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The Winter of the Witch Following Their Adventures In The Bear And The Nightingale And The Girl In The Tower, Vasya And Morozko Return In This Stunning Conclusion To The Bestselling Winternight Trilogy, Battling Enemies Mortal And Magical To Save Both Russias, The Seen And The UnseenNow Moscow Has Been Struck By Disaster Its People Are Searching For Answers And For Someone To Blame Vasya Finds Herself Alone, Beset On All Sides The Grand Prince Is In A Rage, Choosing Allies That Will Lead Him On A Path To War And Ruin A Wicked Demon Returns, Stronger Than Ever And Determined To Spread Chaos Caught At The Center Of The Conflict Is Vasya, Who Finds The Fate Of Two Worlds Resting On Her Shoulders Her Destiny Uncertain, Vasya Will Uncover Surprising Truths About Herself And Her History As She Desperately Tries To Save Russia, Morozko, And The Magical World She Treasures But She May Not Be Able To Save Them AllAdvance Praise For The Winter Of The WitchKatherine Arden S Winternight Trilogy Isn T Just Good It S Hug To Your Chest, Straight To The Favorites Shelf, Reread Immediately Good, And Each Book Just Gets Better The Winter Of The Witch Plunges Us Back To Fourteenth Century Moscow, Where Old Gods And New Vie For The Soul Of Russia And Fate Rests On A Witch Girl S Slender Shoulders Prepare To Have Your Heart Ripped Out, Loaned Back To You Full Of Snow And Magic, And Ripped Out Some Laini Taylor You know that feeling when you find a book that speaks to some deep part of your soul and you just want to shout THIS is why I read This folkloric trilogy has become that for me, reminding me of all the reasons why I love literature It s not a secret that I loved the first two books in this deep winter tale with the burning fire of a thousand suns So you can imagine how much I needed this book in my hands, and also how stressful a thing it is to embark into the last instalment of a beloved series The final book can make or break your opinion of the story as a whole Am I jaded Okay, maybe a little I ve been let down countless times by second and third book syndrome But I am thrilled to say that not only was it a most satisfying conclusion, but it exceeded my every hope It was utter perfection from the first page until the last and I may go so far as to say it could be the strongest book of the three.Just as with The Girl in the Tower, we pick up where the previous story ended and right out of the gate we are put through some very harrowing scenes Goodness, they put me through a lot of anxiety The stakes are so much higher this time around and from those first moments onward I could not look away the story barrels onward at a relentless pace And now we finally see the full scope that Arden intended The culmination of everything she was building towards in the perfectly paced slow burn of The Bear and the Nightingale, and the riotous action of The Girl in the Tower It feels seamless how it has all come together and I m just so giddy with delight.Our girl, Vasya, is no longer a just a plucky, naive child From the ashes of the Moscow fire she has risen into a woman with incredible new strength inways than one But of course she remains wonderfully flawed her character has evendimension than ever Arden has shown how much she really knows her characters because they have truly carried this story and made it heart wrenching in all the best ways She can make you feel for even the most minor supporting characters with just a few lines I think Studio Ghibli fans will appreciate the whimsical details in this one Think magical midnight roads, loveable forest spirits hello new favourite sidekick character , man beasts but written for grownups And yet this tale will bring out the childlike wonder in even the most grown up of grownups It s delightfully subversive too it upends the age old tropes of princes winning maidens, of monsters being slain So many mischievous plot twists I did NOT expect.I was also not prepared at all for these f e e l i n g s I am still filled to the brim with them This book broke me, then slowly pieced me back together until I whooped with triumphant glee at the very end And there is a certain PART that made me all asdkjfkslsjfks You ll know it when you get there Just you wait.As much as I m dying to discuss the finer details, I really can t spoil the fun I know I KNOW we re all waiting to hear if a certain Winter King makes a reappearance All I can say is the scent of cold water and pine will forever make me swoon I gave this book a big, loving, emotionally exhausted hug when it was over The ending was perfect and that is a rare thing so it probably shouldn t be tampered with BUT I love these characters so damn much, my heart is crying forof their