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Mindful Framing Mindful Framing is a succinct, unique, and intriguing book It is designed to help readers transform their modern world anxiety into what the author calls vital energy Drawing from his vast background as a neuroscientist and immunologist, the author, Oscar Segurado, takes a courageous step past the ancient practices of meditation and yoga to create a new mental framework intended to cultivate peace of mind and a vibrant, healthy life Segurado succeeds with this book in that he delivers a practical, informative, and clear technique, equipped with visualizations and fueled by his intimate knowledge of the body mind and nature connection I applaud his willingness and devotion to creating a new paradigm to help so many people suffering from anxiety and other disruptive emotional imbalances owing to our frenetic modern world Does this technique work That remains for me to know However, it is worth exploring Thanks to the author for taking this step and sharing his journey I was gifted a paperback book in return for an honest review. awful Do You Have ANXIETY Or STRESS Learn HOW To TRANSFORM Them Into VITAL ENERGY With JUST MINUTES In The Morning ANXIETY AND STRESS Are Epidemic In Today S Fast Paced World In Response, Many Turn To Meditation And Related Practices With Limited Long Term SuccessOscar Segurado, MD, PhD, Understands Why Meditation Worked Well For Thousands Of Years, But Can T Counter The Effects Of Life In The Twenty First Century Instead, You Need A New Approach To Control Anxiety, Especially Given The Proven Connection Between Stress And Serious Diseases, Including Cancer, Caused By A Dysfunctional Immune System A Mere Fifteen Minutes Of Mindful Framing In The Morning Creates A Solid Mental Framework For The Rest Of The Day You Are The Screenwriter And Director Of A Lifestyle Movie Leading To A Calm Mind, Healthy Relationships And A Vigorous BodyIt S A Modern World We Need A Modern Way To Transform Anxiety Into Vital Energy Segurado Offers The Way Mindful Framing Five Steps Towards A NEW FRAME OF MIND Recognize Your TRIGGERS OF ANXIETY While Riding An Imaginary Bus Leverage Your FIVE SENSES While Experiencing Virtual Sensations Connect With MOTHER NATURE While Traveling Through A Fictional Landscape Harmonize Your EMOTIONS With Those Of Others While Watching A Symbolic Emotional Tree Invigorate Your Immune System While Exploring Your ORGANISM With Your Mind S Eye Scroll Up And Grab A Copy Today

About the Author: Oscar Segurado

I am a physician scientist living in the San Francisco Bay area with decades of experience in neuroscience and immunology and over 100 scientific and news articles in top rated journals as Nature and Lancet, also a veteran of the biopharmaceutical industry I have always been interested on how the interaction of the mind with the nervous and immune systems affects our wellbeing, especially anxiety

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