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 El ingenioso hidalgo don Quijote de la Mancha Don Quixote Has Become So Entranced By Reading Chivalric Romances That He Determines To Become A Knighterrant Himself In The Company Of His Faithful Squire, Sancho Panza, His Exploits Blossom In All Sorts Of Wonderful Ways While Quixote's Fancy Often Leads Him Astray—he Tilts At Windmills, Imagining Them To Be Giants—Sancho Acquires Cunning And A Certain Sagacity Sane Madman And Wise Fool, They Roam The World Together, And Together They Have Haunted Readers' Imaginations For Nearly Four Hundred Years

With Its Experimental Form And Literary Playfulness, Don Quixote Has Been Generally Recognized As The First Modern Novel The Book Has Been Enormously Influential On A Host Of Writers, From Fielding And Sterne To Flaubert, Dickens, Melville, And Faulkner, Who Reread It Once A Year, "just As Some People Read The Bible"

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    “Finally, from so little sleeping and so much reading, his brain dried up and he went completely out of his mind.”

    Why did no one tell me this book is hilarious? I can't believe it took me so long to finally pick it up.

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    “Don Quixote”, I answered, and looked into almost shocked facial expressions, followed by quiet, uncomfortable giggling.

    What was the question? If my friends at the coffee table had asked: “What is your favourite book, Lisa?”, and received that answer, they

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    A book of parallels, Don Quixote by Spanish author Reply

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    992. Don Quixote = Don Quijote de La mancha (Don Quijote de la Mancha #1-2), Miguel de Cervantes
    The Ingenious Nobleman Sir Quixote of La Mancha, or just Don Quixote, is a Spanish novel by Miguel de Cervantes. Published in two volumes, in 1605 and 1615, Don Quixote is considered the most influential work of literature from the Spanish Golden Age and the entire Spanish literary canon. As a founding work of modern Western literature and one of the earliest canonical novels, it regularly appears high on lists of the greatest works of fiction ever published.

    عنوانها: دن کیشوت؛ دون کیخوته؛ نویسنده: سر وانتس؛ انتشاراتیها: (روایت، نیل، وستا، روزگار و ...) ادبیات اسپانیا؛ تاریخ نخستین خوانش در یکی از روزهای سال 1972 میلادی

    عنوان: دون کیشوت؛ نویسنده: سروانتس؛ مترجم: محمد قاضی؛ تهران، انتشارات نیل، 1349 ؛ دو جلد جمعا در 1286 صفحه؛ یکی از کتابهای مجموعه ی ده رمان بزرگ جهان
    عنوان: دون کیشوت؛ نویسنده: سروانتس؛ مترجم: ذبیح الله منصوری؛ ...، چاپ دیگر: تهران، کتاب وستا، 1389؛ در 564 ص؛ شابک 9786009104475؛

    عنوان: دون کیخوته (دن کیشوت)؛ نویسنده: سروانتس؛ مترجم: کیومرث پارسای؛ تهران، روزگار، 1390 ؛ دو جلد حدود 1300 ص؛ شابک دوره 9789643741259؛

    این اثر از کهنترین رمانها در زبان‌های نوین اروپایی ست. بسیاری آن را بهترین کتاب نوشته شده، به زبان اسپانیایی، می‌دانند. «سروانتس» بخش نخست «دن کیشوت» را در زندان نوشتند، و نخستین بار در سال 1605 میلادی، در «مادرید» منتشر کردند، و بخش دوم آن، ده سال بعد در سال 1615 میلادی، به چاپ رسید. «دن کیشوت» زندگی فردی را به خوانشگر نشان می‌دهد، که دچار توهم است، و اوقات خود را با خواندن آثار ممنوعه می‌گذراند. در زمان روایت داستان، نوشتن و خواندن آثاری که به شوالیه ها می‌پرداخت، قدغن بود؛ و شخصیت اصلی داستان، خود را جای یکی از همین شوالیه‌ ها میشمارد، و دشمنانی فرضی را، در برابر خویش می‌بیند، که االبته کوه‌ها و درخت‌ها هستند. «دن کیشوت» پهلوانی خیالی، و بی‌دست‌ و پاست که خود را شکست‌ ناپذیر می‌پندارد. او به سفرهایی طولانی می‌رود، و در میانه ی همین سفرهاست، که اعمالی عجیب و غریب، از وی سر می‌زند. وی که هدفی جز نجات مردمان، از ظلم و استبداد حاکمان ظالم، ندارد، نگاهی تخیلی به اطراف خویش دارد، و همه چیز را، در قالب ابزار جنگی می‌بیند. تاکنون هیچ کتابی، به اندازه ی «دن کیشوت»، این‌همه مورد عشق و علاقه ی ملل گوناگون نبوده‌ است. بسیاری از کتاب‌ها هستند، که تنها به یک قوم و ملت اختصاص دارند؛ و از حدود مرز یک کشور فراتر نمی‌روند، بسیاری دیگر نیز هستند، که در میان ملل دیگر هم خوانشگر دارند، اما تنها مورد پسند طبقه ی روشنفکر، یا مردمان عادی، یا طبقات ممتاز جامعه هستند؛ اما «دن کیشوت» تمام حصارهای جغرافیایی، نژادی، اجتماعی، و طبقاتی را، در هم شکسته، و عنوان خود را با دنیا و بشریت، گره زده است ا. شربیانی

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    Can I tell you a story - only it may take a little time because sometimes a thousand trifles have to be recounted, as irrelevant as they are necessary, for the true understanding of a tale.

    Chapter I : Regarding what befell the narrator on visiting a theatre

    The comic operetta Don Quixote wa

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    This book wore my @ss out! It's funny and good and I love tomes but I don't think I was totally ready this time. Whew ......

    The narrator was great on audio but I

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    done quixote!!!
    pun quixote!!
    fun quixote??
    none quixote...

    and that's not entirely true; there are some rollicking good times in here, but the first part is so much endlessly episodic violence, and while the second half becomes calmer and more focused, it never got my imagination engaged nor my blood flowing.

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    Whatever else Don Quixote may be, I never found it boring. Parts of it were very funny, others had wonderful similarities with Shakespeare, some bits were more serious: it's like a mini library in a single volume. Wonderful.

    Overall, it has quite a Shakespearean feel - more in the plotting and tales within tales (eg The Man

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    The Double-Edged Sword

    It is a double-edged sword isn't it, reading great books too early in life?

    If we read a book too early in life, we may not grasp it fully but the book becomes part of us and forms a part of our thinking itself, maybe even of our writing. But on the other hand, the reading is never complete and

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    My god this was a long book and when I told my boyfriend I was reading this he tried to tell me I should read Das Kapital with him as well which is almost twice this long like no thank you. It was an okay book, I definitely enjoyed it more than I've enjoyed other classics I've picked up. It kind of reminded me of reading Candide because it had that same s

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