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"Lakewood: Reggie and Anita's Camelot" For Reggie, Lakewood had been his childhood playground a place for him to explore, learn about nature, and make memories with his beloved Granny Good Reggie s grandfather had built a lake on his land there between 1942 and 1943 Post war gasoline was not available and so the lake was built with pans pulled by mules and driven by men Isn t that amazing, a seven acre lake and a dam built solely by man and animal, surrounded by woods and fields, truly heaven Back then Daniel and Annabel Hinson, Reggie s grandparents recognised what a special place Lakewood was and spent many Sunday afternoons in their trusty pickup atop the highest mountain at Lakewood lovingly gazing down the mountain to the lake.When Reggie inherited Lakewood from them, he and his wife Anita decided to build a house on the land Over the years they have been fortunate enough to live in this very special place, observing nature and the seasons Through their busy careers they have always had Lakewood to return to and have enjoyed the peace and solitude there This beautiful place, their piece of heaven has a bounty of wildlife, fish in the lake, and has furnished them with wondrous memories, and now they are sharing them with us the readers of this lovely book.Each page is like a slice of paradise, with beautiful poems about the animals and nature which surrounds Lakewood Interspersed with these are snippets of Reggie s memories, precious words which transport us from our modern busy lives into a bygone era, a time when people had time to stand and stare, and children were given time to grow without a keyboard, mobile phone or educational stages to accomplish I found this wonderful as I too was lucky, I had a childhood like this abet on another continent, and this lovely book brought back memories of special times with my grandparents.This little book gives its reader something very unique, a place to retreat, far from the madding crowd The memories, old photographs and anecdotes Reggie shares, and the visions of the natural world which share Lakewood with him make it very special, a book not just to sit on the book shelf but to be carried around until its pages curl and it becomes part of your life I loved it Amazing Ebook, Lakewood Reggie And Anita S Camelot By Reggie Hill This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Lakewood Reggie And Anita S Camelot, Essay By Reggie Hill Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Lakewood by Reggie Hill is a touching memoir about a lakeside home which has become a paradise and sanctuary for two loving souls Hill tells the story of him and his wife through a series of loosely connected short stories and poems From hunting down a troublesome beaver to converting a childhood hideaway into a breathtaking guest house, this collection covers a variety of experiences, tranquil and hilarious alike.If you like action packed stories or plot driven narratives, you probably won t enjoy this collection The stories here are not connected by an overarching plot but, rather, by setting, people, and emotions The book is driven by natural beauty, bliss, and togetherness which transcend time, starting with the creation of Lakewood by Reggie s grandfather during World War II and rippling through the years to Reggie and Anita in the modern day.My favorite parts of this book are the poem Sunshine Sugarbunny Hill and the story My Adventures with Granny Good Sunshine Sugarbunny Hill is about nothing other than the daily life of Lakewood s resident rabbit, but it is still beautifully composed and contains a verse which I think captures Lakewood perfectly He is a thing of beauty but a constant challengeBehind his golden eyes is a view,Of an ancient and dangerous worldHis fur is like cuddly golden down,But a timeless beast rests deep in his tiny heartThese lines, to me, also sum up the nature of Granny Good A plump, spunky, adventurous elderly woman, Granny Good is the grandmother that every child wants She is even open and spirited enough to help Reggie launch his homemade missiles and relish every minute of it Like the rabbit of Sugarbunny Hill and Lakewood itself, Granny Good is a remnant of a different time but also keeps up or kept up, as the case is here with the ever changing world without missing a beat She may look like sweet old grandmother, but a timeless beast rests deep in her heart.Reggie Hill has painted the picture of a family lakeside estate plucked straight out of the good ol days Those with fond memories of small rural areas, especially lakes, will feel as though they ve taken a trip in the way back machine when they read these stories Others will at least get a good laugh and some heart warming moments from these stories and poems, the same you get when you ve returned to