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Forever Across The Marsh Life Is Crazy A Sense Of Humor Helps Us Get Through It This Novel Explores The Humor And Meaning Of Some Of Life S Struggles Both Big And Small Melvin Scott Is A Family Man, Determined To Become Rich Without A Plan, He Leaves The Military And Moves To A Small Town Near Savannah To Make It On His Own In His New Home, Mel Encounters Nonstop Chaos Finally, His Opportunity To Get Rich Arrives But A Bully From His Childhood Gets In The Way Outside Of Savannah Rests A Never Ending Stretch Of Pristine Marsh That Has Not Yet Been Spoiled By Mankind Mel Learns That There Are Unseen Reasons Why It Has Remained Untouched It Is All Part Of A Beautiful Curse Join Mel In His Adventures Both Serious And Hilarious

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    Couldn t put it down Bet you can t either 5 Stars I ve been a reader my entire life Well, for at least the last 35 yrs I m pretty sure my mom told me I was reading by age 4, and I ve always loved finding a great story to help me escape Nothing allows the imagination to take root quite like a good story That s a preface for why I m writing a review frankly there s been a smallish number of books that fit the can t put it down category fo

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    This book will make you laugh, make you cry, and make you wonder where the truth ends and the fiction starts Once you get started, you can t put it down The author does an excellent job of weaving together the characters and stories, arriving at an emotional but uplifting ending Looking forward to reading from the author

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    Laughed, cried, read it again Amazing story from a brilliant author It is rare for a book to make me laugh out loud repeatedly And never has the same book also had me crying This book did both The novel is very cleverly written many parts have double or triple meanings that you may not pick up on at first I was amazed at how all the characters and narratives were woven together into a powerful story The observations on human nature are often hila

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    ReviThis was a very strange book The story kept switching between first and third person I need the parts about Savannah I didn t like the ending.

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