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The Black Echo For Maverick LAPD Homicide Detective Harry Bosch, The Body In The Drainpipe At Mulholland Dam Is Than Another Anonymous Statistic This One Is Personalbecause The Murdered Man Was A Fellow Vietnam Tunnel Rat Who Had Fought Side By Side With Him In A Hellish Underground War Now Bosch Is About To Relive The Horror Of Nam From A Dangerous Maze Of Blind Alleys To A Daring Criminal Heist Beneath The City, His Survival Instincts Will Once Again Be Tested To Their Limit Pitted Against Enemies Inside His Own Department And Forced To Make The Agonizing Choice Between Justice And Vengeance, Bosch Goes On The Hunt For A Killer Whose True Face Will Shock Him

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    I ve designed a gadget that will notify me when I run across clich s in crime thrillers with a BEEP Let s give it a test run on this Michael Connelly novel, shall we So this is the first book in the series featuring a LAPD detective named Hieronymus Harry B

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    Published in 1992, this is the book that introduced L.A.P.D homicide detective, Harry Bosch The series, which runs twenty four books thus far, has remained strong throughout and is, almost certainly, the gold standard of modern police procedurals.When we first meet H

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    I came at Michael Connelly backwards, reading the entire Mickey Haller series before any of his Harry Bosch books And after encountering Bosch in The Reversal, I wasn t that compelled to read about him But then I found the Kindle version of this on sale for 99c, so I couldn t

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    Michael Connelly introduced his signature protagonist, Harry Bosch, in the 1992 novel The Black Echo Over twenty Harry Bosch novels have been published in this successful run for Connelly s lone wolf, battle scarred hero detective There is no such thing as a coincidence So states Hieron

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    First impressions can be so deceptive Well, actually, first, second and third impressions, but who s judging Me Totally me Still on the search for a new mystery series, and Michael Connelly s name keeps coming up, mainly because I always misspell John Connolly John s writing is frequently lyrical

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    Out of the blue and into the black is what they called going into a tunnel Each one was a black echo Nothing but death in there But, still, they went..

    Reading a new detective series right from where it all began is always exciting the Harry Bosch series seems to be the perfect series for it

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    In the 80 s it didn t take me long to learn to look dubiously at book recommendations from authors, particularly if the recommender and recommendee lived in the same vicinity I would still note, say, Donald Westlake recommending Lawrence Block recommending Brian Garfield, but I would also wait for outside confirmati

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    An excellent mystery main character, if a bit dour I really liked the amount of detail logic in this Great twists very realistic Even the bad guys were well done or maybe they were especially well done Not all were as bad as I first thought jerks, but they had reasons Again, very realistic On to the next in the series.The ser

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    4.5 One cop s word against another s was something they wouldn t touch in this department Deep down, they knew a cop s word by itself was worthless That was why Internal Affairs cops always worked in pairs This is my first crack at the extremely popular Bosch series, and it s no surprise that I liked it We re introduced to a middle age

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    I read this book for the first time about 10 years ago and I enjoyed reading it now even I am a devoted fan of the Prime series, Bosch, which is coming up to it s 4th season Reading the book I kept picturing Harry Bosch with the face of Titus Welliver, the wonderful actor who so brilliantly portrays him.The story begins with the death of a jun

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