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Beautiful Dreamer ARC provided by both NetGalley and The Publisher in exchange for a honest review The principle of true storytelling is not to portray but to evoke..I have found that a really good story leaves a deeper impression when it is impossible to tell which side the writer is on BEAUTIFUL DREAMER is a romantic love story with the dynamics of family, friendship and a neighborhood offering both a penetrating and exquisite portrayal of authentic intimacy,physical emotional longings,angst,heartache and the solvable or unresolvable issues surrounding a relationship that might end up being a threat to destroy or saving it.Readers will come to discover on these pages that true Love is found in an unexpected place between a number of unmindful individuals They will also encounter a slowly developing romance that might persevere through distance, status, patience and family trauma etc For the two leading characters, carrying us the overzealous readers on their roller coaster beginning from being standoffish, excited, engaging and then that anticipation of courtship to that deep connection of genuine commitment This storyline also did reveal the fractious and remarkable journey that their relationship took even with an enrichment of chemistry and that drive of soul searching on what or who was the most important to either With all that other reviewers have said and will say I will add that Melissa Brayden has written a long list of exceptional books so for all interested readers, BEAUTIFUL DREAMER is just another one of her masterpiece. This is another lovely, mostly slow burn, romance with characters that are easy to become invested in Devyn Winters returns to the small town she grew up in when her sister needs her She s a high flying property broker on the verge of a huge deal but her sister comes first Elizabeth Draper was in her year at school but not somebody she ever really go to know because they didn t run in the same circles As adults though, Elizabeth s irrepressible cheerfulness is hard to resist.I loved both of the characters in this novel and especially how they developed The way they see each other is continuously shifting and the first impressions they had of each other bear little resemblance to who they are in the end It is not an uncommon trope but its difference is brought out in the depth and characterisation of Devyn and Elizabeth.Brayden s writing style really appeals to me and I haven t been disappointed yet Book received from Netgalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review. Absolutely freaking adorable While reading Melissa Brayden s newest novel, Beautiful Dreamer, I kept thinking are there little red hearts circling me If not there should be This book is sexy as hell, sweet as can be and makes you smile the whole way through Beautiful Dreamer is a direct reflection of why Brayden is the very best at romance There is no doubt you should read this book Brayden is at her very best with this one Her characters are dynamic, multi faceted and just so darn likable The dialogue is rich and quirky, and best of all it sounds and feels real When you read Beautiful Dreamer you are right there in the moment with our leading ladies An absolutely stunning 5 star romance This one I know I will read again and again and my heart is just still so delighted. Hey Melissa What is up with you NAILING almost every single book you put out there Woman, do you ever disappoint Now my review ok so this one was UNBELIEVABLY good What a BRILLIANT, WONDERFUL, ROMANTIC book The 2 MCs were so adorable together Elizabeth is a ray of sunshine while Devyn is so badass this combination worked for me and I fell in love with their chemistry and how their relationship developed throughout the story This book I think is one of the longest I ve read by this author, and the most interesting part is that I didn t even want it to end There s actually not a single thing that I disliked about this book It s full of love and just the right amount of angst Even that town where the MCs lived, I want to visit it one day and attend their festivals and eat the fried Twinkie s Melissa Brayden has a talent, she makes you connect so much with the characters and the setting that you actually end up even having a connection with Scout the dog This is a very solid 5 for me and I highly recommend it Thank you miss Brayden for putting a smile on my face I received an ARC for an honest review. Important I really enjoyed the romance in Beautiful Dreamer, but I must say You cannot have a story based in South Carolina without a single y all For shame, Melissa Brayden No matter one s accent, age, or education level, y all is a staple Dreamer s Bay is fictional, but I m very familiar with the area around where it s based, so I was very sensitive to certain aspects of the world built However, it s a pleasant change to have a setting in a small town Nicely done.This has some spoilers Also, a weather forecast, haha Beware The stars of this tale are Devyn, a big shot broker living in Philly, and Elizabeth, a human