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Rules Of Prey This is the book that introduced Minneapolis homicide detective Lucas Davenport, a cunning, tough, and intelligent cop who is willing to bend the rules, if necessary, to get a dangerous killer off the streets Davenport is independently wealthy, thanks to the fact that he writes video games in his off duty hours He drives a Porsche, wears Italian suits and reads Emily Dickinson A former college hockey player, he s a man s man who is also very attractive to women But he does have his standards When one of his lovers suggests that Lucas is willing to bed virtually any attractive female who comes along, he corrects her by pointing out that he never sleeps with dumb women That said, his best female friend is a nun.By the time he first appears, Davenport has already established his reputation as a gifted detective, and when a serial killer known as the Mad Dog, begins killing women in the Twin Cities, the Chief of Police assigns Lucas to the case Initially, at least, the Mad Dog is a very worthy adversary He s careful, intelligent, and he follows a set of basic rules, one of which he leaves on the body of each of his victims For example, Never kill anyone you know Never have a motive Don t follow a discernable pattern, etc The battle of wits is an engaging one and the reader is caught up in the game immediately.Lucas Davenport has gone on to become one of the most popular characters in modern crime fiction, and this is an excellent introduction both to the character and to the series The book is cleverly plotted the action moves swiftly, and Davenport is an extremely appealing protagonist The supporting cast is well drawn and will grow increasingly important as the series progresses Although often darkly violent, all of the books, beginning with this one, also have a very dark sense of humor as well Sandford knows exactly how to straddle the line here, a talent that very few other authors illustrate better than he.It s hard to imagine that there s any fan of crime fiction who has not made Davenport s acquaintance by now, but if you ve just returned from a twenty eight year sojourn on Neptune or some such place where these books haven t yet been published, by all means, race out to your local bookstore and buy them all As is the case with a lot of series, it s important that you read this one in order, simply to enjoy the development of these characters as they move through the years. Having just finished reading Gathering Prey, the 25 book in John Sandford s brilliant Prey Series, I decided to go back memory lane and read the 1st book, Rules of Prey, where we were first introduced to Minneapolis nonconformist police officer, wealthy video games creator, great dresser and ladies man, Lucas Davenport, He was slender and dark complexioned, with straight black hair going gray at the temples and a long nose over a crooked smile One of his central upper incisors had been chipped and he never had it capped He might have been an Indian except for his blue eyes His eyes were warm and forgiving Though his eyes were warm, his smile betrayed him.If the chill of his smile sometimes overwhelmed the warmth of his eyes, it didn t happen so frequently as to become a social handicap Rules of Prey is fast paced, gritty, dark and electrifying thriller of a cat and mouse game between not your average cop and a deranged and organized serial killer So he was mad.But not quite the way the police thought.The maddog waited in the dark.The maddog was intelligent He was a member of the bar He derived rules.Never kill anyone you know.Never have a motive.Never follow a discernible pattern.Never carry a weapon after it has been used.Isolate yourself from random discovery.Beware of leaving physical evidence Lieutenant Lucas Davenport will have to use than the laid down rules and use some unorthodox methods of his own if he s ever going to stop the psychotic killer down The character development is extremely well done The story is told in third person, enabling you to get into the minds of both cop and killer Fantastic dialogue and description of the settings in the story.From the very first page, you are pulled into the chase until the very end I liked reading this book again and just as I remembered.still as good as ever.One of my favorite scenes in the book was Lucas Davenport working on a new war video game one night in his study When Clapton started on Lay Down, Sally he got up and did a neatly coordinated solo dance around the chair Then he sat down, worked for fifteen seconds, and was back up with Willie and the Hand Jive He danced in the dark room by himself, watching the song time counting down on the digital CD clock When Hand Jive ended, he sat down again Read only if 1 You re John Sandford s A Number One Fan2 You are a completionist and must read every book in the Lucas Davenport series3 You re secretly in love with wish you were Sonny Crockett, a spiffy dressed Extra Special Maverick Detective who loves clothes and women in equal proportions, with fast cars a close third4 You never tire of the serial killer character and their games with the police5 You have no problem with detectives sexing the recent victim of an attempted rape homicide6 You are stuck in Newark Airport and this is the only book available This features a smart and