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Dungeon Born (The Divine Dungeon, #1) This book would make a really fun video game.Dungeon Born is a charming book For a story so full of death and pain, it s extremely fun and lighthearted The book is about the forces behind the standard RPG Dungeons Ever wonder why a leafer from Final Fantasy 6 yes this is really one of the enemies is not only attacking you, not only is some how able to hurt your monster fighting character, but also drops money and healing potions Well this book gives a really cleaver reason for all those Through out the story I found myself wishing I could play as the Dungeon and or the adventurers Despite the some times grim subject matter, this book is safe for kids and I d recommend it to anyone who s ever played a JRPG, MMO, Roguelike, or any loot centric RPG.My only disappointment is that it s sequel doesn t seem to have an Audio book. So, maybe you know these people They like to watch other people playing video games on youtube Like to watch people doing their walk through not because they re stuck int heir own game but to watch the game It s a thing, btw Okay, hold that.Do you know the game dungeon keeper If you do, that was fun, but still, you get the idea It s a game about being a dungeon heart and you get to control your minions and open up your dungeon and you are the bad guys killing hero adventurers who come to loot you.Okay, so this book is if you were watching a bloodier, but way less viscous evil sexual version of that game But, like, the whole game, so you get to watch the tutorials, and the behind the scenes, and the secret unlocks you get to hear all the narration plus narration by the player playing the game The only slight difference is you ALSO yay get to see the special tutorial on the heroes outside the dungeon, and how THEY level up and get stronger too the book gets a big meh Krout treads well known territory and didn t even give us dark mistresses to make it spicy Really come now The character Hanz was practically begging to meet up with one.But, this really read like someone story boarded a video game, was told it was already made twice then wrote a book instead That s probably not fair, nor what happened, but unfortunately that exactly what I get out of it and exactly how it felt.It was full of good meta idea for explaining why adventurer s monsters actually get so powerful I grant most systems don t ever really explain it and this one at least gives it a better shot then most but after sitting through the entire thing I m now sure then ever that, really, it s just not that important I m trying to think of all my Dd players post battle meditating on their inner essence and I m thinking not Adventurers are way to paranoid and it s not until the very end they ever mention there s a watch while they meditate.And, all the stuff going on in the dungeon, centuries of professional dungeon delvers and, critical, whole armies of people who dungeon delved and now work on the periphery of figuring out magical properties down to their finest details Clearly a dungeon based advanced magical society and no one s figured out they re sentient I m not buying it There s a pretty clear cut way of doing things among dungeons but in all this time no one as figured out how they do it or what becomes of them, or any of it A definite symbiotic relationship exists, and we the readers can see it but my issue is that with legions of experts in the world they haven t gotten it yet Anyways, I m calling this one a positive 2 stars A lot of effort was put into this, and it shows, and it s full of great ideas, it has a whole system of magic and power accumulation that affects every being in the entire world and, in many ways, stitches together a magical world better then most any book I ve ever read.However, we tread a lot of ground without ever going anywhere, there really isn t a plot outside of characters getting powerful from doing a variation on the same thing which, in game parlance, is called grinding Unfortunately it s about has fun in a game as it is in a book The good parts of this book that shine get buried in A LOT of meh, mechanical muck, and explanation to our two stupefied, if not plain clueless, main characters.Also, to the author, it s okay to make a joke, a good one or even a groaner of a pun, and leave it We don t need an arrow pointing to it every time Just let it be man, let it be.EDIT some grammar and errors. For Eons, Conquering Dungeons Has Been The Most Efficient Way To Become A Strong Adventurer Although, Not Everything Is As Straightforward As It Seems Several Questions Have Always Plagued The Mind Of Those That Enter These Mythical Places Of Power Why Are There So Many Monsters Where Does The Amazing Weaponry And Heavy Gold Coins Come From Why Does The Very Air Fill With Life Giving Energies Cal Has All Of The Answers To These Age Old Questions, For A Very Simple Reason He Is A Dungeon Heart, A Soul Forced Against His Will Into A Magical Stone After Several Lonely Years, Cal Was Able To Regain Sentience, Allowing Him To Form New Memories While Slowly Growing A