adventures.And that s it I can now wholeheartedly say this, this is my favourite series of all time If I could persuade you to read one thing, let this be it You may just love it as much as I do. ARC given to me by my amazingly kind friend, who I don t deserve, but who has made my entire year Lilly at Lair of Books 1 The Bear and the Nightingale 2 The Girl in the TowerI have plucked snowdrops at Midwinter, died at my own choosing, and wept for a nightingale Now I am beyond prophecyThis is a hard review for me to write, because I think my heart doesn t want to admit that this series is finally over But it is, and this concluding book was everything I wanted I cried, I felt gutted, I got my heart broken, but somehow Katherine Arden healed the pieces back together Where do I even begin to tell you what this story is about without spoiling anything with a review about the final book This is a book about the bonds of family, blood and found, and doing whatever it takes to protect the ones you love This is a book about religion and the beautiful and terrible things people are willing to do in the name of it This is a book about all the different pieces that make a person, and how it is okay to love them all even if others won t But this is ultimately a book about a girl becoming the hero of her own story every single time, no matter who or what tries to block her pathThere are no monsters in the world, and no saints Only infinite shades woven into the same tapestry, light and darkBut I suppose The Bear and the Nightingale is a Russian inspired fantasy that stars a family living on the edge of the unforgiving Russian wilderness And our main character grew up on fairy tales, but always hungered forAnd she soon realizes that maybe there was some truth in those tales, and she encounters a frost demon named Morozko who makes magic a reality before her very eyes This story picks up right after the events of The Girl in the Tower in Moscow, and Konstantin Nikonvich s vengeance knows no bounds And a bear demon named Medved is happy to aid with the chaos in any way they possibly can We also get to see Marya, Olga, Sasha, and Dmitrii on very different journeys through this pain and heartbreak But we also get to see Vasya learn new things about herself and her ancestors, while even venturing into a new land unlike any other And I truly think this concluding novel was damn close to perfectionYou denied both the winter king and his brother, didn t you You made yourself a third power in their warFollowing Vasya, seeing her go to battle for Russia, go to battle for her family, go to battle for herself, has been a journey like none other that I ve ever experienced while reading Katherine Arden pulls from a lot of historical events and themes, but I m convinced that this equal parts harrowing and heartening fairytale that she crafted is the real timeline that happened I ll be completely honest, this is a hard review to write, and not because it s the last book in a series, but because I am in awe of what a damn masterpiece this entire story is It doesn t even feel real that I have this story in my hands, that I get to read it, I get to love it, I get to experience this beautiful tale that feels so whimsical but so real The actual blessingsMagic is forgetting the world was ever other than as you willed itOverall, this is just one of my favorite trilogies of all time, and I think it always will be This story just truly has every element that I m in love with in literature lyrical writing, winter setting, fae folks of all varieties, strong sibling bonds, heart wrenching romance, and girls becoming the hero of their story Katherine Arden and this trilogy is a gift from a higher power and I can t wait to see what she does next Blog Instagram Twitter Tumblr Youtube Twitch The quotes above were taken from an ARC and are subject to change upon publication.Content and trigger warnings for talk of death during childbirth, graphic animal death, graphic torture, graphic violence, sexual assault unwanted touching , threat of rape, death, murder, blood depictions, slavery, captivity, and war themes.Buddy read with Sissi, Lily, Hanaa, Lilly She bent forward to breathe into his ear Never give me orders Command me, then, he whispered back The words went through her like wine. Moscow is beset with danger and Vasya has only made it worse Her betrayal of the crown prince is still rocking the country, and there are many waiting in the wings to take advantage And yet, in many ways, her life has become so muchthan what it wasI am a witch, said Vasya Blood was running down her hand now, spoiling her grip I have plucked snowdrops at Midwinter, died at my own choosing, and wept for a nightingale Now I am beyond prophecyThe Grand Prince through