ball of sunshine loaded with down home charm The pairing of these two really worked for me, despite their immense differences I had a big, goofy grin on my face for the first eighty percent of this story I welcomed the slow burn allowed to us The flirting, the looks, the time spent together yeeeeee I was enad Brayden really knows how to weave a girl meets girl.The beginning was a scary, yet thrilling way to bring Devyn into Dreamer s Bay I drowned in the progression of Devyn and Elizabeth seeing past their issues to realize how hot each other was I highlighted so many romantic lines My guilty pleasure was also Devyn pulling away from her old cheerleader buddies who ve never grown up I think we all have experiences with old classmates who should stay in the past That felt pretty realistic.I get the impression that Brayden has spent some vacation time in this SC Though, there seems to be a misunderstanding about weather Not a single mention about the humidity there it s heavy , which I would ve expected complaints from Devyn since she d spent so many years in the north They should ve worn shorts At one point, someone was wearing a sweater in the early fall Uhhhh it s still in the seventies around that time In one scene, in the spring or summer the weather was supposedly 76 degrees and I gasped Also, not a single thunderstorm, but this place is idyllic and I ll let that one go.I actually love how Devyn integrated her expertise into moving to Dreamer s Bay the proper way I got the impression that while others were impressed with her job, they didn t take it as seriously They expected Devyn to drop her entire life and all her responsibilities without even a hint of returning to Philly I mean, she had a whole home back there For this, and the absolutely hideous trick Jill and Charlie played on Devyn to get her to return, it loses a star I don t think they apologized enough because they surely used her trauma against her I was over Jill after that A shame, because I enjoyed her until then Besides the guilting, that is.Oh, and yum Those love scenes Devyn and Elizabeth had chemistry and it translated well in their sex lives That kitchen scene is seared in my brain and it s a really, really good thing.Reading this just makes me want the next Brayden book immediately It s not fair I wantThis copy was provided by NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books Inc in exchange for an honest review Damn you Melissa Brayden for making me feel so much each and every time.This is a reunion friends to lovers romance Elizabeth and Devyn went to school together After graduation, Elizabeth stayed in their small town while Devyn left as soon as she could Years later, an accident brings them back in the same place Elizabeth is a whirlwind of nice and quirky She s the town sweetheart, helping everyone out, because it s her job but also because that s the way she is Also, anyone who measures hotness in jalape os is on my team Devyn, on the other hand, is not a people person Once upon a time, she was the captain of the cheerleader team but, as popular as she was then, she definitely wasn t happy All she cares about now is her very successful career as a real estate broker Back in her hometown to help her sister Jill, she ends up liking her former schoolmate a lot than she thought possible.One of the things I like most in Melissa Brayden s novels is the way the places she sets her stories in become characters themselves, whether it s big cities, as in the Soho Loft series still one of my faves ever or small towns, as in this book She pays attention to details, which also makes her secondary characters as real as the MCs.There s a lot of cuteness in this novel Scout stole my heart , along with the usual sexiness and fun which are Brayden s trademarks Yet another win I might have said that before about some of her previous novels, but it s true once I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Falling in love in a small town Devyn is a work a holic real estate broker in Philadelphia She left Dreamer s Bay behind for bigger and better things Elizabeth is Dreamer s Bay s sweetest resident She couldn t imagine anyone not loving it in the small town An incident requires Devyn to return, and the two women end up spending time together As they become closer, Elizabeth will have to deal with her growing feelings when she knows that Devyn is not there to stay.This starts off exciting as we are taken on a bit of a mystery and grass roots investigation It s not for long, but it certainly made a great way to begin the story From this incident, we get a glimpse of who the main characters are in this story Devyn is uptight and a bit snobby Elizabeth is down to earth and a bit quirky Brayden sure knows how to build a relationship from no way to meant to be She takes the time with lots of interactions and cute moments that literally light the characters up on page Plus, she writes adorable leading ladies Who could not have a big old crush on Elizabeth Draper Ever the positive, kind, and dorky woman of Dreamer s Bay Sigh.But this was not just a light and breezy