Dungeon Around Himself With Help From A Friend, Cal Learned How To Create Monsters And Traps, Increasing His Power And Size Quickly When A Threat To His Existence Rears Its Head, Cal Decides That He Will Do Anything To Stay Alive And Become Stronger Unfortunately For Treasure Seekers, The Fastest Way For Cal To Achieve His Goal Is To Eat Anyone That Enters His Depths Abandoned I listened through six chapters two hours I just couldn t get into it Too silly for me, particularly the tedious mechanics and the dialogues between the dungeon and the sprite or whatever sidekick The storytelling is painful enough to kill the interest of even the heartiest of adventurers. Great book Well worth the time and moneyI had recently read another story about a dungeon intelligence and was reluctant to read this as it seemed a rehash of the other book Well I gave in an read this book and was blown away A much better writing style with much greater character depth I can t wait to read FYI the other book was Slime Dungeon I liked it but the main character was irritating some times. An interesting take on Dungeon KeeperAs a fan of the original Bullfrog game and sometimes of its various remakes or modern versions , I guessed I d be interested in that book.In theory, it shouldn t really work The real reason it does work is that Krout is well aware of the conventions of the genre and the tropes, and he does apply them with gusto and self conscious humor Specially when they do not make sense at all, like when Dani insists that dungeon monsters have to be called Mob because Mob stands for Mobile OBject, because that s how the first online CRPGs did implement them and it is absolutely impossible in any fictional universe to have a good reason to call them that Or the World of Warcraft inspired inability to tell an opponent s level if it s than two full ranks above you which makes you wonder what is the real level of Dani Or the totally goofy leveling system.Once you figure out this is a game session, not a real story, you start to make sense about why things go that way and not another If the rule is that a dungeon can use only one base for mob boss per dungeon rank, you realize that the fact that Dani does not lure every single critter around to add to Cal s repertoire makes perfect sense For a game.There s a couple flaws in the book, of course There s a bit too much emphasis on game mechanics which can be boring for most readers Some aspects of the characters are underdeveloped, or even completely ignored, like Dale s original behavior when he is introduced.Thankfully, there s enough plot lines prepared or hinted at to fill a good series, and Krout did carefully limit his story beats so that not everything is blown in the first book.I wonder though Is Kantor ranked in the S triple S range or above If you like litRPG or wuxia, you ll like thisVery reminiscent of Slime Dungeon, including the personalities of the Dungeon and his pixie wisp I enjoyed the supporting characters even and the little side interactions are where this story really shines Combat and such was rather standard and didn t hold my attention Will definitely read the second book I wanted to DNF this book I almost DNF d this book I kept going back to it like some stupid guilty pleasure It kinda felt like real role playing and I kind of liked that aspect But this book has serious problems First, the writing is bad Like really bad It skipped from first person to third person constantly and mixed up tenses so often that I stopped counting the mistakes Misspellings were rife Mostly they were homophonic misspellings which is possibly even annoying, whole instead of hole, to instead of too, etc The author should just stick to DM ing His story was inventive but he spent way too much time explaining the intricacies of the science behind the magic These explanations were tedious that sometimes I would skim over or just put the book down and read something else for a while Also it seemed that he couldn t decide who his main character was The dungeon, Cal written in first person or Dale written in third person And I frankly didn t like Dale so his chapters did not make for interest Also, I cannot state enough how much I hate when authors switch from first person to third person from chapter to chapter Pick one, stick with it, or don t write The world was too much like DD Treasure and item drops and leveling up made it feel like reading about someone playing a game than reading a fantasy book It was kind of interesting, except when the author spent too much time describing it all in mundane detail I read the whole thing I really don t know why Possibly because I hate DNF ing a book Maybe because it was a guilty pleasure But there is like a 98% chance that I will not bother to read the rest of this series I d roll for initiative but I don t want to In fact, thanks to this book, there s an even higher chance that I m just going to start ignoring s recommendations for me from here on out. Squares Debut Novel, Indie Author, Audiobook, Non human POVI am burning through Indie Authors recently and I m enjoying myself so much This book is