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Fleishman Is in Trouble If You Could Do It All Over Again, Would You Should You One Man Finds Out In This Finely Observed, Compulsively Readable, And Occasionally Raunchy Novel Of Marriage, Sex, And Dating For Readers Of Jonathan Franzen, Lauren Groff, And Tom PerrottaRecently Separated Toby Fleishman Is Suddenly, Somehow And At Age Forty One, Short As Ever Surrounded By Women Who Want Him Women Who Are Self Actualized, Women Who Are Smart And Interesting, Women Who Don T Mind His Height, Women Who Are Eager To Take Him For A Test Drive With Just The Swipe Of An App Toby Doesn T Mind Being Used In This Way It S A Welcome Change From The Thirteen Years He Spent As A Married Man, The Thirteen Years Of Emotional Neglect And Contempt He S Just Endured Anthropologically Speaking, It S Like Nothing He Ever Experienced Before, Particularly Back In The S, When He First Began Dating And Became Used To Swimming In The Murky Waters Of RejectionBut Toby S New Life Liver Specialist By Day, Kids Every Other Weekend, Rabid Somewhat Anonymous Sex At Night Is Interrupted When His Ex Wife Suddenly Disappears Either On A Vision Quest Or A Nervous Breakdown, Toby Doesn T Know She Won T Answer His Texts Or CallsIs Toby S Ex Just Angry, Like Always Is She Punishing Him, Yet Again, For Not Being The Bread Winner She Was As He Desperately Searches For Her While Juggling His Job And Parenting Their Two Unraveling Children, Toby Is Forced To Reckon With The Real Reasons His Marriage Fell Apart, And To Ask If The Story He Has Been Telling Himself All This Time Is True I m exhausted This book was a pain to read and also a very big pain to rate and review Unexpectedly dense Layers and layers Different points of view Different time lines Flashbacks Dreams Even different narrators, if you d believe it Personally, I found this constant change of narrators completely annoying and distracting and because of that I feel I didn t get to know the characters well enough Every time I came back to this book I had to read a few of the pages I had already read Also I was never really looking forward to going back to all those arguments and midlife crisis And every time I did the only thing I knew was that obviously they woukd be talking about divorce because that was all they talked about Divorce, who said what to who, who did what and why, who s going to keep the kids, etc, etc This book was exhausting, which makes sense, I think Relationships are exha Hmmm complicated 4 stars because I really liked the way the author wrapped things up And to finalise this review I ll leave you with Tammy Wynette and the hit D.I.V.O.R.C.E.Our little boy is four years old and quite a little manSo we spell out the words we don t want him to understandLike T O Y or maybe S U R P R I S EBut the words we re hiding from him nowTears the heart right out of me.Our D I V O R C E becomes final todayMe and little J O E will be goin awayI love you both and it will be pure H E double L for meOh, I wish that we could stop this D I V O R C E.Watch him smile, he thinks it ChristmasOr his fifth birthdayAnd he thinks C U S T O D Y spells fun or playI spell out all the hurtin wordsAnd turn my head when I speak Cause I can t spell away this hurtThat s drippin down my cheek.Our D I V O R C E becomes final todayMe and little J O E will be goin awayI love you both and it will be pure H E double L for meOh, I wish that we could stop this D I V O R C E. Entertaining almost existential Exploration of Marriage at Midlife This wonderful novel was written with keen powers of observation, mordant wit and subversive humor It delightfully and incisively deconstructs marriage at middle age, showing the incompatibility of ye olde bride and groom institution with the egocentric, puerile, and device driven lives of so many modern day spouses in their late 30s, early 40s, especially those with kids The novel is most profound on the constant need, particularly festering after reaching 40, for the quick fix again, and again of an ego boost men mostly or intrigue and attention women largely via micro sexual encounters with the strange and alluring Ms Akner satirizes a society that force feeds us a series of instant gratifications daily which ultimately bleed the joy out of monogamous relationships and starve healthy gratitude from and toward the spouse Fault abounds for infidelity of the wife here Fleishman s troubles with women anyway begins after divorce is in the works.At some point, earlier than later, a divorcee might face any number of self revelations, such as that meaningful love is elusive that a deeper, intimate joy may well have been attainable in marriage that much as 40 somethings may daydream, they cannot time travel to recapture youth s beauty or the thrill of newness in each sexual encounter and, thatoh thatdating apps and sexting and bodice ripping first encounters in and of middle age, while adrenaline rushes and uber calorie burns, they are emotionally jarring dives into shallowness With the exception of one in a million, the grass that seemed a lush emerald turns out a shade of chartreuse tinted toward yellow Fleishman Is in Trouble was both edifying and enlightening on the human condition in the life and times in which we live, in a way that only social satires can be. When I started this book, I immediately thought this book wasn t going to be for me I was reading it for a book club event, so I knew I had to finish it.Well, this book got under my skin and totally grew on me and by the final page, I thought, Wow, this book was so phenomenal.This book is about marriage and divorce and parenting and about finding one s self.We meet the wronged husband , Toby, firstly Now that he s going to get divorced, he s decided he should indulge his libido