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The Shakespeare Miscellany Good resource. For Bardophiles like me, absolutely delightful For the rest, a mixture of anecdotes and facts about Shakespeare at every level from the types of verse used by Shakespeare, his use of thou and you or the word that appears the most in his plays to what you get if you search Schwarzenegger Shakespeare in Google or the weirdest versions of the plays in theatre and film And all mixed up with no order whatsoever Yes, it s as fun as it sounds. This book was jam packed with interesting information related to Shakespeare and his plays It s not really a book you can sit down to read cover to cover because your head would be spinning from information overload I sort of used it as a restroom book if you know what I mean Taken a bit at a time, it is very interesting and contains lots of facts that I did not know If you love Shakespeare, then this is the book for you Somewhat less interesting than I had hoped Be warned that this is miscellany about Shakespeare, and not about his texts exclusively as I would have preferred There is a lot of dithering about on the subject of his siblings, home life, movements across the UK, school years etc However, the map of all the settings of his plays, as well as line counts for different characters etc were enjoyable. A melange of all things Shakespearelife, plays, poems, acting, theaters, etc Included is a sizeable index to relocat entries such as False Friends These are words defined in modern sense usage followed by obsolete sense with examples from various works One entry notes that play goers were provided with vegetables and fruit to throw at the actors Audience involvement I guess. A Booksale purchase, and mighty expensive and P150 And a delight to read It made me miss my reading group, whom I read Hamlet and Julius Caesar with Some of the trivia here I already knew, thanks to that group This may just be the book that jumpstarts revives the group to regroup And tackle a certain Scottish play Starting to prepare for a course in the history of the English language that I will be teaching next year and began with this book It has provided me with a good base to start learning about Shakespeare language next. A wonderful feast of facts and gobbets. The whole family has been enjoying this collection of facts and observations as bathroom reading for months now I think that I alone have been utilizing the sewn in bookmark to read it all the way through One of my favorite entries regards The Original Shakespeare Company, which endeavors to recreate the performance conditions of Shakespeare s time by using original texts, rehearsing only briefly on the day of a performance, working from cue texts an actor s own part with cues, rather than a complete score , and an onstage book keeper to signal the beginning and end of scenes, and to prompt the actors I think it would be great fun for our local community theater s Shakespeare group to perform a play this way I know I would love to see it In The Best Tradition Of Sound Bites And Pithily Entertaining Witticism, The Authors Gather Together Essential Facts And Fascinating Insights About William Shakespeare Probably The Most Famous Writer Of All Time And The World In Which He Lived And Worked

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David Crystal works from his home in Holyhead, North Wales, as a writer, editor, lecturer, and broadcaster Born in Lisburn, Northern Ireland in 1941, he spent his early years in Holyhead His family moved to Liverpool in 1951, and he received his secondary schooling at St Mary s College He read English at University College London 1959 62 , specialised in English language studies, did some rese

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