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Men at Arms What S So Hard About Pulling A Sword Out Of A Stone The Real Work S Already Been Done You Ought To Make Yourself Useful And Find The Man Who Put The Sword In The Stone In The First Place The City Watch Needs MEN But What It S Got Includes Corporal Carrot Technically A Dwarf , Lance Constable Cuddy Really A Dwarf , Lance Constable Detritus A Troll , Lance Constable Angua A Woman Most Of The Time And Corporal Nobbs Disqualified From The Human Race For ShovingAnd They Need All The Help They Can Get, Because Someone In Ankh Morpork Has Been Getting Dangerous Ideas About Crowns And Legendary Swords, And Destiny And The Problem With Destiny Is, Of Course, That She Is Not Always Careful Where She Points Her Finger One Minute You Might Be Minding Your Own Business On A Normal If Not Spectacular Career Path, The Next You Might Be In The Frame For The Big Job, Like Saving The World

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    The reason that the rich were so rich, Vimes reasoned, was because they managed to spend less money.Take boots, for example He earned thirty eight dollars a month plus allowances A really good pair of leather boots cost fifty dollars But an affordable pair of boots, which were sort of OK for a season or two and then leaked like hell when the cardboard gave out, cost abo

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    This is the second book in the City Watch storyline in the Discworld novels And I have to say, it s probably twice as good as Guards Guards.All the characters are fully realized and compelling What s , it s obvious to me reading now that Pratchett has multi book plans for the central characters Carrot, Vimes, and Angua Detrius also has a pretty strong secondary arc in

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    This review is from 2006 All right, the short of it is I really liked the book The long of it is, I m very annoyed at Terry.Those of you who have been following things here know that I just sold the Alcatraz books to Scholastic They re essentially humorous fantasy evil librarians running the world and all that I wrote them because I was a little frustrated at the market I

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    Was Terry Pratchett the English Kurt Vonnegut Here is another example of playful satire that thinly hides a stinging social and cultural admonishment In his 1993 Discworld novel Men at Arms the 15th Discworld adventure and the second to feature Sam Vimes and his City Watch crew Sir Terry tackles such heavy subjects as racism, sexism, political correctness, class distinctio

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    Discworld Re Read project 15 I remembered that there was one particular Watch novel that lunged the entire Watch novels out of the stratosphere in terms of how much I grew to LOVE them I had forgotten that THIS was that novel.Vimes was great, but who really stole the show was Carrot I ll love Vimes a lot in the future, but for now, Carrot is KING.Or not That s a matter of

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    Vimes smiled Someone was trying to kill him, and that made him feel alive than he had done in days.And they were also slightly less intelligent than he was This is a quality you should always pray for in your would be murderer.Murders are rare in Ankh Morpork Suicides and assassinationswell, they re a dime a dozen, but genuine murders are pretty darned rare But DEATH has b

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    This was a reread the last time I read it was so long ago I don t remember Such a good book This man only wrote good books and he is much missed Men at Arms has to be a hit with me because it contains so many of my favourite characters There is Corporal Carrot who was adopted as a child by dwarves but is probably the disinherited King of Ankh Morpork He has so much charisma h

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    I ll keep this short If I had to describe what I think about this story in one sentence it would be as if I need reasons to love the Watch There are so many highlighted parts that I gave up after a while.I didn t read the blurb before, and now I see it has a spoiler in it At least, I enjoyed finding out that particular thing in the book itself.I loved it.I rarely listen to au

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    Holy this was blimey I m used to an awesome level of brilliance by Sir Terry but this novel might have outdone everything I ve read about the Discworld so far We re back in Ankh Morpork in this installment, in time for Sam Vimes wedding to Lady Sibyl she who breeds dragons This also means that his retirement is at hand For a career copper, you can imagine what that prospect mea

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    I m probably biased, but I m come to love everything I ve read so far by Terry Pratchett, so perhaps my 5 stars should be taken with the proverbial grain of salt Still, I enjoyed this one immensely The Discworld books sometimes have series within the overall series that follow a group of characters This book is the 2nd in what I call the Guards series, following the Night Watch

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