tough cop who drives a Porsche on the job as he hunts a sadistic serial killer in the late 80s Yeah, yeah I know this book should totally suck, but the amazing thing is that it doesn t Neither does the long running series that followed.Lieutenant Lucas Davenport is officially the head of the intelligence division of the Minneapolis police force, but his real job title should be Head Rat Catcher When big cases that get media attention happen Davenport gets called in because he is a good cop who has built up a huge network of street informants, and he s also got a knack for playing the angles that keep too much crap from blowing back on his bosses When a psycho nicknamed the maddog starts a killing spree and leaves behind notes outlining his rules of murder Davenport finds himself drawn into a dangerous and very personal contest of wills.John Sandford real name John Camp was a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist who covered crime in Minnneapolis, and his books have a casual way of making the procedural and political side of police work seem authentic in the context of thriller plots Sandford s easy to read style often masks how good he really is it at coming with intelligent and action filled books that put most of the others of this type to shame.Even after 20 books Davenport remains one of my favorite cop characters The schtick of him being rich and playing by his own rules should make him a bad clich , but Sandford gave him enough personality to get you to overlook that For starters, he s kind of bastard in a lot of ways especially in these early days As a guy who made his money as a designer of role playing games Davenport is a master manipulator who won t hesitate to use any ploy to get his man even if he burns some people in the process And he won t lose any sleep about committing a crime if he thinks it s necessary Lucas is definitely a guy who believes that the ends justify the means That s part of what s kept him interesting for over 20 years.Next Lucas vs Native Americans in Shadow Prey MadDog Prey number 1 and like the others, well done 8 of 10 starsRelistened a second time and 30 years after publication, still excellent 9 of 10 stars I am giving five stars to the book and six stars to my quick run through of every one else s reviews which was hilarious Poor Lucas rates from 5 stars for being brilliant and intelligent to 1 star for being a complete scumbag Only the best books get such diversity of opinion I liked Lucas myself although only on paper In real life yes he would be obnoxious but as the principal character in my detective novel he was great At least the women in his life knew how to treat him The story was really good 450 pages and not one iota of boredom The police work was interesting, the murders were gory but bearable and there was plenty of humour even if some of it was politically incorrect.So Lucas Davenport is not the nicest MC ever to grace the page of a crime book but he was certainly interesting and fun and I am definitely up for book 2. Intelligent nemesis and talented investigator the author claims this many times throughout the book but there is no evidence of intelligence in the story or indeed in the author.Half of the story is devoted to detailing the serial killers life and killings leaving NO MYSTERY WHATSOEVER, when the reader is aware of the killers identity it only serves to make his adversary look slow Really, taking pains to avoid leaving physical evidence does not make the serial killer overflowing with intelligence it is rudimentary logic and pointing it out in such an obvious way and actually calling the character intelligent does not make him so.It wasn t until a third of the way through the book this talented investigator actually started investigating Instead we are treated to the minutiae of inspector Davenport s life Being a rich so called ladies man sleeping with witnesses and reporters who leek information about the case hardly deserves the title ladies man does not make the character an interesting protagonist, and in fact he is as dull and predictable.This is a truly awful piece of rot. Nothing about Lucas Davenport was admirable or likeable or realistic He s a womanizing attention whore with an inflated opinion of himself who doesn t seem to do much detective work what with all the trips up to his cabin during a case and working on the computer games he creates what We do get lots of exciting phone calls where he uses his awesome skills to manipulate the press So there s that.The fun begins as we learn that our star has the made just for him title of Office of Special Intelligence and is a lone wolf operating without a partner and apparently assigned to whatever department needs him Um, ok view spoiler He s put on a serial killer case AFTER he himself is cleared from possibly being that serial killer I like him already From there it s a series of things real cops would never do the boss wants him to break into a suspect s house have a look p.150 , he savagely beats a man p.264 but I guess this is supposed to be ok because that man was much larger and had been a boxer, he calls a woman the c word p.265 , he believes finding something incriminating during another illegal search of a suspect s home would allow them to get a warrant p.410 , which makes me wonder if they even had the authority to put