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Diamonds are Forever Listen, Bond, Said Tiffany Case It D Take Than Crabmeat Ravigotte To Get Me Into Bed With A Man In Any Event, Since It S Your Check, I M Going To Have Caviar, And What The English Call Cutlets, And Some Pink Champagne I Don T Often Date A Good Looking Englishman And The Dinner S Going To Live Up To The Occasion Meet Tiffany Case, A Cold, Gorgeous, Devil May Care Blonde The Kind Of Girl You Could Get Into A Lot Of Trouble With If You Wanted She Stands Between James Bond And The Leaders Of A Diamond Smuggling Ring That Stretches From Africa Via London To The States Bond Uses Her To Infiltrate This Gang, But Once In America The Hunter Becomes The Hunted Bond Is In Real Danger Until Help Comes From An Unlikely Quarter, The Ice Maiden Herself

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    A 81% Very Good Notes James Bond fights evil American capitalists, escapes by road, air, rail and sea, and has his profanities bleeped in text.

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    If I were a woman, I might conduct a s ance, and then throttle the spirit of Ian Fleming He s not a bad guy, mind you, but just once, I d like to see a female character give James Bond a run for his money So far I m still waiting for a return on my initial investment And I know this is one investment that probably won t pan out, but I can still hold onto a faint glimmer of false hope.Vesper Lynd di

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    Bond slips into the diamond smuggling market and the American mafia Not a bad installment in the Bond series I don t recall ever seeing the movie version, so I can t say if they parallel much or at all, but I can say that Diamonds Are Forever makes for a fine little read.It s not exactly the most exciting spy thriller ever In fact, there were a number of spots through out the book that had me ho hummin

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    James Bond meets the Godfather.Ian Fleming s fourth Bond novel, first published in 1956, explores American crime, especially in the west and around Las Vegas I thought of Lee Strasberg s soliloquy in Francis Ford Coppola s 1974 The Godfather II when he described Moe Green and the formation of Vegas Similar to his excellent sports writing in Goldfinger, Fleming here shows a talent in describing horse racing

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    James Bond vs the American Mafia James Bond s beloved M gives him the assignment to destroy a diamond pipeline In going after the diamond smugglers, Bond travels to America and is paired up with a woman working for the diamond smugglers one Tiffany Case He travels to New York City, Saratoga Springs, and then to Las Vegas.The book, as so many Bond books do, focuses heavily on gambling We have copious amounts of

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    Rating 3.5 of fiveAgain a reminder that these reviews are for the movies by these titles, NOT Fleming s books I wasn t at all drawn to the book I read, and I ve since sampled a few others, and to me they re repellently dated.So this 1971 outing is based on the 1956 novel, and marks the last canonical film Connery made Never Say Never Again wasn t a Broccoli produced film, and made use of a story not ever precisely

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    Death is forever But so are diamonds Fleming who got the idea for the title from a diamond ad Okay, now, in Fleming s fourth book, we see the Bond we know from the films begin to emerge and The debonair, dashing Sean Connery guy, though in the book he is remains a little complex, though no the brooding existentialist he was on occasion in the first three books In Diamonds we are back in the U S., where the sophist

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    The most important thing to know about these James Bond novels is they are almost nothing like the movies Bond is emo, error prone, narcissistic, and almost always grandiose in his thinking about his skills when he is not worried about them very very surprisingly bipolar than what the movies have primed us readers to expect The action events in the books, which are indeed mostly copied or technologically enhanced in the m

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    So because George Lazenby couldn t make it as James Bond in the previous movie, Sean Connery was back for Diamonds Are Forever, which the trailer behind the link points out a whole lot Hey guys, we made a mistake with that other guy, but look Connery COME BACK Also making a come back with this movie was Shirley Bassey singing the theme song, as she did for Goldfinger The theme songs are nearly as important to me as the films them

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Librarian Note There is than one author in the Goodreads database with this name Ian Lancaster Fleming was a British author, journalist and Second World War Navy Commander He was a grandson of the Scottish financier Robert Fleming, who founded the Scottish American Investment Trust and the merchant bank Robert Fleming Co.Fleming is best remembered for creating the character of James