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Dracul The Prequel To Dracula, Inspired By Notes And Texts Left Behind By The Author Of The Classic Novel, Dracul Is A Supernatural Thriller That Reveals Not Only Dracula S True Origins But Bram Stoker S And The Tale Of The Enigmatic Woman Who Connects ThemIt Is , And A Twenty One Year Old Bram Stoker Waits In A Desolate Tower To Face An Indescribable Evil Armed Only With Crucifixes, Holy Water, And A Rifle, He Prays To Survive A Single Night, The Longest Of His Life Desperate To Record What He Has Witnessed, Bram Scribbles Down The Events That Led Him HereA Sickly Child, Bram Spent His Early Days Bedridden In His Parents Dublin Home, Tended To By His Caretaker, A Young Woman Named Ellen Crone When A String Of Strange Deaths Occur In A Nearby Town, Bram And His Sister Matilda Detect A Pattern Of Bizarre Behavior By Ellen A Mystery That Deepens Chillingly Until Ellen Vanishes Suddenly From Their Lives Years Later, Matilda Returns From Studying In Paris To Tell Bram The News That She Has Seen Ellen And That The Nightmare They Ve Thought Long Ended Is Only Beginning

About the Author: Dacre Stoker

Dacre Stoker, a Canadian citizen and resident of the U.S., is the great grandnephew of Bram Stoker He is also the godson of H.G Dacre Stoker, the commander of the AE2 submarine, whose tactics were instrumental in Gallipoli in World War I.Dacre, who now calls Aiken, South Carolina home, was a member of the Canadian Men s Modern Pentathlon Team, Senior World Championships in 1979 and coach of the

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    not all monsters go away with time In fact, some don t leave you at all they wait They re a patient lot And no matter what it takes, you have to keep ahead of them, an inch outside their grasp will do It sucked me in pun intended I was lost in the pages of this book LOVED it This prequel to Dracula was Amazing I could not put this book down Nor should you If you are one of the few people who have not read this book yet, I highly recommend

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    It is believed that the strongest of them can assume any form, be it bat, wolf, swirling mist, even human They can appear young, old, or any age between Some can manipulate the elements, producing fog, storms, crashing thunder Their motives remain unknown, but one thing is clear they leave a trail of death in their wake, thinking no of a human life than we would the life of a fly Dacre Stoker knows a thing or two about vampires, Dracula in

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    Dracul is a dark gothic horror novel It is the prequel to Dracula I never was a fan of Dracula and I usually don t read books about vampires, but this one is so different The book mainly is about the life of Bram Stoker, his childhood and adulthood Bram was a very sick child He lived with his parents and his nanny, Ellen Crone in Dublin He gets very sick and a doctor comes to his house to see why he is so sick and his nanny watches over him wh

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    Dracul by Dacre Stoker and J.D Barker is a 2018 Putman publication When the very first early reviews for this book started popping up on Goodreads and other book sites, I scrolled right on past it, not even giving it a cursory glance Of all the genres to choose from, horror is at the bottom of my list, and has been for several decades, with the exceptions of ghost stories or the classics, like Dracula an all time favorite, and like many other pe

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    It was good and that s all that matters Read all the long reviews because I m not doing them any Mel

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    MalignantThe comparisons and connections between Dracul and Bram Stoker s Dracula are inevitable and unavoidable After all, this is the story of Bram Stoker s early life, his family and what may have been the catalyst for his classic vampire story Dracula has become the most popular monster figure ever, spawning a ubiquitous vampire theme across multiple genres In Bram s life, the second half of the 19th century, vampires were seen as pure monsters,

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    This is a prequel, if you will, to the timeless novel Dracula with none other than Bram Stoker himself as the protagonist Thankfully, these are not sparkly, shiny vampires What we have here is a blood curdling tale that would make the Count proud Elegantly written and atmospheric this novel drips with malevolence and oozes with the sinister.

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    An intriguing gothic horror book, told from the point of view of several members of the Stoker family, including Bram, as well as his sister and brother It tells the tale of Bram s childhood, where he was very sickly, on the verge of death, through to his adulthood Bram had a nanny named Ellen when he was a boy, she seemed a bit of a creepy character, disappearing for days at a time, and sleeping in a box of dirt Yet she seems to have healed Bram s ailm

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    It s Horror Week here at Goodreads, and what better way to start it off than by reading a seriously chilling tale Dracul will have you hiding under the covers and wishing for morning light I practically learned to read by devouring horror books and there simply was no better horror story than Dracula For decades writers have attempted to recreate the image of Dracula or to write sequels about the Count All fell miserably short of success until now Dracul,

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    A crescent moon dangling in the sky offered the thinnest of illuminations, bathing the world in nothing but faint outlines, silhouettes, and shadows The tower of Artane Castle was barely visible in the distance, lost behind rolling hills and farmland doted with the small homes of our neighbours Beyond that were the hazel and birch trees of the forest, their inky branches scratching at the night sky in anticipation of a pending shower Bram Stoker s

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