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Hellboy: Weird Tales #1 Mike Mignola S Award Winning Series Hellboy Has Been Lauded As Much By Other Artists As It Has By Award Ceremonies And Fans Over The Years, Many Of The Best Artists In The Industry Have Asked If They Could Do A Backup Story, Just To Get A Chance To Play With The Characters And Worlds Mignola Has Created As Dark Horse Gears Up For The Release Of The Hellboy Motion Picture, We Present This Lavish Colection Of These Stories One Of The Most Popular Features In Recent Hellboy Books Has Been The Sketchbook Section, So We Ve Asked These Stellar Artists To Let Us Present Some Of Their Behind The Scenes Work In This Collection Some Of The Best Writers And Artists In Comics Team Up To Present Stories Of Giant Bats, Demon Children, Jet Packs, Haunted Circuses, And Rusted Out Spaceships Old Fashioned Pulp Fun Featuring One Of The Greatest Heroes Of Modern Comics

10 thoughts on “Hellboy: Weird Tales #1

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    This book represents everything cheap and stupid about the comic book industry Every artist in the company draws a few pages of a popular character, so now they get to say they ve drawn Hellboy on their resumes, the publisher gets a book to sell without having to commit any real talent and the unfortunate reader is left with a dozen half baked stories that end with insult

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    Very nice collection of Hellboy stories Its always interesting to see how other writers and artists envision someone else s creation Overall good stories and art Recommended

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    This is the first Hellboy book to disappoint me It contains several short Hellboy stories, but not by Mike Mignola, rather by various other writers artists The only one that really felt worth reading was The Dread Within, a story about one of Liz Sherman s investigations Other than that, the stories here are disposable.

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    Get a bunch of cartoonists to adapt Hellboy in weird zany ways Heck yeah The Goon guy makes a funny goon y comic Andi Watson traditionally a romance comic artist makes a surprisingly insightful comic Others range from Looney Toons to very straightforward Certainly an interesting range of stories, all in great art styling.

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    This review is for both volumes of Weird Tales I did read them on the same day, and my thoughts for both are essentially the same.I get why there are so many people eager to work on something, anything related to Hellboy Hellboy s world is a great creation So that s what we have here, a bunch of people trying their hand at Hellboy stories The result is pretty much what you d expect a mixed b

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    A really fun book The only problem is the length of some of the stories 8 10

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    Reprinted from my website Secure Immaturity Well.the best way I can describe this collection of stories is this imagine a comedic version of Schindler s List or imagine a Disney animated The Crying Game Hellboy is odd enough when it is penned by Mike Mignola but when the character and his buddies, including Abe Sapien, Elizabeth Sherman and others, are given treatment by other artists and writers, the

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    I don t know why so many people disliked this book I found it very funny Yes, it s not Mignola working on Hellboy, but it was what it was mean to be, other artists taking on HB Perhaps, I did not recommend this book as a first read of Hellboy, but, if you are into the world of the Red Beast, go get it, it s funny and interesting to see how other artists interpret HB.The book is a collection of short storie

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    The introduction to this compilation of short stories says that it s an artists book, and it certainly is For most of the stories, the art stands out but the stories are nonsensical and not in a good weird tales way like I can t quite make out what s being communicated But the art is good, don t let my 2 stars take away from that It just didn t have a whole package feel.The strongest story in the book is the o

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    This is mostly a showcase for the different artists Each story lasts only around 6 10 pages, and while some are better than others they all seem like an afterthought Only recommended for those interested in looking at a whole bunch of Hellboys.

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