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Lover Awakened (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #3) In The Shadows Of The Night In Caldwell, New York, There’s A Deadly War Raging Between Vampires And Their Slayers And There Exists A Secret Band Of Brothers Like No Othersix Vampire Warriors, Defenders Of Their Race Of These, Zsadist Is The Most Terrifying Member Of The Black Dagger Brotherhood

A Former Blood Slave, The Vampire Zsadist Still Bears The Scars From A Past Filled With Suffering And Humiliation Renowned For His Unquenchable Fury And Sinister Deeds, He Is A Savage Feared By Humans And Vampires Alike Anger Is His Only Companion, And Terror Is His Only Passion—until He Rescues A Beautiful Aristocrat From The Evil Lessening Society

Bella Is Instantly Entranced By The Seething Power Zsadist Possesses But Even As Their Desire For One Another Begins To Overtake Them Both, Zsadist’s Thirst For Vengeance Against Bella’s Tormentors Drives Him To The Brink Of Madness Now, Bella Must Help Her Lover Overcome The Wounds Of His Tortured Past, And Find A Future With Her…

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    5 Fuck I love Z Stars

     photo 14485289_zps8xiycumy.gif

    "I...I can't get clean. I don't want you to get dirty, too." He lifted hi

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    “I was dead until you found me, though I breathed. I was sightless, though I could see. And then you came… and I was awakened.”


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    My dear friend Karla and I went on this emotional roller coaster of a ride together. It was

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    ➽ This is where most people would say something like: "warning! Unpopular opinion time!"

    ➽ This is where I say something like: "this is my opinion! I don't give a damn what you think! Oh, and by the way, I don't like you either!"

    Just so you know.

    Sooooo. This was ridiculous, stupid and boring. Wait, I think I'm forgetting something here. Oh yeah, it was pretty lame, to

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    Oh. My. God.

    I'm not even sure I can convey the complete absurdity of this book. Any description I try to make is typically interrupted by my own peals of laughter at the general ridiculousness and/or groans of immense pain.

    The hero, Zsadist-- yes, he is actually named that-- is a self-proclaimed misogynist. (Yayz!) Profoundly psychologically damaged after several years of tor

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    I've read this book countless times, but this is my first review. Zsadist is my 5th favorite book man ever!!!

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    Opening Line:"Goddamn it, Zsadist! Don't jump--"

    This is an amazing book and my favourite in the series. LOVER AWAKENED tells the agonizingly painful story of Zsadist, a former blood slave and most feared member of the Blackdagger Brotherhood. After Zsadist rescues the beautiful, aristocrat Bella from the Lessoning Society's torture facility she refuses to leave hi

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    Jesus, I hated Zsadist before this book. I thought of him as a ruthless killer, and he is. But there is another side of him that is revealed in this book. With Bella, Zsadist's tortured soul is exposed. You see a much darker side of him that is painful and I feel ashamed to say that I am captivated by him. Knowing him, that is the last thing he would want. Zsadist has no patience for those who show sympathy or pi

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    “I was dead until you found me, though I breathed. I was sightless, though I could see. And then you came...and I was awakened.”

    This is the best of the series. Zsadist is a real tortured hero. What h

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    Plot: 5 stars
    Characters: 5 stars
    Writing: 5 stars
    Sexiness: 4 stars
    Ending: 5 stars

    Overall: 4.8 stars

    I've fallen in love with Zsadist :)

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