the tracker on his car p 406 , he PLANTS EVIDENCE in the house p.411 , puts an illegal homemade silencer on his gun p 427 , and kills the suspect rather than arrest him p 473 hide spoiler The Maddog Murderer Who Is Terrorizing The Twin Cities Is Two Things Insane And Extremely Intelligent He Kills For The Pleasure Of It And Thoroughly Enjoys Placing Elaborate Obstacles To Keep Police Befuddled Each Clever Move He Makes Is Another Point Of Pride But When The Brilliant Lieutenant Lucas Davenport A Dedicated Cop And A Serial Killer S Worst Nightmare Is Brought In To Take Up The Investigation, The Maddog Suddenly Has An Adversary Worthy Of His Genius Though his eyes were warm, his smile betrayed him Lucas Davenport is smart, good looking, rich, and so obviously effective a cop that he transcends departments and has his own Office of Special Intelligence, an acknowledgment both of his well tended network of informants and his well documented tendency to go off and do his own thing He s destined to be assigned to every high profile case the Twin Cities have to offer Oh, and he drives a Porsche.A character this cool shouldn t work as anything other than the most basic wish fulfillment, a checklist of desirable traits But amazingly, he does work Sandford excels at fully developing his hero until Lucas seems organically the kind of person who would be like this and until he runs into his own limitations and some consequences Sometimes I think one of the most valuable traits in an author is the willingness to risk the reader disliking the protagonist that keeps the story moving smoothly and under its own logic rather than the logic of whatever the author thinks will appeal Sandford tells a good, compelling story, and he lets the reader form their own opinions about Lucas Most likely they ll be favorable, but there s room for them to not be After all, over the course of the novel, Lucas threatens, bullies, plants evidence, loses his temper, engages in some shady sexual ethics, and effectively sets a woman up to be attacked by a serial killer He has a motivation for all of this, but Sandford doesn t bend over backwards to make sure you agree with him, he just lets Lucas work The end result is that Lucas is a character rather than an argument about what is best and most heroic, and dammit, I like him.Also, he earned that Porsche by designing fantasy roleplaying games and his unsalable magnum opus that he designed just for fun is a Civil War reenactment RPG that he plays with his nun best friend That s kind of adorably geeky.Lucas is called into action in Rules of Prey because of the maddog killer, a serial rapist and murderer who is on the verge of setting off a city wide panic Lucas knows how to work a media circus and also how to get sometimes shady things done behind the scenes, so he s assigned as kind of a rogue investigator operating outside Robbery Homicide even though he s in cooperation with them.We also see the maddog s perspective Sandford makes his headspace suitably slimy In his own way, the maddog is an interesting character pathetic enough to be realistic, smart enough to be dangerous, and both human and alien in his motivations If Lucas has a good shot at understanding him, the maddog understands him back view spoiler In the best example of this, the killer is smart enough after a near miss to completely clean his house of anything even tangentially connected with his crimes, all the way down to the potatoes in his kitchen he d used one in a sock as a cosh When Lucas breaks in, he s smart enough to notice that the total absence of any connecting evidence is in and of itself kind of suspicious the complete innocent the police briefly suspect, on the other hand, had lubricated condoms that might have matched the maddog s and deduce that a clean up has been done He plants photos of the victims deep under the mattress to seal the deal at a later date But then the maddog, knowing about Lucas s penchant for gaming, deduces that he wouldn t be above cheating, and then he finds and destroys the photos hide spoiler

About the Author: John Sandford

John CampJohn Sandford was born John Roswell Camp on February 23, 1944, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa He attended the public schools in Cedar Rapids, graduating from Washington High School in 1962 He then spent four years at the University of Iowa, graduating with a bachelor s degree in American Studies in 1966 In 1966, he married Susan Lee Jones of Cedar Rapids, a fellow student at the University of Iowa He was in the U.S Army from 1966 68, worked as a reporter for the Cape Girardeau Southeast Missourian from 1968 1970, and went back to the University of Iowa from 1970 1971, where he received a master s degree in journalism He was a reporter for The Miami Herald from 1971 78, and then a reporter for the St Paul Pioneer Press from 1978 1990 in 1980, he was a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize, and he won the Pulitzer in 1986 for a series of stories about a midwestern farm crisis From 1990 to the present he has written thriller novels He s also the author of two non fiction books, one on plastic surgery and one on art He is the principal financial backer of a major archeological project in the Jordan Valley of Israel, with a website at

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