his rage has been manipulated onto a path that surely would bring the end to an era.A demon who delights in chaos has set his sights on Vasya s beloved Moscow Magic makes men mad They forget what is real because too much is possibleA priest whose beautiful exterior hides a rotten core has almost completed his vendetta against Vasya.And Vasya the obstinate headstrong girl must balance the two worlds The Modern Era and the Old World are crashing into each other and it appears as if only one will survive.Will Vasya save her human family or the wondrous and terrifying Russian spirits Will she even be able to save herself A truly satisfying end to a splendid series I am just in love with the beauty of this series So many times I would reread passages to experience the joy, excitement and wonder.I especially loved Vasya s development throughout the series Maybe it s just me, but I ve gotten used to the YA heroine development aka we start off meek and mildthen 2.5 chapters later the main character becomes a complete badass.I loved how Vasya has always had that underlying spunk, but that has changed from a little spark to an inferno to a comfortable fireplace The way her character changed throughout the books was so well done I cannot remember when the changes happened, only that the girl we started the series with is certainly not the same one we have at the end.Also, as a side note, I am really feeling the magic in the series It has an ethereal quality to it that I really can t put my finger on Magic is forgetting the world was ever other than as you willed it. I like how the magic system was never completely laid out it s mysterious and unpredictable and it worked perfectly in Arden s world I loved all of the little spirits especially the ornery little mushroom spirit Vasya befriends The mushroom spirit was suddenly fierce He is not to kick over any of my mushrooms That depends, said the Bear pointedly If my brave mistress does not give me something better to do than run to and fro in the dark, I will happily kick over all your mushroomsAnd the plot It s hard to explain the feeling I get when I read one of these books but the best way I could describe it isthis is a not a story but a journey.Blog Instagram Twitter ALL THE STARS AND MORE Russian firebirdReview first posted on Fantasy Literature Medieval Russia comes to life in Katherine Arden s WINTERNIGHT TRILOGY, which began in Lesnaya Zemlya, a small village in northern Rus in The Bear and the Nightingale and continued in The Girl in the Tower Vasilisa Vasya is a young woman with the rare ability to see and speak with the natural spirits or chyerti of the hearth, stables, and lands and waters of Rus Vasya has gained the attention and respect of the winter king Morozko, god of death, who has helped her along the way as she fought and bound the demonic Bear, traveled from Lesnaya Zemlya to Moscow, and undertook a dangerous masquerade as a boy while fighting to protect Moscow and her family from both an evil sorcerer and the Mongol invaders The Winter of the Witch begins in the aftermath of a huge fire that burned much of Moscow The distraught people of Moscow are whipped into a rage by Vasya s nemesis, the priest Konstantin, who blames Vasya for the fire with some justice Vasya is captured by a mob and nearly burned to death as a witch Though she escapes, a tragic loss leaves her reeling, and now a terrible price has been paid on her behalf The Bear is on the loose again, pulling Konstantin into his plans for war and chaos, and Morozko has disappeared into some hidden prison The vast Tatar armies, the Golden Horde, are still on the move against Moscow, and Vasya has perilous journeys to make through magical midnight lands as she tries to save her country and the humans and spirits that she loves Vasya has gained in personal strength and magical power from her beginnings in the village of Lesnaya Zemlya, but she still makes some serious mistakes along the way.In the WINTERNIGHT TRILOGY, Arden has proved herself particularly adept at weaving together folklore and actual history The Winter of the Witch focuses on the events leading up to the Battle of Kulikovo in 1380, but puts a fantastical spin on it As the country lurches toward war, Vasya is guided into the midnight realm of Polunochnitsa, or Lady Midnight, where she meets not only one of her ancestors a famous Russian folklore character in her own right but the mythical firebird, Pozhar whose other form is a golden mare , and a delightfully opinionated mushroom spirit that Vasya called Ded Grib Grandfather Mushroom Pozhar and Ded Grib represent the high and the lowly among the chyerti, whom Vasya is trying to protect along with the humans who inhabit Russia Even Medved, the fearsome Bear who