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At the Mountains of Madness A Complete Short Novel, AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS Is A Tale Of Terror Unilke Any Other The Barren, Windswept Interior Of The Antarctic Plateau Was Lifeless Or So The Expedition From Miskatonic University Thought Then They Found The Strange Fossils Of Unheard Of Creaturesand The Carved Stones Tens Of Millions Of Years Oldand, Finally, The Mind Blasting Terror Of The City Of The Old Ones Three Additional Strange Tales, Written As Only HP Lovecraft Can Write, Are Also Included In This Macabre Collection Of The Strange And The WeirdTable Of Contents At The Mountains Of Madness Cthulhu Mythos Novel By H P Lovecraft The Dreams In The Witch House Cthulhu Mythos Novelette By H P Lovecraft The Shunned House Novelette By H P Lovecraft The Statement Of Randolph Carter Randolph Carter Shortstory By H P Lovecraft

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    great collection 3 stars for The Statement of Randolph Carter a fun, brief shaggy dog story with a pretty famous last line moral of the tale don t go looking for kicks inside of tombs duh 3 stars for The Shunned House Lovecraft at his most Lovecraft displays his strengt

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    Reading Lovecraft is sometimes a bit frustrating There is only so long that the nameless terror can move the narrative forward Perhaps a longer review to follow which might explain how I can like Lovecraft without really liking his writing.

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    To save you time, I shall summarize this novelette for you If the subject comes up at a cocktail party, 1 pretend you ve really read it, 2 find cooler cocktail parties But, really, this has some INTENSE spoilers AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS Now with additions to satisfy the whiners Okay, so, there s like

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    Ohhhhhhh THIS is why everyone loves H.P Lovecraft Jeez why didn t anyone tell me Let s talk about horror I don t mean Stephen King horror where no matter how many alien clowns or rabid dogs there are the worst monster will always be man s cruelty And I don t mean zombie plague horror Or even Dick Cheney, Bohemian

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    I just don t know what to say about Lovecraft It s all good spooky fun, but he really isn t a good writer He s very repetitive, and tends to fall back on the trick of this is the memoir of stuffy and stilted layman, so that s why it s badly written Also there s way too much ZOMG It was so terrifying to behold that words can

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    I ve read several collections of Lovecraft Often I ve read the same story as he was mortal and had to stop writing at his deaththough if anyone might have continued on it would probably have been H P Lovecraft or Poe Oddly I suppose I m not a died in the wool horror fan, but something about Lovecraft and his original twist on it whic

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    Lovecraft is a writer highly skilled in imagination, intelligence and words This is not for me a scary story but how can I describe it but a cerebal adventure of unknown worlds and creation I find when I read his work I always have to take note of words to look up in a dictionary The story explains about an area that has been discovered and th

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    The color out of space.Lovecraft, what can I say that has never been said You tend to babble and overindulge in unnecessary explanation, but I forgive you Aeon is your favorite word and fittingly so Your art will last as long, if not longer At the Mountains of Madness 4The Shunned House 2The Dreams in the Witch House 4The Statement of Ran

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    En las monta as de la locura, es un s mbolo representativo de la obra de Lovecraft Narrado en primera persona por uno de los integrantes y sobrevivientes de la expedici n a la Ant rtida, exhorta a la pr xima expedici n que no se arriesguen a seguir investigando en aquella cima del mundo Las monta as enormes, y la nieve, ocultan una civilizaci n jam s documentada

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    Me reafirmo Esta es la mejor obra con diferencia de Lovecraft Quiz s deba demasiado a otros textos suyos, ya que se da por sentado conocer cosas como las que se relatan en el Necronomicon vaya, lo que algunos lectores de ese libro en otras historias de su autor dicen haber le do y otros textos ap crifos, al igual que detalles sobre su mitolog a De hecho En las monta as de

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