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Sinner If You Want To Get To Heaven, You Ve Got To Raise A Little Hell Callie Penrose Is Struggling To Find Her Special Purpose In Life Rather Than Allying With Any Of The Powerful Supernatural Groups Begging To Sign Her Up The Vatican, The Vampires, The Shifters, Or The Armies Of Both Heaven And Hell Callie Has Been Picking Fights With All Of ThemBut When She S Abducted By A Host Of Angels, And A Greater Demon Begins Hunting Her Through The Daytime Streets Of Kansas City, Callie Learns That Her Past Has Come Back To Haunt HerThanks To Her Actions In Recent Months, Solomon S Temple Has Been Opened, And The Estate Sale Is On A First Come, First Served BasisTo Win Her Birthright, Callie Is Going To Need Cain S Help Even Then, She S Going To Have To Cut Some Corners, Cross Some Lines, To Take A Bite Out Of An Apple But They Say Every Saint Was Once A Sinner

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    I hate it when he breaks the status quo and treats it like just another day at the office The sixth installment of this book can t come soon enough, because this one managed to up end the scales again only to drag them right back to where they were with almost none of the consequences, but all the gravitas remaining as if they had Callie Penrose h

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    Shayne is the master of blending Epic Legends and fiction I thought the trip to Fae and the underworld Nate went on was crazy. Nope Not even close to the quest Callie and Cain go on Talk about down the rabbit hole or take the blue pill Or red pill This book takes you for a Matrix type ride It will have you laughing, crying, yelling and laughing so hard you

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    Callie and Cain Get Seasoning Lots of action on this quest with a few different goals including an existential one with which most can relate I think the main reason for Callie to be on this quest was simply seasoning Not until a person has lived through difficulties e.g battles or quests can she truly appreciate the simple things in life That is something else with

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    Sinner5 stars again to Mr Silvers This is brilliant, reading about the doors and how Callie went through, what she learned and felt She was raw in this book and she was great The pages kept turning, couldn t put it down

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    An unexpected Quest.With out her role how every begrudgingly with the Shepards, Callie Penrose is floundering It s not easy being powerful and having no idea what to do with all that power Callie only knows she wants to help, to save people, to protect the unprotected Unfortunately, in doing so, she s becoming the Boogeyman of Kansas City to the local Freaks Being a Super villain was ne

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    Sinner Feathers and Fire Book 5 Callie s story starts out as she attends a fancy gathering for the rich and famous monsters of Kansas City, her town Of course nothing so simple as a party she attends can end without something going very very wrong Callie is one tough, gifted and dangerous woman who seems to have set the monsters of KC teeth on edge Helping the vampires of her city was the reason

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    I don t how how Shayne Silvers writes three or books a year, juggles all his different characters and plot lines, deals with the aggravations of self publishing, conventions and fandom in general, but thank god he does I don t remember exactly where I entered the Templeverse or quite how I discovered it in the first place Bookbub, maybe I m just not sure , but from the moment I first climbed on board, it

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    Callie Penrose has been a character both in her own novels and along with Nate and Quinn Until now, though, we really didn t understand the inner workings of Callie s mind and what drives her This book is an in depth look into the soul of the White Rose Where she came from, how she got to where she is now The quest brings out the good and bad as resides in every soul and helps her to learn who she wants to be What i

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    If you re just browsing for a book that might interest you and you haven t already discovered Shayne Silver s Templeverse including the Phantom Queen novels with Cameron O Connell , I highly recommend them Go on back and start at the beginning You won t regret it I am not going to give a synopsis of the book in my review As usual it was fantastic In Sinner Callie finds depth of character and it s an emotional ride We take th

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    I love this book I love Shayne Silvers I read Templeverse books in one sitting They are worth your time You will not be disappointed I go through what these characters go through other than having magic I feel what they feel You wouldn t think that this book would make you cry and then make you laugh but it does It also made me feel a little bit guilty because I was raised in a religious household and this book just stomps all over eve

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