played such a terrifying role in The Bear and the Nightingale, becomesunderstandable and sympathetic, or at least muchentertaining as a character It s a nice reminder that even villains have some positive characteristics.He spoke of Russia Not of Muscovy, or Tver, or Vladimir, the principalities of the sons of Kiev, but of Russia itself, of its skies and its soil, its people and its pride.She listened in rapt silence, eyes vast and filled like cups with shadow That is what we are fighting for, said Sasha Not for Moscow, or even Dmitrii not for the sake of any of her squabbling princes But for the land that bore us, man and devil alike The tensions between Christianity and the old pagan ways, humans vs chyerti, are ultimately resolved in a way that I hadn t expected, but that I found profoundly moving, and Arden s writing style is entrancing The Winter of the Witch is not just the coming of age story of a girl with magical powers, or a romance, though it has both of those elements it deals with larger themes, like love of country, individual worth, self sacrifice, and cooperation with those who are different The WINTERNIGHT TRILOGY was a wonderful series from beginning to end, and I give it my highest recommendation I received a copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley for review Thank you so much Initial update Five stars SO, so good Amazing wrap up to this fantasy trilogy set in medieval Russia I love how this weaves Russian folklore into actual history, and deals with larger themes, like love of country.Plus it made me cry.If you haven t read this trilogy yet, I highly recommend it Initial post YES I finally got the ARC of this last book in this trilogy which began with The Bear and the Nightingale Now can I keep my hands off it for a couple of weeks while I read a few other books in my urgent TBR pile We ll see Content notes a fair amount of gritty violence and a non explicit sex scene. it has been said that those who do not believe in magic will never find it, and this book is physical proof that magic does exist every page, every word, every letter made its way into my heart, which began to beat in a steady and strong rhythm ofi believe, i believe, i believethis story, this trilogy, has woven itself into the very fabric of soul and will forever be a part of me a truly captivating tale that has made me fall in love with reading all over again and as i have come to the conclusion of this wonderful story, i have realised what a joy and privilege it is to have such magic in my life 5 stars Yesterday she saved your life, slew a wicked magician, set fire to Moscow and then saved it all in a single night Do you think she will consent to disappear, for the price of a dowry for any price Do you know my sister It is seldom that the third book of a trilogy ends up being the finest However, this is exactly what happened with The Winter of the Witch The final installment of a saga created with absolute beauty and dark grace by Katherine Arden is one to remember and cherish, in a trilogy that defied all genres and labels, making its way to be a classic I firmly believe that The Winternight Trilogy will keep company to generations of readers who will fall in love with the wealth of the Russian culture, the myths, the legends, the traditionsBut she saw the devils, despite the dark There were silhouetted atop roofs and walls domoviye and dvorovije and banniki, the faint house spirits of Moscow They were there, but what could they do but watch Chyerti are formed by the currants of human life they ride them, but they do not interfere Three things are the ones that make the trilogy perfect a supreme heroine, the exquisite descriptions of the Russian landscape and the theme of the never ending battle between the old world and the new, the pagan beliefs and the Christian religion All these elements are done to perfection in the 3rd book As Vasya fights for survival, justice and balance, she undertakes a long journey to a harsh, mystical haunting realm Arden s writing is extraordinarily beautiful as we are wondering in the land of Midnight or the scorching Moscow summer The scenery changes and changes and along with it Vasya is transformed The glorious city, the realms of magic, everything is a part of a greater world and everything is a link in a chain that must not break because a dangerous foe is approaching, a horde that doesn t care for the old and the new, desiring to establish its own dynasty.Arden gives us princesses and princes, knights and priests Wise women, artists, animals touched by magic Demons and spirits of nature The entire Russian folklore lives in the pages of the book and it never lookedbeautiful,mystical,threatening Marya Morevna, the Baba Yaga, the Firebird and the chyerti, the