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The Making of the Fittest: DNA and the Ultimate Forensic Record of Evolution DNA Is The Genetic Material That Defines Us As Individuals Over The Last Two Decades, It Has Emerged As A Powerful Tool For Solving Crimes And Determining Guilt And Innocence But, Very Recently, An Important New Aspect Of DNA Has Been Revealed It Contains A Detailed Record Of Evolution That Is, DNA Is A Living Chronicle Of How The Marvelous Creatures That Inhabit Our Planet Have Adapted To Its Many Environments, From The Freezing Waters Of The Antarctic To The Lush Canopy Of The Rain ForestIn The Pages Of This Highly Readable Narrative, Sean Carroll Guides The General Reader On A Tour Of The Massive DNA Record Of Three Billion Years Of Evolution To See How The Fittest Are Made And What A Eye Opening Tour It Is One Featuring Immortal Genes, Fossil Genes, And Genes That Bear The Scars Of Past Battles With Horrible Diseases This Book Clinches The Case For Evolution, Beyond Any Reasonable Doubt

About the Author: Sean B. Carroll

Sean B Carroll born September 17, 1960 is a professor of molecular biology, genetics, and medical genetics at the University of Wisconsin Madison He studies the evolution of cis regulation in the context of biological development, using Drosophila as a model system He is a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator Since 2010, he has been vice president for science education of the Howard

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    An interesting if somewhat scattered tour through genes focusing on evolutionary proofs Preface Beyond Any Reasonable Doubt was too long there is an introduction Redundant do one or the other Basically he s going to make a case for evolution that proves it beyond a reasonable doubt just using DNA No need to convince me I doubt it will convince anyone who believes in magic, but I like the premise.Introduction The Bloodless F

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    I read this book over the course of an entire semester of college, as it was assigned for my Ecology, Evolution Society Biology class That being said, I am sad to see it come to an end as this semester winds to a close as well I had begun to look forward to the new piece of evidence or explanation for natural selection that Carroll provided with each new chapter He presents a myriad of examples in very simplified way, so as to pro

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    Gobsmacking From convergent evolution to fossil genes we are here taken through a breathtaking journey into the realm of evolution, with DNA s point of view as sole guide and captain.Sean B Carroll s genocentrism is captivating, fascinating, enlightening His writing style is engaging and very accessible The whole is a great work absolutely impossible to put down until the last line of the last page Brillantly, he also argues for a better

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    I studied evolution for the first time at age 26 in a first year biology for science majors course at Utah State University Amazingly at least, it seems amazing to me now, knowing how foundational evolutionary principles are to every aspect of modern biology , evolution was never even mentioned in my high school biology class, nor was it seriously touched upon in any class I took at Brigham Young University, beyond professors referring us to of

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    In a country where the teaching of evolutionary biology is being suppressed in the schools, and where very few people actually UNDERSTAND what evolution is, this book could not have come at a better time It is a very engaging introduction or review of the principle of evolution, meant for laypeople who care enough to be in the know Many might be surprised to know that what we know about evolution is not only based on the fossil record but on the DNA r

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    trichromatic vision sickle blood cells anti evolution, anti vax unnatural selection

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    Although it tends at times to be too dry and formal for a pop sci book, this is a well built explanation of the genetics behind evolution, and has a lot of valuable things to say.The book s best points are definitely the scientific and historical anecdotes at the beginning of each chapter Carroll s voice at these points becomes much lively and engaging When he goes to explain the science behind, say, the bloodless icefish of the South Ocean, he immediately reverts

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    Read this one years ago, and just found it on audio I enjoyed it almost as much now as I remember doing so then Not a ton of ground shifting information for those that have an interest in evolution and history of science, but still an important pop sci book.

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    Carroll starts out by talking about forensic use of DNA evidence in criminal cases, where we rely on DNA evidence to determine guilt or innocence, often in cases where the death penalty or long imprisonment is at stake He explains, in simple terms, how this works and why it matters.And then he explains the contradiction between the wide popular acceptance of DNA evidence by the general public, and the widespread resistance to or rejection of evolution.Organized in three main sec

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    Dr Carroll is a well respected biologist and a contemporary Darwin scholar.He shares his original insights and connects them to the latest research in evolutionary biology.The book will anger some conservative Christians It will also frustrate many chiropractors, and well as the occasional Soviet communist.The tone is a bit arrogant, but the explanations of the DNA record are clear and accessible for anyone with a knowledge of high school biology and genetics.The story moves briskly a

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