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Imagine Me Me seeing this cover for the first time Me realzing there s finally a title Me actually reading the title for the first time Seriously, what the heck does it even mean Defy Me meant nothing for the story, in my opinion, so maybe this one means nothing also Or maybe, this book is going to end in tragedy Imagine a cheesy line at the end like imagine me happy or some nonsense And if either Warner or Kenji dies, I will fight somebody I don t know who, but someone so i finished Defy Me, and all I gotta say is that if Kenji doesn t live happily ever after, and Warner and Ella Juliette don t end up together, i will riot and that is a threat I m not ready I M SO NOT READY BUT GIVE THIS BOOK TO ME NOW.Just reread Restore Me and Defy me and I need this conclusion immediately Like now This better be an epic conclusion.This is going to be an epic conclusion Okay, Is this really the end I m not ready, I am not ready to suffer again Like I died when it end it with 3 books, I am now very much alive for 3 books.GIVE THIS BOOK TO ME NOW I can t wait that long I don t want it to end I m not ready to say goodbye to one of my favorite series ever imagine me really i ll be waiting for my redacted invitation in the mail The old Juliette can t come to the phone right now UPDATE, 08 08 If you re wondering what the title means, Tahereh Mafi shared the back cover on Instagram and it reads in the pain, I imagine bliss.My thoughts are like wind, rushing, curling into the depths of myself, expelling, dispelling darknessI imagine love, I imagine wind, I imagine gold hair and green eyes and whispers, laughterI imagineMeextraordinary, unbroken the girl who shocked herself by surviving, the girl who loved herself through learning, the girl who respected her skin, understood her worth, found her strengths t r o n gs t r o n g e rstrongestImagine memaster of my own universeI am everything I ever dreamed ofAwwww, so inspiring 22 July 2019reporter hello oh you addicts of coverporn Behold the mother of all covers, the high and mighty, the breathtakingly glorious, the regally magnificent, the utterly parfaitedrummers drumroll reporter reveals cover Imagine Me Let us hear it for the queen of covers, you people Let us see you faint audience loud cheering, screams, people dying on the spot, bloodshed, death, oh so much death so much beauty reporter satisfied and smiling, turns mic to cover how do feel about this fanfare cover On the Title Imagine Me Okay I have no idea what the heck that s supposed to refer to, but I disagree that the two previous books titles were empty.After finishing Restore Me anyone with a little observation would realise it means view spoiler restore my identity, aka Juliette learning that her parents are Supreme Commanders and her name is Ella hide spoiler This cover The Explosive Finale To The New York Times And USA Today Bestselling Shatter Me SeriesJuliette FerrarsElla SommersWhich Is The Truth And Which Is The Lie Now That Ella Knows Who Juliette Is And What She Was Created For, Things Have Only Become Complicated As She Struggles To Understand The Past That Haunts Her And Looks To A Future Uncertain Than Ever, The Lines Between Right And Wrong Between Ella And Juliette Blur And With Old Enemies Looming, Her Destiny May Not Be Her Own To ControlThe Day Of Reckoning For The Reestablishment Is Coming But She May Not Get To Choose What Side She Fights On MY FAITH IN THE COVERS FOR THIS SERIES HAS BEEN OFFICIALLY RESTORED I see this eye finally found some of those Instagram Makeup Trends and decided to give it a shot.

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