domovoi and the upyr in a particularly powerful, shocking chapter Polunochnitsa and her dark domain, the Midday demon, the horses of legends, the women graced or cursed with the Sight These are the pawns of the fight between the living and what they can t see, the world they can t believe in The division that feeds their need to destroy what they fear because they are unable to understandI am a witch , said Vasya Blood was running down her hand now, spoiling her grip I have plucked snowdrops at Midwinter, died at my own choosing, and wept for a nightingale Now I am beyond prophecy She caught his knife on the crosspiece of hers, hilt to hilt I have crossed three times nine realms to find you, my lord And I find you at play, forgetful I cannot begin to tell you how much I adore the relationship between Vasya and Morozov and here their dynamic iselectrifying than ever Is it strange and dark and possibly twisted Well, it may be and this is exactly what makes me love them so much They are my favourite literary couple, after Heathcliff and Catherine, and yes, I know I am weird Vasya continues to remain one of my favourite female protagonists, not only because of her bravery and determination but mostly because Arden chose to make her as real as she could given the premise of the story She doesn t refrain from fear and insecurity and despair or even one or two questionable decisions and this is how you create a believable, relatable main character in a fantasy setting Strange as it may sound, though, the character I was always anxious to meet in a chapter was Konstantin He is desperate and lost and all sorts of confused and you cannot help but be hypnotized by his presence His chemistry with Vasya is explosive.So, I am sad to leave the Winternight universe A trilogy created through haunting sceneries, an exceptional cast of characters, impeccable dialogue and endless respect to the immortal heritage of the Russian tradition, Katherine Arden, thank you for three marvelous journeysMen fear what they do not understand , murmured the Bear They hurt you They beat you, spat on you, put you in the fire Men will suck all the wilderness out of the world, until there is no place for a witch0girl to hide They will burn you and your kind Many thanks to Penguin Random House UK and NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.My reviews can also be found on Do do do do do so I fought back and forth with this book the whole read I was bored a lot during the first 40%, then things got interesting, then I got bored again, then things were magnanimous But, Frost Demon, you make every scene you are in worth reading I seriously think I would have enjoyed itif he had his own POV Like we get POVs from a lot of others, but never my boy Whyyyyyyyy nottttttttt At times my issues came with Vasya I felt sometimes she neededemotions I guess Sometimes, or a lot of the time, I can be a robotic person so I do get that Also, when it came to Morozko, I would have preferredof a team effort when it came to certain things A lot of the time these days, as I ve said before, authors are making the girls so bad ass and then the guy seems like a pathetic weakling I want a team effort equality not the guy saying, let s go hide in a corner, and then the girl is all like, I m going to go win this war I don t get it Yet there were some perfect scenes between Vasya and Morozko that were so good and swoooooooon When it came to the Winter of the Witch, not sure if the right word is political or if the book felt like it hadof an agenda, but when it came to that stuff, I was just like come on already I wantof the magical feel I first felt But don t worry, there are some gorgeous scenes, too.Anyway, the book was beautifully written I just miss the whimsical fairy tale feel of the first book and the intriguing feeling I had while reading the second book Also Konstantin, the creep, is still crazy His character is so interesting at times, but I also want to smack him for his insane thoughts I will say that the Bear is probably one of my new favorite characters ever And Sasha I still lovethan anything Overall I did like the way it came to an end, but can a certain character get their own book now Beware the forest, she added, following Vasya to the door It does not take kindly to strangersIt s overBut it was most definitely a beautiful and fitting ending.I ve owned this book since it released on January 8, but I ve been reluctant to start it Partly because it was the final book, and partly because I was worried it wouldn t be as good as I d been hoping it would be But Arden didn t let me down This finale was every bit as gorgeous and magical as the first two books.My reviews for this series are starting to feel repetitive at this point, but