to the max This is when I m thinking, Is that all this book is going to be about Obviously not, or I may not have grown to admire it for what it truly was an unflinching look at marriage why do we marry what do we expect of marriage what happens when the kids come along When does all the blaming start I am so glad the author included Rachel, Toby s wife s viewpoint We also have a narrator, Elizabeth an old friend of Toby s, who is going through a crisis of her own These sections totally brought the whole book to life.There were moments of hilarity in the book, moments of sadness I didn t feel much joy, but there was resolution for that I am very happy Highly recommend this book, but don t give up too quickly The admiration sneaks up and evolves into an outstanding read lines I d like to share We watch ourselves and our spouses change, and the work is to constantly recall the reasons you did this in the first place.How could you be this far along in life and still so unsettled How could you know so much and still be baffled by it all Taffy Brodesser Akner s debut novel, Fleishman is in Trouble has been advertised as a perfect beach read I m not entirely sure how marketers determine what qualifies as a beach read, but this is no light, frothy, confection of a book and not much time is spent at the beach In fact, Brodesser Akner recently questioned why her book was being marketed as a beach read I am confused as to why our taste for what we like would change in the location we read it, or the season So if the book is not a beach read, what is it I think it is an exceptional fictional examination of marriage in middle age and how marriage s initial promises can easily turn to discontents Is that the fault of marriage, the prospects of aging, how individuals change over time How could you be this far along in life and still so unsettled How could you know so much and still be this baffled by it all Was this what enlightenment felt like, an understanding that life is a cancer that metastasizes so slowly you only have a vague and intermittent sense of your dying That the dying is happening slowly enough that you get used to it Or maybe that wasn t life Maybe that was just middle age Brodesser Akner examines the lives of three friends who were close in college and have recently re established their friendship One is in the midst of divorce with very mixed feelings about whether that is really the best resolution to the problems in the marriage, one who is uncertain about her what dreams and desires are and how that fits within her marriage, and one who feels like it is finally time to settle down and get married But is marriage really right for any of them Do their expectations match the reality of married life I dared him in the mornings to ask me questions so that I could tell him about how I didn t know how to live any God, I wanted to say, how are you supposed to live like this, knowing you used to answer to no one How is this the arc we set for ourselves as a successful life But he d never understand that He had the life he wanted So did I And yet And yet and yet and yet and yet and yet What were you going to do Were you not going to get married when your husband was the person who understood you and loved you and rooted for you forever, no matter what Were you not going to have your children, whom you loved and who made all the collateral damage your time, your body, your lightness, your darkness worth it Time was going to march on anyway You were not ever going to be young again You were only at risk for not remembering that this was as good as it would get, in every single moment that you are right now as young as you ll ever be again And now And now And now and now and now How could we not impugn marriage, then It becomes so intertwined with your quality of life, as one of the only institutions operating constantly throughout every other moment of your existence, that the person you are married to doesn t stand a chance You hold hands while you re walking down the street when you re happy, you turn away icily to stare out the window as the car goes over the bridge when you re not, and exactly none of this has anything to do with that person s behavior It has to do with how you feel about yourself, and the person closest to you gets mistaken for the circumstance and you think, Maybe if I excised this thing, I d be me again But you re not you any That hasn t been you in a long time It s not his fault It just happened It was always going to just happen Fleishman is in Trouble is very well written and insightful, while also being a smart, fun, and witty read It s certainly a book you can read at the beach or by the pool, but don t restrict yourself to those locations or times It s a captivating read, no matter where you are Thank you to Random House and NetGalley for providing an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I needed some time to digest before writing this review This book is punchy the writing tight It s vibrant and energetic but at times I felt like I needed a break to catch my breath It s super cynical, this book so encapsulates New York City life I mostly loved the intricate detailing and deconstruction of a marriage and the deep analysis of divorce It really digs into the complexities of modern life Marriage, careers, friendships, children and divorce The pressure of life striving for success it doesn t always equal happiness I love the structure of the alternating perspective of the male female characters The way the book unfolds you don t really know where it s leading but the solid characters and the vibrancy of the setting bring this book to a solid conclusion I felt a heavy weight reading this book but it also felt so poignant and relevant I could not put it down. Damn, I wanted to