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The Hour of the Dragon Written In The S As A Serial For Weird Tales, The Famous Pulp Magazine, Hour Of The Dragon Is The Only Novel By Howard Featuring His Greatest Creation, Conan The Barbarian This Powerful Novel Of Violent Adventure Has Spawned Many Imitations In The Genre Over The Years, Including A Series Of Best Selling Paperbacks Which, In Imitation Of Howard, Continued The Adventures Of ConanConan Is At The Pinnacle Of His Career In This Story, Having Roamed The Imaginary Prehistoric World Of Hyborea And, With Native Cunning And Sheer Force, Fought His Way To The Throne Of Aquilonia He Is The Archetype Of The Invincible Warrior Tough, Fearless And Incredibly StrongAs The Novel Opens, King Conan Is Captured By The Magic Of The Evil Sorcerer Xaltotun, Whom Conan S Enemies Have Raised From The Dead, After Three Thousand Years, For The Express Purpose Of Removing Conan From The Throne Conan S Armies Are So Unprepared To Battle Xaltotun S Sorcery That They Are Routed On The Battlefield And Aquilonia Is Conquered Conan Is Secretly Released From Prison By A Slave Girl Who Loves Him, And He Fights His Way Out Of The Dungeon Catacombs To Freedom, Defeating A Giant Murderous Ape Who Blocks His Way In The Course Of His Escape, He Overhears A Secret Meeting And Learns That The Source Of Xaltotun S Power Is A Mysterious Jewel, The Heart Of Ahriman, Which Xaltotun S Allies Have Stolen From Him To Insure Their Control Over HimConan Resolves To Track The Jewel Across The Barbaric Landscape Of Hyboria, Destroy Xaltotun And Regain His Kingdom

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    When you think of Conan you think of this Then you think of the screaming barbarianWhoops, sorry, I meant thisBut if you read one of Robert Howard s original Conan the Barbarian stories what you get is something that should be titled Conan the Part Time Barbarian, Part Time Diplomat, because there i

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    the hour of the Dragon has come After reading one of Howard s shortstory collections I discovered he d also written a full length Conan novel The one and only originally written in five parts for the magazine Weird Tales under the title The Hour of the Dragon, then eventually published as a book unde

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    It is not alone the rebellious lords of Aquilonia and the armies of Nemedia which are arrayed against you, answered Hadrathus It is sorcery grisly black magic from the grim youth of the world An awful shape has risen out of the shades of the Past, and none can stand before it This is one of the best of Howard s Conan tales Its rich

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    From death to death The Heart of Ahriman came, riding on a river of human blood Blood feeds it, blood draws it Its power is greatest when there is blood on the hands that grasp it, when it is wrested by slaughter from its holder Wherever it gleams, blood is spilt and kingdoms totter, and the forc es of nature are put in turmoil Thutothmes of

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    In this final chronologically Conan story, Howard demonstrates why he was one of the best adventure writers of all time In the only novel he ever produced, Howard is able to maintain the blistering pace he is known for, while still weaving a complex and interesting tale The story is set during Conan s time as King of Aquilonia, which is a period in the

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    I m reading an online version on Wikisource I think this is the original that was published as a serial in the pulps is a great Conan adventure that winds up showing us a lot of his previous life, so that makes it a lot of fun All the convenient elements got to me, though One or two in a short story are fine, but an entire novel was too much view spoiler Zenobia

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    I could read this many times three, so far and pick out some new facet each time F instance Howard touches several times on the theme that Conan s lone wolf nature is both strength and weakness He is dedicated to his kingdom, but is not committed to it he neither married nor produced an heir Upon his presumed death, the barons cannot rally around an heir and thus the cent

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    The problem with a lot of genre classics is that their ideas have been ripped off so often they end up reading like they re full of cliches even though they were the originators of those familiar tropes But when it comes to the best of the pulp writers there s an electric vibe that runs through them that doesn t fade Like the stories of Raymond Chandler or Lovecraft or even Poe, th

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    With this book, Robert E Howard proved that he could maintain the skillful prose and pacing of his Conan short stories in a full length novel Wonderful passage They traversed a long, dark, vaulted corridor in which, Conan noticed uneasily, the skull on the staff glowed phosphorescently He felt a surge of unreasoning, wild animal panic that urged him to rip out his knife and slash right an

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    Some wicked dark sorcery in this one.

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