I absolutely have to talk about the atmosphere For me, it s what makes this trilogy so wonderful The Winter of the Witch follows its predecessors by being a book of quiet whispers and cold breezes It s that timeless fairy tale quality that I love so much But don t get me wrong there s plenty of action, too In fact, this book starts pretty much in the thick of it with Vasya being chased down by the followers of the nefarious priest Konstantin With Medved causing havoc left and right, and Vasya venturing into beautifully imagined supernatural realms, this could be the most action packed book of the series One of the things I like most about these books and this one in particular is how much Vasya grows as a character I think it is one of the most interesting and convincing character arcs I ve ever read about She ages and gains hard earned wisdom so naturally over the course of the three novels, and I feel strangely like I ve grown up with her after following her story for the last few years.As always, the fantastical is weaved in with the historical Much is based on real historical events such as the rapidly approaching Battle of Kulikovo but, of course, a lot has been embellished too I m at least fairly certain that the frost demon Morozko wasn t falling into a complicated romance with a woman called Vasya in 14th century Russia,s the pity.Also apparently frost demons are sexy Who knew Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Katherine Arden completes the wonder that is the stellar Winternight trilogy, and leaves me in pieces, distraught with a deep sense of loss that this is the end This is epic storytelling as it begins with the ashes of Moskva and a traumatised people susceptible to the charismatic priest Konstantin, a man overcome by a maelstrom of feelings, with fear of Vasya dominating Branded a witch and pariah, Vasya is to be tested beyond human endurance, acquiring a fire within, wracked with grief and loss Immersed in magic within the vast enchanted lands of Midnight, she travels exhausted and broken, becoming aware of her family history and legacy, making her the heir to her unforgiving great grandmother, but Vasya has much to learn The winter king, the death god Morozko, has sacrificed himself for Vasya, but at a terrible price as the spirit of chaos, the bear, is unleashed on a Moscow already on its knees, as the diminished power of the chyerti leaves its open to the further incoming bloodlust, death and destruction.The Grand Prince of Moskva, Dmitrii, Vasya s cousin is beseiged by dangers from all sides, the rising power of Konstantin, now discarding all remnants of his Christian faith for a devil s bargain with the bear in return for power The Tatars with vast forces of fighting men, under the leadership of Mamai, seek silver from Dmitrii, with plans to decimate and conquer Rus through war, if the silver is unforthcoming Terrified for her family and Rus, Vasya seeks Morozko, unprepared for what she finds In this dark fairytale, Vasya comes of age, becomes a woman, becoming aware of her abilities, exercising her magic and rallying to become the third force of power as many chyerti, and Pozhar, the firebird, form an alliance with her Magic, however, is a gift and a curse, rich in its temptations, but exposing her to an all consuming madness that threatens all that ties her to her family, Rus, humanity, and love To fight the forces that threaten Rus and her family, Vasya ventures into unthinkable terrritory, making common cause with the spirit of chaos, revealing they share than she has forseen Only unity can offer the miniscule hope of winning the David and Goliath battles that loom, offering a future for co existence between Christian, Pagan and the Grand Prince, and the foundation for an independent Rus War rallies disparate parties but inevitably horror, loss and grief are its repercussions, and nothing Vasya can do can prevent the gravest of loss as her grief overflows The waters of death and the waters of life offer some much needed amelioration as a close spirit joyfully returns Katherine Arden has taken the framework of actual Russian history, and weaves a spellbinding tale of Vasya, a young woman unwilling to accept convention on the role of women, challenging the path of either marriage or the convent, the only options available Arden s storytelling is atmospheric, vital, vibrant and unforgettable It is outstanding, feminist, conjoining the mortal with the immortal, and located in the rich mythology and legends of Russian folklore I don t know what Arden will do next, but I guarantee whatever it is, I will be reading it without fail What can I say Just read this Many thanks to Random House Ebury for an ARC.

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