like this novel Brodesser Akner is one of our greatest magazine feature writers, and the reviews by people I trust have been near unanimous raves But I kind of hated it.There are many, many sharp observations here about men women marriage divorce The prose is extremely quotable though nowhere near as funny as some readers have suggested the raunchy dating app material is mostly just sad But the problem for me isn t that literally every adult character except for the largely invisible narrator is unsympathetic it s the lack of universality in both the story and the relationship insights Brodesser Akner s characters all come from a narrow slice of wealthy, social climbing NY NJ life these men women marriage divorce problems are very much Upper West Side men women marriage divorce problems And everyone here seems stuck Characters find themselves in time money crunches, feeling neglected, resentful of spouses friends co workers, but those crunches are the product of choices choices that are neither inevitable nor permanent It s irritating that none of the characters seems to recognize that there are alternative ways of living, communicating, parenting Two thirds of the way through the novel, I was dreading a radical eleventh hour perspective shift la Lauren Groff s Fates and Furies and sure enough, it arrives and speeds through an alternate view of the story we ve just read, intended to unsettle everything we thought, with blocks of mostly undigested essay text on relationships again, insightful stuff, but not necessarily relevant Toby and Rachel s marriage is so unusual dysfunctional awful that viewing it from different angles yields limited returns notallmen notallwomen notallmarriages notalldivorces If rating on Goodreads is about applauding or not for the end result of what a writer set out to deliver which book did he or she clearly wanted to write and did he or she succeed , this one deserves a standing ovation, turning into a Mexican wave in the last 30 pages.This is so accomplished Stubbornly maintaining the same drive, pace, speech, POV s from first to last page Leaving enough subtle insights in this huge, messy bowl of human beings on a doubting spree, questioning their marriage, love, the real worth of their bank accounts, their personal education, the upbringing of their kids, and finally their own personality and sanity.The bittersweet irony blends perfectly with a pitch black sarcasm.Albeit a unique, stand alone novel, the colour of this bittersweet darkness, the feel of characters getting lost while chasing their own tail, and the naked oh so naked honesty reminded me of Sally Rooney s Conversations with friends, Moshfegh s My Year of Rest and Relaxation and Michelle Tea s Black wave 4,5 5 Believe the hype Fleishman Is in Trouble is even better than we were promised Taffy Brodesser Akner, a New York Times Magazine writer, brings to her first novel the currency of a hot dating app and the wisdom of a Greek tragedy The result is a feminist jeremiad nested inside a brilliant comic novel a book that makes you laugh so hard you don t notice till later that your eyebrows have been singed off.As the story opens, life sounds like an erotic carnival for Toby Fleishman A New York doctor newly separated from his wife, Toby has arrived at the age of 41 to discover a city suddenly flush with women who want him Now His phone was aglow from sunup to sundown, the narrator writes, with texts that contained underboob and sideboob and just straight up boob and all the parts of a woman he never dared dream he would encounter After enduring a chronically nerdy adolescence and a tense 14 year marriage, Toby is dazzled by this sexual bounty Could it be, he wonders, that he wasn t as To read the rest of this review, go to The Washington Post https www.washingtonpost.com entert Toby Fleishman is a 41 year old jewish doctor, 5 5 tall, and sort of a shlemiel He is soon to be divorced from Rachel, the wife of his nightmares Despite earning close to 300,000 annually, he wears frayed shirts and feels like he s poor compared to his neighbors on the Upper East Side He has two children and is trying to have a productive social life sex and sex but Rachel doesn t adhere to the separation agreement and drops the kids off at any old time, even the middle of the might.I had high expectations for this book and anticipated a Jonathon Tropper or Philip Roth type experience However, for want of a better description, it is boring and redundant There were only so many times I wanted to hear about Toby s internet sexting experiences, the visuals he loved on dating sites, and his desire to have a second chance at life The book read like Sex and the City , with each episode being the same one By page 100 I stifled a yawn and decided not to finish the book I have a 75 page rule, meaning I quit a book after 75 pages if it doesn t grab me, but I extended my reading an extra 25 pages.What was also annoying about this novel other than the repetition, was that it is told from different people s perspectives I had trouble identifying who was talking or whether it was Toby in first person Sometimes the book slipped into third person, like when Toby reminisces about meeting Rachel, and there seemed to be no special point to this confusing chorus.If you want a book to read on the plane or at the beach, and you think you d enjoy Sex and the City with a definitively jewish bent, this book might resonate with you.

About the Author: Taffy Brodesser-Akner

Taffy Brodesser Akner is a staff writer at the New York Times Magazine Prior to that, her work appeared in GQ, ESPN the Magazine, Matter, Details, Texas Monthly, Outside, Self, Cosmopolitan and many other publications Fleishman Is In Trouble is her first novel.

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