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The Realist Clarissa Sullivan Felt Trapped By An Unhealthy Relationship And A Job She Hated When She Inherited A Rustic Mountain Cabin From Her Crazy Great Uncle, It Gave Her The Perfect Opportunity To Leave The World Behind And Live Out Her Dream A Life Of Solitude, Free Of Commitments, Entanglements, And Unrealistic ExpectationsA Life That Did Not Include Her Hot, Sexy, Survivalist Neighbor When Ex Marine Travis Maxwell Caught His Former Best Friend And His Intended Fianc Fooling Around Behind His Back, He Decided Things Had To Change He Moved To A Secluded Cabin In The Mountains In Search Of A Simpler Existence, One Free Of Commitments, Entanglements, And Unrealistic ExpectationsOne That Most Definitely Did Not Include His Prickly But Incredibly Cute Little NeighborBroken And Betrayed By Those Close To Them, Both Vow Never To Allow Themselves To Become Vulnerable Again But That Far Away From Civilization, It Just Makes Sense To Have Each Other S Back

About the Author: Abbie Zanders

Abbie Zanders is a wife and mother of three including a set of identical twins , born and raised in the mountains and valleys of Northeastern Pennsylvania She has a degree in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics Though she has spent the last 25 years developing financial software for healthcare based companies, she has also held second jobs as a pub waitress, a restaurant dessert baker

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    Very well written and edited stand alone story with no cliffhanger.This is a light, humorous story about two stubborn, independent, damaged people who are trying their hardest to tell themselves they want to lead solitary lives, while quietly weaving each other into the fabric of their lives The female lead

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    I ve been binge reading Abbie Zanders books, yes, she s that good The Realist is a contemporary romance about two people that want to live away from everyone else How funny that they end up living close enough to share a driveway This is a fairly quick read, perfect for those with limited reading time After an acci

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    Liked the H and h characters but HATED the ow I HATED that the h could feel the sexual tension between the H and ow Not cool Also HATEd that the H went to the ow even after he wanted the h He didn t go through with it but still wrong wrong wrong I also HATED that He never officially broke it off with the other woman He ju

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    This definitely was a good read Different enough to hold my attention along with the snappy dialogue and it s endearing characters Abbie Sander never disappoints me

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    It s been a very long time since I ve read The Realist but it dawned on me that I ve read it so many times that it was deserving of my time and review The Realist has some of the best of Abbie Zanders preferred themes We have the heroine, Clarissa An island unto herself, Clarissa exemplifies a strong, independent woman, who can hold he

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    Great quick, fun read The dual POV worked especially well in this novel Each character tells their own side of the story as if they were speaking directly to the reader It s much a storytelling than internal dialogue and works very well The Realist is a very funny book without every being too cutesy or trying too hard to be funny, as found i

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    Loved itI really enjoyed this story Clarissa was so different compared with so many of the main characters I have read before She was standoffish not only to Travis but to everyone who tried to make contact with her it was just that Travis in his own standoffish way understood her as she did him Oddly enough it was through their one worded encounter

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    Clarissa Sullivan, The Realist and Travis Maxwell both came to their mountain homes to escape a previous bad relationship and the blows life has dealt to them They help each other with very little communication until Ripper a stray dog is hit by a car.Rissa and Travis start talking and soon romance develops and the two find a happy ending up on thei

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    Another wonderful read from author Abbie Zanders Loved the characters of Travis and Clarissa Watching them throughout the story gain each others trust over time and warm up to one another and eventually lean on and count on one another Both came to this place broken and wounded But in the end, found each others soul mate I even fell in love with Clarissa s stray

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    I received this book in a Goodreads Giveaway.Clarissa and Travis each have their own reasons for living in seclusion up on the mountain, but events gradually force them closer I really enjoyed the storyline, the characters, and the somewhat short length of the book However, there were a couple plot gapsparts of the characters histories that were mentioned earlier in the

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