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Bran Mak Morn: The Last King From Robert E Howard S Fertile Imagination Sprang Some Of Fiction S Greatest Heroes, Including Conan The Cimmerian, King Kull, And Solomon Kane But Of All Howard S Characters, None Embodied His Creator S Brooding Temperament Than Bran Mak Morn, The Last King Of A Doomed RaceIn Ages Past, The Picts Ruled All Of Europe But The Descendants Of Those Proud Conquerors Have Sunk Into Barbarism All Save One, Bran Mak Morn, Whose Bloodline Remains Unbroken Threatened By The Celts And The Romans, The Pictish Tribes Rally Under His Banner To Fight For Their Very Survival, While Bran Fights To Restore The Glory Of His Race Lavishly Illustrated By Award Winning Artist Gary Gianni, This Collection Gathers Together All Of Howard S Published Stories And Poems Featuring Bran Mak Morn Including The Eerie Masterpiece Worms Of The Earth And Kings Of The Night, In Which Sorcery Summons Kull The Conqueror From Out Of The Depths Of Time To Stand With Bran Against The Roman Invaders Also Included Are Previously Unpublished Stories And Fragments, Reproductions Of Manuscripts Bearing Howard S Handwritten Revisions, And Much, Much Special Bonus A Newly Discovered Adventure By Howard, Presented Here For The Very First Time

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    A fantastic collection of stories, but in a different way than Howard s Conan Where reading Conan gives you the feeling of a man besting all of the odds and laughing in the face of danger, the Bran Mak Morn stories are haunting and in a way sad Bran is the king of a dying, deform

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    Robert E Howard s tales about Bran Mak Morn and the Picts are typical of REH s wonderful writing but with a strong emphasis on his themes of nationalism, tribalism, and racialism This observation is not a criticism of REH He wrote these stories in the late 1920s and early 1930s, and, the co

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    Before Conan, before Solomon Kane, and even before Kull of Atlantis, there was Bran Mak Morn, King of the Picts In fact, Bran was the second main character ever developed by Robert E Howard, second only to Francis X Gordon El Borak This book contains several stories about Bran as well as numerous fra

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    Though these stories were first seen in pulp fiction magazines in the late 1920 s and early 1930 s, to dismiss them as easy reading is a mistake Howard and his contemporaries wrote impressive works of literature that drew heavily on history, and referenced recurring fictional themes such as dark fantasy, eldri

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    While the rest of the world was obsessively reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows this weekend, I was taking the time to finish off my latest venture into my growing REH collection Nothing against Harry, mind you, but I had already started on Bran Mak Morn, and wanted to finish it off before I moved on to other t

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    Also a pretty good read, anoter for runner of Conan Bran Mak Morn is the last King of the Picts Howrd romanticized the Picts and used his fictionalized version of them in both the King Kull stories and some of his Conan adventures.This is his foray into using them as the main character focus.Again, Howard s gift for adventure com

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    Bran Mak Morn is the last king of the Picts and will do whatever it takes to help his people That s all you need to know going in.I liked this omnibus about as much as the Kull one I read at the beginning of the year but not as much as Solomon Kane and definitely not as much as Conan My favorite story in it is Worms of the Earth, where Bra

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    Bran Mak Morn is one of my favorite Howard characters Great pieces here, including some of Howard s strongest.

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    Robert E Howard was a great writer of heroic fiction of the pulp era This is an a very enjoyable collection of stories.

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    Everybody who knows Robert E Howard knows Conan Some go on to read his Kull stories which were written earlier But those characters are nearly the same, the difference in the works due to Howard s maturing as a writer and giving Conan a bit depth of character.I like them all, but the Bran Mak Morn stories have a different feel This character wasn t set up to be invin

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