romance There was quite a bit of depth as it dealt with abandonment and being closed off to love There was a bit of family drama and facing lightweight bullies The growth of both Devyn and Elizabeth was an awesome journey to go on with them The best part of this book was the angst and having to overcome mistakes I had watery eyes for the last 20% of the book, I believe This was unique in that there isn t just a speedy happy ending And it was really satisfying to see some work toward happily ever after Especially when it was called for Overall, this was a great love story Cute and likable characters Fun outings Swoon worthy flirty banter I recommend this to everyone Friends with benefits, romance, abandonment, bullies, priorities, small towns, second chances, courting, and corn hole I received an ARC from the publisher for an honest review. I really do not remember reading a book by this author that I have not liked so far and of course this one hasn t disappointed me either, me being eager for mellow romances.In addition, the book has many things that I like to find in a romance such as that the story takes place in a small community, in this case a coastal town, with its inhabitants very closely related to each other, two very different women in their choice of life and in their characters that complement each other making their attraction irresistible, a bit of sexual tension and many intimate moments.There is also the transformation that this relationship causes in the two women The optimistic and vivacious Elizabeth, who seems to get along with everyone and always sees the positive side of things, but is a bit insecure of being worthy of true love, since she has suffered some losses in her life She seems a little naive but when Devyn enters her life, everything changes for her And Devyn, a shark in the real estate field, but taken out of the voragine in which her life has become and after overcoming her refusal to return to her hometown, she also discovers that relaxed and calm can be good.So, hopeless romantics, I think you will not be disappointed with this book An advanced reading copy has been sent to me by the publisher Bold Strokes Books through Netgalley for my honest review Who Says You Can T Go Home Again Philadelphia Real Estate Broker Devyn Winters Is At The Peak Of Her Career, Closing Multimillion Dollar Deals And Relishing It She S Pretty Much Blocked Out Her Formative Years In Dreamer S Bay, Where The Most Exciting Thing To Happen Was The Twice A Year Bake Sale Unfortunately, A Distress Call Hauls Her Back Home And Away From The Life She S Constructed Now The Question Is Just How Long Until She Can Leave Again And When Did Boring Elizabeth Draper Get So Beautiful Elizabeth Draper Loves People, Free Time, And A Good Cup Of Coffee In The Warm Sunlight In The Quaint Town Of Dreamer S Bay, She S The Only Employee Of On The Spot, An Odd Jobs Company She Remembers Devyn Winters As Shallow In High School, But Now Everything About Devyn Makes Her Lose Focus Though Her Brain Knows Devyn Is Only Home Temporarily, Her Heart Didn T Seem To Get The MemoCover Artist Jeanine HenningGenres Contemporary Romance Tags Homecoming, Small Town RomancesWords , Born, raised and living in the suburbs, the rural areas always fascinates me and one of our favorite places to spend the holidays The last time we did that was at my mother in law s hometown, everyone was excited as the king of all fruits was in season, the kids enjoyed running around the fenceless land with the chickens pity the hens, taking on the extra kids.Even though I don t eat the fruit, the excitement of others, roped me in as I helped to pick the fruits off the ground worrying about my safety as they will just drop down when they re ripe the trees are pretty tall and I had Final Destinations playing in my head, imaging the heavy spikey fruit falling onto my defenseless head..not a pretty picture The fruit is also a favorite among the animals so looking out for tigers wild boars was kind of adventurous too Beautiful Dreamer failed to recruit me as a Brayden fan, there were plenty of things that I liked but there were some major red flags that made me want to strap Brayden to a chair and feed her all the fried food from the fair for taking such approach Yea, call me whatever names you can think of anti romance, anti love, Hitler, shorty, but I am sticking to my opinions.1 Devyn made the story great for me2 What her so called blood did was one of the worst things E.V.E.R and she got away with it, WTELF 3 Devyn was never unhappy in the first place, I watched too many Hallmark s telemovies featuring such plot and those leads were usually miserable and heartless too, but Devyn never fit such profile.Read this if you want to experience the unselfishness of Devyn and the dates outings that the leads went to, complemented with the gorgeous small town background Too bad, they would have rocked Philadelphia or anywhere else, but never given the chance.Thank you, PL for the book To those who are curious, WTELF What The Ever Loving Fcuk.

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