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Stanley woke up flat as a pancake He loved slipping under doors and going from room to room He was caught up in an unexpected adventure by sneak thieves It is a great story with really great illustrations I will be readingStanley books with my grandchildren He is a hit I didn t enjoy this book as much as the Mexican Adventure I just read, but I was curious to find outabout how Stanley became flat The plot was not so great but there were important messages along the book, for instance not jumping to conclusions based on first looks or what some situation looks like , not judging people for their shapes, religion, or the color of their skin , the importance of family and working as a team. Flat Stanley has seen a resurgence of popularity as schools are using one of the initial stories of Stanley Lambchop being mailed to another location for a visit to family friends as a fun, creative associated activity to connect students to the story Nash s updated illustrations on nearly every page bring out the imaginative qualities and opportunities the original premise of these stories has to offer young readers.This first book of the Flat Stanley series describes how Stanley became flattened by a fallen bulletin board in the night and his experiences in the community being flat which include a mixture of praise for catching the sneak thieves stealing valuable artwork from the museum as well as ridicule for being different As Stanley s mother says, It is wrong to dislike people for their shapes Or their religion, for that matter, or the color of their skin and readers see how the community is educated through interactions with Stanley and his loving family.Brown also explores the relationship between Stanley and his younger brother Arthur Arthur is jealous of the attention Stanley receives at first and humorously tries to flatten himself with the family encyclopedias Stanley tries to help Arthur by letting himself be flown like a kite, however, Arthur forgets Stanley in the air and creates further tension in the relationship But Arthur catches Stanley crying one night after Stanley is called hurtful names because of his flatness, and the brothers share a caring moment that illuminates an important relationship in the book. For Stanley, being dressed as a girl ishorrifying than being flat, getting stuffed in an envelope and mailed across the country, or standing still on pegs for hours while staking out villains Both my daughter and my son deserve better than some dumb flat kid who disparages girl stuff Maybe this was updated in later versions When Stanley Lambchop Wakes Up One Morning, His Brother, Arthur, Is Yelling A Bulletin Board Fell On Stanley During The Night, And Now He Is Only Half An Inch Thick Amazing Things Begin Happening To Him Stanley Gets Rolled Up, Mailed, And Flown Like A Kite He Even Gets To Help Catch Two Dangerous Art Thieves He May Be Flat, But He S A Hero This Is The Very First Flat Stanley Adventure, Updated With Crisp New ArtSupports The Common Core State Standards This is the original 1964 version of Flat Stanley, illustrated by French artist Tomi Ungerer, and what fun it is The adventure starts when Mr and Mrs Lambchop discover that last night, a bulletin board fell off the wall of their son s bedroom and crushed the kid flat This would be a tragedy outside the literary world, but here it s the beginning of something wonderful Stanley is unharmed apart from the fact that he s now only half an inch thick, and he soon finds there are advantages to being flat His new life could be fun Stanley can squeeze through the crack under most doors, a feat no other human could attempt He slips through a sewer grate to retrieve a ring his mother lost, visits a friend in California by mailing himself in an oversized envelope, and volunteers to act as a kite so his little brother Arthur can fly him high above the trees Arthur was jealous of the attention Stanley received after the accident that squashed him, but he s happier after his brother agrees to be his kite The Lambchops have adjusted admirably to Stanley s changed physique Whatcan a flat child accomplish When a string of thefts occur at the Famous Museum of Art, Stanley hides inside a picture frame in the art gallery to catch the criminals in the act Stanley is lauded as a hero afterward, and he s sure that being flat will never get olduntil it does Eventually people mock him, and he wishes he could regain the physical dimensions of a typical boy his age Is it too late for Stanley to have a normal life, all because a heavy bulletin board turned him into a pancake Flat Stanley is silly and fantastical, but author Jeff Brown is good with humor I must have laughed out loud half a dozen times throughout the book Tomi Ungerer s illustrations are appealing and expressive I like how he contrasts reds and greens, reminiscent of Kv ta Pacovsk s work Flat Stanley is the book Jeff Brown will always be known for, and one could do worse than to be linked with such a good hud story. When my husband and I left our dear grand girl Marlee at a very young age, as her step grandmother I was pleasantly surprised to learn for she came from a very large and very loving extended family , that she chose me to send Flat Stanley , 750 miles away It was early December, and I was in the midst of Christmas preparations gifts to be chosen and sent far and wide It was a delightful respite to delve into the children s section of our local library to find out who this Flat Stanley was So, I read about him through my youthful, wondrous, and adventurous eyes, but when he arrived, I treated him as I would a child It was a wonderful adventure for me because it was a gift from a dear, darling girl named Marlee As I prepare to leave this house that without my husband is no longer a home, I came across a copy of Flat Stanley s adventures while he visited us It was a grand time Now, a mother to a young daughter and son, I recently asked my niece, Do you remember when Flat Stanley came to visit Yes, I remember, we took him to see the movie, The Grinch That Stole Christmas. My 5 yr old loved this book A great story about a boy who gets flat after something falls on him and the advantages to being flat has Such as sneaking under doors A colorful story with bright illustrations, it s probably somewhere around a level 2 reading book A little too long and involved for my twin 3 yr olds, it s better suited for older children, but still interesting enough for a family read, especially if you keep your kids engaged by asking them questions about the book Overall a nice story. Kind of a cute book, def written in the 1960 s when I was a child But the story is rather shallow See how I didn t say flat More of a series of little vignettes in which Stanley gets flat, then can slide under doors, becomes a kite, and later is blown back up with a bicycle pump I think I expected .I d taken this book from the library to read to my five year old grandson, but I m afraid he d miss the point, too And I think the point was this sheer clevernessThough the mother does make one very good statement about it being wrong to dislike people for their shapes, religion or color of their skin It s brief, but it s there Anyhow, a ho hum 2.5 rounded up to 3. It should be noted that my review is for the original Flat Stanley with illustrations by Tomi Ungerer, not the revised and much inferior editions by Scott Nash The original will always be superior This is a much loved book from my youth, one of the very first I learned to read The story is whimsical and the pictures delightful What I remember best was the imaginative idea of sending Stanley through the mail, and having him return from many far away places This book not only was a stepping stone in reading, but also sparked my own imagination, like a good book should Truly one of my all time favorites, it is a shame that today s children will not see the original form of this book, but the dismal modern editions instead Please bring back the original edition, it is so much better. Flat Stanley

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Librarian Note There is than one author in the Goodreads database with this name.Jeff Brown had worked in Hollywood and as an editor and writer in New York before creating Flat Stanley, a hero for the youngest readers whose adventures, with illustrations by Tomi Ungerer, were first published in 1964 Flat Stanley became the star of a series of perpetually popular books The last, Stanley,

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