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A Beginner's Guide to Day Trading Online The National Bestseller Updated For The New Stock Market Read The Book If You Want To Know How The Market Works And How To Make It Work For You Greg Capra, President Of Pristine, Coauthor Of Tools And Tactics For The Master Day Trader By Using The Tools, Trading Tactics And Strategies Revealed In A Beginner S Guide To Day Trading Online, You Will Be Armed With The Skills Needed To Help You Win Your Battle With The Markets Steve Nison, CMT, President, Candlecharts, Author Of Japenese Candlestick Charting Techniques Read This Book, And, Two, Reread This Book It Will Help You Achieve Your Trading Goal, Which Is To Make Money In The Markets Every Trader, From A Beginner To The Advanced Professional, Should Have This Book John Person, CTA, President, Nationalfutures There Are Only A Handful Of Trading Educators That I Would Recommend Listening To AndToni Turner Is One Of Them Hubert Senters, TradethemarketsDay Trading Is Highly Profitable And Highly Tumultuous Moreover, The Financial Markets Have Changed Considerably In Recent Years Expert Author Toni Turner Gives You The Latest Information For Mastering The Markets, Including Decimalization Of Stock PricesNew Trading Products Such As E Minis And Exchange Traded Funds ETFs Precision Entries And ExitsThe New Breed Of Trader Written In An Accessible, Step By Step Manner, A Beginner S Guide To Day Trading Online, Nd Edition Shows How To Day Trade Stocks In Today S Market This is a great book I read it many years ago and re read it now because it never hurts to brush up on the basics I gave it 5 stars because it does what it says, teaches the basics of day trading online Although it s a technical book, Turner delivers the information in a light hearted and fun way that I find engaging I especially like her usage of exclamation marks because the little reading voice in my head obeys with added excitement whenever I see one Ha But seriously, if you want to learn about this subject this is a great book. Everyone has a different strategy for day trading Some work, and some don t, but most depend on the trader Toni Turner brings her knowledge and experience to the table while avoiding talking about specific strategies that only work for her Everything one needs to become a successful day trader is in this book, from software to technique and beyond Just remember it s a very risky business, and no book can guarantee a profit A must read for beginner traders As a novice trader learning as I go, this book made things clearer to me every time I picked it up I will surely read it again and recommend it to any new trader.

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