the homestead after years and years off on your own If you re looking for a light and light hearted read with some nostalgia mixed in, I suggest you grab a copy of Lakewood Reggie and Anita s Camelot If nothing else, it s a great way to lift your mood before having to trudge through the hustle and bustle of modern city living. Lakewood a retreat from hectic lifeI ve visited rural North Carolina, where my husband and I have friends, so reading Reggie Hill s Lakewood Reggie and Anita s Camelot was a joy Hill s book tells of the couple s rural acreage in the North Carolina Piedmont, its fields, forest, and lake.This winning combination of poetry and prose tells of the great outdoors, the pleasures and memories the Lakewood site brings, and memories of loved ones such as Granny Good, the author s maternal grandmother.In My Adventures With Granny Good, Hill writes, The most undying memory in this boy s life was his adventures with his grandmother She was full of energy and ready, willing, and able to pursue adventures with a little boy who worshipped her Granny Good took over model rocketry supervision for author Hill after a mishap sent him to the doctor He remembers her fondly as dressed in pink, her favorite color Lakewood Reggie and Anita s Camelot is a good pick for adult readers who like short stories focused on nature and the outdoors People of faith will appreciate its spiritual emphasis.In the poem, Lakewood A Blessed Place, Hill concludes, God s face can be imagined in the sky Smiling approvingly as the baptisms occurred He must be pleased that Lakewood has a role in salvation This stirred fond memories of my visits to North Carolina to see friends, and even riding the tractor on their acreage west of Charlotte The Hills, married 49 years, have spent many idyllic moments at their Lakewood, and this quick read will remind many readers of time at a cottage or rural retreat We all need time away from hustle and bustle to spend in solitude, and Hill s book is an excellent reminder of that Five stars. In short there s simply not a congenial spotFor happily ever aftering than here in Camelot There is a magical, mystical place in the North Carolina piedmont and cranberry, that you can visit in the pages of Reggie Hill s quaint and masterful book Lakewood Reggie and Anita s Camelot I spent a good part of a recent afternoon reading about this heavenly setting, so tranquil and calm I was quickly swept up and away to another place and time a reprieve from the tensions and stress of life s increasingly hectic days Lakewood is a prayer like ode and a celebration of this idyllic setting so full of rapturous delight It features poems and stories of how Lakewood came to be, as well as some of the author s favorite memories The words and illustrations tell a story of Lakewood s natural beauty from the diamond shaped reflections of the water to the golden recollections of Reggie s beloved grandparents who shaped Lakewood out of the natural beauty of the land The trees and abundant fields, along with a man made lake, that was literally scooped up by human hands because of World War II gasoline rationing, make this book a constant pleasure Lakewood served as a special retreat for Reggie and Anita and their family and friends not to mention all manner of co existing wildlife for nearly four decades.Reggie and Anita met in first grade, were married forty nine years ago and have both had truly amazing lives and careers But Lakewood is a celebration of delicate deer, giant turtles, three dogs, a cat named Sunshine and two soul mates who were always aware of God s blessings Reading Reggie s wonderful stories about fishing, or a poem dedicated to the divine deer they would often see, and tales from long ago and far away, I found myself transported through time and space and you will too.If you need a break from the hectic demands of everyday life, a visit through the pages of Lakewood will surely do the trick. Lakewood Reggie and Anita s CamelotListened to this as an audiobook and wonder if each chapter also shows the animal being discussed.What I like about this book is there is so much nature that is treasured Daily events and sightings bring joy to those who are able to see it unfold in front of them.Like hearing of the animals and some are not common in our area although we do have others who are also troublesome at times.Time when kids played outside, no digital distractions a time when we my siblings and I grew up.Very detailed descriptions as they watch life in front of their eyes Lakewood sounds like such an awesome place to live, grow up.Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion. I received a complimentary copy.The book seems simple and was super fast It did provide very short minutes of time per page I think that if you do not have a lot of time to read, but want a few good stories, this is going to be a good find I also enjoy the addition of photos to bring the story out and brought the thoughts to life. Enter Lakewood A Miraculous Retreat in ReadingWhen you open this book it s like entering a different world The photos, essays and poetry transport the reader to Lakewood, an amazing place that the author calls Camelot and A Gift from God I was enthralled by this book Lakewood is the home retreat of the author and his wife Anita Their own story is a beautiful one They met in the first grade, graduated together, and married two years into college They are celebrating 49 years of marriage The book is a tribute to the sanctuary that they have shared with family, friends, and wildlife over the years Now they are letting us in too Anita and I built our house on Lakewood thirty seven years ago and grew memories here as abundant as the fish in the lake, leaves on the trees, and blades of grass in the fields As a Christian, I especially loved the references to God and faith Pastors from many local country churches baptized believers in the lake How can such a lake not be blessed Souls have risen here as their bodies were immersed I also loved all the stories about animals the otters, beavers, geese, deer, and even the Hill s own cat and dogs All of them are accentuated with photos.Pick up a copy of this book and enter the Hill s Camelot Let some of the magic and peace fill you as you turn the pages slowly, almost reverently, to make the magic last Beautifully laid out, this book is a relaxing respite from our busy lives Keep it to reread over and over, or gift it to a friend Highly recommended. Reggie Hill has shown his versatility in being able to author two quite different books, a memoir, Lakewood, Reggie and Anita s Camelot, which he penned himself, and the second with his wife Anita, Sunshine s Excellent Adventures, a children s book.Using free verse poetry coupled with several vivid warm family images, Reggie recounts how thirty seven years ago he and his wife Anita built a special house with fond memories in the North Carolina Piedmont, which they call home.This forty acre magical abode was passed onto Reggie from his maternal grandparents and as he mentions, it is not just trees, a beautiful lake, and a rolling pasture, but rather a place of solace which he effectively recreates in the memoir Reggie mentions in the opening few lines that he hopes his poems and stories of Lakewood offer readers a window to his Lakewood and a measure of serenity in this busy world, that we all share.What begins as a picturesque poem, Lakewood A Blessed Place, swiftly moves into rich, varied reflections weaving narrative threads that draw on a wide range of descriptive topics as boiling turtles, Lakewood deer, how Reggie s grandparents between 1942 and 1943 built a seven acre lake and dam with only human and animal muscle as gasoline was not available for civilian projects due to fuel rationing during WWII, Lakewood s destructive beavers, a paradise for fishermen, and a host of others It should be mentioned that most of these stories are narrated in the third person.At its best the book is not just about nostalgic tales but rather its meditative elements that permit readers to take a moment off from their busy life to experience the wonderful tranquility that it exudes From my own reading experience of the book, I can describe it as an exercise in mindfulness as I appreciate with Reggie the act of being present and aware as to where I am and doing, and not becoming overwhelmed with much of the noise around myself Succinctly, it is, as indicated on the first page, A Gift From God No matter how far we drift away, mindfulness is right there to snap us back to where we are and what we re doing and feeling.This is particularly in evidence when I read the poem, Lakewood Sunrises and Sunsets As the morning sun peaks over the eastern horizonThe dawning of a new day takes placeCreatures of all kinds awaken and begin to scurryThe birds face the sun and shake off the night chillWorkers rise from their beds with sleepy eyesAll creatures man and animal accept the new dayAnd begin their tasks assigned to themselvesThe nighttime fast is broken as breakfast is eatenAll creatures forage some in fields and others in fridgesThe rest of the day is active and purposefulAs the sun begins to fall from grace in the evening skyThe pace slows for allIt is time for sleep and healing restTomorrow will follow and opportunities abound In the end, Lakewood, Reggie and Anita s Camelot offers its readers many pleasures picturesque moments, comforting words, humor, and evocative snapshots that passionately recreate the milieu of Lakewood, all of which lead to an entertaining experience.Follow Here to read Norm s Interview With Reggie Hill

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