Bananas With A Machete, Climb Tall Palm Trees, And Start A Fire With A Piece Of Glass So She S Not Afraid When Her Scientist Dad Sails Off To Study Plankton For Three Days, Leaving Her Alone On Their Island Besides, It S Not As If No One S Looking After Her She S Got A Sea Lion To Mother Her And An Iguana For Comic Relief She Also Has An Interesting New E Mail Pal But When Her Father S Cell Phone Calls Stop Coming And Disaster Seems Near, Nim Has To Be Stronger And Braver Than She S Ever Been BeforeAnd She Ll Need All Her Friends To Help Her

About the Author: Wendy Orr

I m an author, but I could never have started writing books if I hadn t loved reading them first Reading isn t just one of my favourite things to do it s one of the most important things in my life I can t imagine a world in which I couldn t read, every day That s why I always read to my children every day, just as my parents used to read to me Stories can be exciting, sad, funny, scary or co

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    This is one of several reviews I wrote for the late Secular Homeschooling Magazine. We ran an article about homeschoolers in fiction, and I rated a lot of YA novels based on how good they were and how well they handled homeschooling Mostl

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    Omg I loved this This is what I wanted Pippi Longstocking to be but it wasn t Can t wait to read it in a couple of years with the munchkin.

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    I read this book to my second graders and we all enjoyed it Even the boys liked it, which was a concern when I first pulled it out and overheard comments from some of them about it being a girl s book I guess anything with a girl as the main character qualifies as a gir

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    I would give this book a hundred stars if I could I liked it because I am a girl who likes adventure, and it was about adventure.

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    This is officially the last book in my 2017 Lite and Fluffy reading challenge I think a very young YA maybe even juvenile is the perfect ending I loved the movie Nim s Island it was fun and just the right amount of scary for young children The book was equally enjoyable and kept my atten

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    I read this book to my students Many of them were excited about the movie I tried to convince them that the movie we create in our heads when we read is better than the one we see when someone else creates it They loved it

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    I read a book called Nim s Island by one of my new favorite authors named Wendy Orr It s about a girl named Nim Her mom and dad are scientists, and when Nim was 1 her mom went to study a whale s stomach Nim s mom was swallowed by the whale and never seen again Nim s dad decided to sail the ocean to look f

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    Some children s books are what I jokingly call wasted on children books so good that adults, too, will adore them J.K Rowling s Harry Potter series, The Book Thief, The Little Prince, The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls, One Hundred and One Dalmatians, The Dumb Bunnies, Charlotte s Web, The Magic Thief, Just Gra

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    I loved the story and Nim as a character, she reminded me of Grace from The Fossil Hunter of Sydney Mines But I found the constant e mails and cell phones mentioned to be very annoying, I hate cell phones and in a story that doesn t really need all that stuff, it seems out of place.

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    Nim s Island is an easy to read story about an incredible girl who becomes the hero of her own story.

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