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The History of Love An Alternative Cover Edition For This ISBN Can Be Found HereFourteen Year Old Alma Singer Is Trying To Find A Cure For Her Mother S Loneliness Believing She Might Discover It In An Old Book Her Mother Is Lovingly Translating, She Sets Out In Search Of Its Author Across New York An Old Man Called Leo Gursky Is Trying To Survive A Little Bit Longer He Spends His Days Dreaming Of The Lost Love Who, Sixty Years Ago In Poland, Inspired Him To Write A Book And Although He Doesn T Know It Yet, That Book Also Survived Crossing Oceans And Generations, And Changing Lives

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    He was a great writer He fell in love It was his life. The Simplest Questions Are the Hardest to Answer1 What is love 2 Who am I 3 Is there a word for everything 4 What sort of book is this 5 What is a palaeontologist 5 What is a Palaeontologist If he took a complete, illustrated guide to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, shred it into a hundred pieces, ca

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    I need to cut the crap with my preconceptions Although I almost unfailingly launch into a new novel with great enthusiasm like a kid on Christmas morning, anxious to discover what hidden treasure awaits, for some reason I held out little hope for Mrs Foer s book about a book about love Maybe it s because books about books about love aren t usually my thing

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    The great tragedy of life is this then, our friends are not allowed to finish their stories My second reading of this book bore out my feeling the first time I read it The first two hundred pages are a stunningly beautiful and moving account of love and loss and the stories hidden within stories and then, of a sudden, it s as if Krauss handed the novel over

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    Original Comments Pre Review I would like to review this novel formally in the near future, but to do so I ll have to flick through it and refresh my memory.My reaction at the time was that it was one of the best novels I had ever read.Nicole Krauss understands people and love and feelings and she writes about them in a word perfect way.As a reader, I am pr

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    Nicole Krauss is married to Jonathan Safran Foer They both live in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and they both write clever, critically acclaimed novels featuring preciously innocent narrators, magical realism, and some safe postmodern experiments blank pages, pictures, excessive repetition, etc that you d notice just by flipping through I loved Foer s Everything is

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    One of the last books I read in 2017 was Virginia Woolf s A Room of One Own In this series of essays, Woolf maintains that if a woman has a room of her own in which to write, then she is than capable of producing the same if not greater works than men While pondering my 2018 classics bingo and what book to use as a free square, my thoughts turned to Nicole Kr

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    I tend to be an emotional reader and my ratings reflect that I finish books filled with excitement or sadness or intense dislike and write equally passionate reviews rants, often including snazzy gifs to make my point This is why some classics get 1 star and J.K Rowling gets 5 stars and even Twilight gets 2 stars I feel it s almost impossible to objectively jud

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    All I want is not to die on a day when I went unseen Leopold Gursky, Holocaust survivor, is a lonely old man who dreams of his long lost love Alma Mereminski and survives each day with the desire to just be noticed by someone He has one single soul he can call a friend in this world, Bruno, his old faithful Alma Singer is a fourteen year old girl who lost her

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    Leo is the obvious charmer of this novel, an elderly man who escapes the Nazis as a boy and eventually follows the love of his life to America where he discovers she has married someone else Leo holds the torch for Alma throughout his long life He has also written a novel, The History of Love, the manuscript of which he entrusted to a friend and believes forever

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    Once upon a time there was a boy who loved a girl, and her laughter was a question he wanted to spend his whole life answering I found this quote from a listicle please don t judge me of 50 of the most beautiful sentences in literature This one particular sentence left me with a heaping serving of the feels and so without a second thought, I chucked the book I

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