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Tree Spirited Woman Embark On A Personal Journey Of Spiritual Awakening And Life Enrichment As You Discover Tree Spirited Woman S Unique Perspective On Lessons For Life Written As A Narrative, Tree Spirited Woman Takes You Through One Woman S Intimate Transformation From The Death Of Her Maternal Grandmother To The Establishment Of A New And Guiding Friendship With A Wise And Mystical Woman With Tree Spirited Woman As Her Guide, She Learns To Let Go And Trust In Love, Personal Relationships, And, Ultimately, Death Tree Spirited Woman Will Provide Each Reader With An Abundant Opportunity To Grow Alongside The Book S Main Character Simple Philosophies For Living Flow Through Each Of The Chapters This Is A Book That Can Be Read And Reread, With Deeper Understanding And Personal Awakening Culled From Each Visit To Its Pages A spiritual read that will leave you considering how you could look at life s challenging moments with a bitgrace and a lot less negativity, stress and bias The author s encounters with the Tree Spirited Woman were delightfully peaceful and respectful It was a joy to read each differently themed conversation I have to admit disappointment with the author s journal entries after each meeting with the Tree Spirited Woman I just didn t find many of those entries very thoughtful or with the kind of depth that I would have expected after her rich experiences She was kind of a dumb bunny, shallow I guess I was hoping for deeper insight and perspective from the author. This book is so good It s a self published book and a lot of people wrongly dismiss self published books as not being good enough to read and this book defies that with every page It s a delightful, short read of 13 chapters about life topics It s inspirational and a type of book that once you read it, you will want to share with all of your friends. A wonderful gift from my friend, this little book is filled with thought provoking lessons and perspectives for life It is a simple and gentle reminder to find and experience joy each day. I bought this book for my Mom, sister and I to do a book study with and it was wonderful I wish I had been able to meet the author that was selling her book at a boutique that I was also involved in Once I picked the book up, I knew I had to read it and share it with those I love I love that the lessons were ones actually learned and then shared through this book I loved how it encompassed different people s experiences based on a life lived and one that was beginning to live the teachings As a therapist, I felt that it touched on items that many women have questions about, as we get older and find our place in this world, but just don t know who or where to ask I would recommend this book to women that are coming into an age of wanting to truly live and understand their worlds that they are living in whether it be to face the world they have created and want to change it or are working on making the world they do live in better. 2.5 starsI liked some of the ideas in this, the mindfulness and listening as a gift, for example But I didn t love the way it was written The dialogue between the two women didn t sound natural, and that s a big chunk of the book. A young divorced mother meets a woman who goes by the name of Tree Spirited Woman every month on the 28th for a year of wisdom and life advice.Though easy to read in one sitting, this is a book best savored in short bursts when comfort or inspiration are needed or as a guide for meditation or prayer Book Pairings Tosha Silver s Change Me Prayers and Outrageous Openness present some similar spiritual advice about letting go.Terry Tempest Williams s When Women Were Birds explores some similar ground in terms of the cycles of a woman s life. Simply written Meaningful and applicable. This is a short read It has 13 topics that women deal with in life Pretty simplistic Mostly things you would already think or know Just reaffirming Told in a story form An Native American woman talks to a younger woman that is chosen to share her thoughts with on these 13 subjects. Tree Spirited Women lives inside all of us My question for you is, is the woman real or is she your own internal wisdom, is she a relative speaking in your memories, is she a woman that stumbled upon a young women willing to listenas a woman moving my way through the chapters of this book in real time, with my own life experiences I can say that this book reaffirms for me the importance to be able to listen Listen and learn from anyone who garnishes wisdom, that isn t always an elder but sometimes it is This beautifully compact book of the heart is great to give to women in your family, to mother s, or a set of aunts, to leave at your cabin or send to someone feeling alone powerful lessons don t have to be complicated.

About the Author: Colleen Baldrica

Colleen Baldrica began her spiritual journey as a child Inspired by the teachings of her Native American grandmother, she carried that wisdom forth into her career as an adult With a Masters degree in Counseling and a PhD in the Philosophy of Education, she worked in public education for 28 years As the author of Tree Spirited Woman Beavers Pond Press 2006, ISBN 1 59298 144 5 she has begun

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