going to be pretty audience specific, after reading Andrew Rowe s Sufficiently Advanced Magic and enjoying my first LitRPG I decided I d check out some.If you enjoyed his book, you will probably enjoy this book, but be aware this leans way towards RPG than mixed with epic fantasy like Rowe s book.So, ya know when you re doing dungeon raids in video games This book explores just how these dungeons come into being, why they spawn loot, why they have ranked monsters, how the bosses are built, and level up magic rankings.This book is a sentient dungeon POV I can t say I ve ever read anything like that before, and it was a ton of fun A human has been sucked into a soul gem and starts spawning a dungeon He s befriended by a dungeon wisp and together they start building and leveling up the dungeon with the goal of killing as many adventurers as possible I ve never read a book where I laughed so much at deaths of adventureers, it was a very unique POV.There are two main characters, the sentient dungeon who I m not counting as human because although he started that way, he remembers nothing of being a human and is now something else entirely, he s definitely not a person any His name is Cal, and his dungeon wisp is named Danny I think the spelling is right, I audiobooked.Then there s the human adventurer POV, Dale and he s joined by a group who s working to level him up as well So you go back and forth between the adventurer trying to level up his magic and gain armor and other loot, and the dungeon who s determined to kill him.This book was pretty funny, the dungeon can hear what the adventurers are saying, and one time someone was commening how they need new boots so Cal spawns three left boots and finds that hilarious.This book will have a lot of appeal to people who play a lot of video games and enjoy books with a ton of magic explanation dialogue The beginning of the book is pretty dense with info drops about how magic works and how you level up, so if that part of Rowe s book bogged you down, this book is a step above that and you will probably want to pass.There are elves, dwarves, politics of how the dungeon loot should be distrubuted and tons of magical monsters The book isn t that long, around 300 or so pages, and the pacing was really tight lots of dungeon raids and action, and it s actually mixed with a decent amount of politics between the elves and humans.The dialogue was well done, def not wooden, it flowed and was engaging.There s not a terrible amount of world building, you hear a bit about different tribes of elves and dwarves, humans of different countries but the whole book stays in the same setting on the same mountain and dungeon.I gave it a 4 on good reads, it s definitely not a master piece book, but it s really enjoyable for someone who really loves video games, the way that Cal forms himself into traps, dead ends, tricks, and drops loot just made me laugh the whole way through the book The characters aren t flat, but they aren t super complex and in depth the way you d expect from an epic fantasy, they re mostly fun and engaging.I found this book by searching for other books that Vikas Adam had narrated I enjoyed him so much in the Heartstriker series that I was craving of his fabulous voice acting I was not disappointed, he was great with this series as well.It s cheap It s free for kindle unlimited prime members, and it s 3.99 for people who don t have the membership Worth a try if you think this sounds interesting.Super audience specific, but really fun for those who appreciate this sort of thing It actually has a pretty impressive goodreads score, with 900 ratings it has a 4.44 avg score rating, with most people giving it 5 stars If Like me you re an old hand at adventuringyou ve traveled multiple worlds in different universes fighting and conquering with different and varied groups of co adventurers or even on your own then you ve been there You ve spent many hours finding and disarming traps, searching for and finding secret doors while slashing through and slaying horrific and deadly monsters You ve tracked through the dungeons of Dungeons Dragons, you ve fought through the underground lairs in Diablo not to mention Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 along with expansions , you ve been in the Underdarksurvived Dungeon Seige only to name a few.But there s always been a questionor several questions How when you open a dungeon room or cave that has been sealed for hundreds of years are there live deadly monsters in there I mean other than the undead of course how did the Goblins, the Orcs, the Bugbears and so on live What did they eat Each other Did they have waterwas there an air exchange AND when you come back a little while later, how are the monsters all back Where did they come from Wellthis is your book This book opens the secrets of where these treasure filled dungeons with their attendant dangers come from..and why we keep finding them.Good book especially if you like LITRPG or RPGLIT whatever the proper title for the genre is I recommend this one Fun, enjoy.

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