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From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler When Suburban Claudia Kincaid Decides To Run Away, She Knows She Doesn T Just Want To Run From Somewhere, She Wants To Run To Somewhere To A Place That Is Comfortable, Beautiful, And, Preferably, Elegant She Chooses The Metropolitan Museum Of Art In New York City Knowing Her Younger Brother Jamie Has Money And Thus Can Help Her With A Serious Cash Flow Problem, She Invites Him AlongOnce Settled Into The Museum, Claudia And Jamie Find Themselves Caught Up In The Mystery Of An Angel Statue That The Museum Purchased At Auction For A Bargain Price OfThe Statue Is Possibly An Early Work Of The Renaissance Master, Michelangelo, And Therefore Worth Millions Is It Or Isn T It Claudia Is Determined To Find Out Her Quest Leads Her To Mrs Basil E Frankweiler, The Remarkable Old Woman Who Sold The Statue, And To Some Equally Remarkable Discoveries About Herself We expected to like this book a lot, on the whole we liked it, we found it well written and it kept us guessing what would happen.We enjoyed the start, the planning of running away was fun The idea of running away to a museum really appealed to us, when I was small I so wanted to spend a night in a museum and look around whilst it was dark and quiet, so I was really looking forward to this part We were both full of admiration that these runaways had remembered to take their musical instruments, full kudos for keeping up the practise whilst on the run view spoiler oh it was a trick to stow away their clothes on a music lesson day hide spoiler OK, I ll admit it I freakin hate the Newbery Medal Any time I see it on the cover of a book, I m 98.5% sure it sucks All of the books that have been given this honor seem to have been written with the intent of teaching kids some crappy history lesson There s no magic or mystery to any of themreading these books is akin to eating dry toast when you know damned well you could cover the bread with butter, cinnamon, and sugar I mean, if you really want to martyr yourself, do it creatively, like St Agatha, who got her breasts cut off Otherwise, sit back, relax, and enjoy life, because nobody wants to hear your whining.I digress The point of this rant is that there is a major exception to my I Hate Newbery Rule, and it s this book The idea of two kids hiding out in The Metropolitan Museum of Art is so brilliant, it sends me running running to the stereo to do a wild, naked dance to The Muffs s version of KIDS IN AMERICA I love Claudia s obsession with art and mystery, as well as Jamie s passion for gambling And the siblings interplay just can t be beat Snappy dialogue, brilliant plot, evocative subjectwhat was the Newbery panel thinking when they awarded this book its highest honor From the mixed up files of Mrs Basil E Frankweiler, E.L Konigsburg Elaine Lobl Konigsburg was an American author and illustrator of children s books and young adult fiction Twelve year old Claudia Kincaid decides to run away from her home in suburban Connecticut, because she thinks her parents do not appreciate her and she doesn t like it She takes refuge in the Metropolitan Museum of Art the Met in New York City, with her brother Jamie She chooses Jamie as her companion partly because he has saved all his money With the help of an unused adult train fare card that she found in a wastebasket, Claudia finds a way to get to the museum for free using the commuter train and a very long walk 2009 1387 216 9789643495459 20 . I first read this book when I was 7 going on 8 I read it, and then I read it again Then I read it again, and kept going until, according to my personal mythology, I had read it 11 times And then I stole my school s copy of the book I hadn t picked it up for many years since then, but this book is woven into my neural pathways every which way, and rereading it still makes me love itThe Mixed Up Files drew me in with its details and paraphernalia the instrument cases the transistor radio mac and cheese and baked beans , something I always loved about runaway and or survival stories It introduced me to New York City the New York of the 1960s the Automat and appealed to my love of museums and old things I also loved the tone I knew even then when I was being talked down to, but Konigsburg clearly respects her readers and expects them to be smart The framing and Mrs F s voice made the book feeladult And then it hit me in the gut with its fully developed characters and its non preachy life lessons, subtly divulged I was never the sort of child who wanted to run away, really, but Claudia s simmering ennui and frustration and impotent rage hit me right away I had never really seen these feelings described on paper in this way, but I felt them, all the time Like Claudia, I was privileged, smart and loved, but I wanted somethingAnd I still do And this book is all about how that s kind of a good thing.The biggest life lesson I absorbed from this book, or maybe it s not a lesson so much as just a way of looking at the world, is the importance of maintaining and nurturing the integrity of your self and being an individual but not necessarily in any obvious way , while recognizing other people s individuality and that their way of seeing the world is usually just as valid as yours I m not talking about different beliefs or clashing opinion so much as personalities Claudia and Jamie s relationship illustrates this beautifully This bit of wisdom is one of the most fundamental things I ve ever learned and also one of the hardest to live out.

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