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Echo Park More Than A Decade Ago, Harry Bosch Worked On The Case Of Marie Gesto, A Twenty Two Year Old Who Went Missing But Was Never Found Now, With The Gesto File Still On His Desk, Bosch Gets A Call From The District Attorney A Serial Killer Has Confessed Did Harry Miss A Key Clue Or Is Something Going On Here In Marie Gesto Disappeared After Walking Out Of A Supermarket Harry Bosch Worked The Case But Couldn T Crack It, And The Twenty Two Year Old Was Never Found Now, Than A Decade Later, With The Gesto File Still On His Desk, Bosch Gets A Call From The District Attorney A Man Accused Of Two Heinous Murders Is Willing To Come Clean About Several Others, Including The Killing Of Marie Gesto Taking The Confession Of The Man He Has Sought And Hated For Thirteen Years Is Bad Enough Discovering That He Missed A Clue Back In That Could Have Stopped Nine Other Murders May Just Be The Straw That Breaks Harry Bosch

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    This is another excellent entry in the Harry Bosch series At this point in his career, Harry is working Open and Unsolved cases with his partner, Kiz Rider One of the cases that has haunted him for years is the disappearance of a young woman named Marie Gesto, who disappeared after walking out of a market wh

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    Harry Bosch is now one year into his return to the LAPD out of retirement He and Kiz Rider are partnered in the Open Unsolved Unit, working cold cases One of the them, the 13 year old missing persons case of Marie Gesto, has plagued Harry since he was originally assigned to the investigation It s now red hot

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    Harry s at his best again, getting into all kinds of trouble, running headlong into danger, never thinking about other people until after the event I love reading about him but I get why all the women in his life leave him too This is the second book I have read this week where we are positively falling over a

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    Time saver tip if you ve read my review of any Harry Bosch book, you ve read em all Since I don t reveal plots and reserve my comments to the overall book author, characterization, style, etcI just don t feel the need to repeat myself as in most cases series books if any good at all do remain consistent

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    The Hook I m working my way through you Bosch The Line It was the little questions that always bothered him, filled the hollow inside with dread The Sinker Echo Park was truly my favorite of Harry Bosch Series thus far Its excellent plotting, cracker jack writing, the attention to details, all made this

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    8 10 When you ve read a bad book and you need a pickmeup, who ya gonna call Harry Bosch Not quite as lyrically poetic as the fine Ray Parker Jr, but you get the picture I know I m going to get a good read when I pick up this series Bosch is well rounded by this stage, book 12 in the series, and you know his chara

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    What can I say about Bosch at this point This book gives you a great mystery, politics, and finally someone just calling out Harry for the crap he keeps pulling when it comes to always doing things his way and his whole damn the consequences thing Echo Park is the 12th book in the Harry Bosch universe With Harry n

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    3.5ish stars I read this series sporadically Sometimes I like them solidly Usually I think they re good enough, readable, could be better could be worse I really enjoyed the brief Lincoln Lawyer series, but Bosch is one I always think, between readings, that I probably actually enjoyed than I did I see so many peo

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    Whew I finally got to read the other half of the story in the Bosch TV series season 1 And the book does not disappoint.The book has a complex, multi layered story that unfortunately did not make it into the video version I loved how there were conspiracies within conspiracies The mystery is great especially if one

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    And so I continue this incredible series with book number 12, Echo Park I can t believe I ve read so many books featuring Harry Bosch already, I am dreading reaching the most recent book in this series Echo Park was another masterclass in how to write crime fiction The authenticity is present on every single page Cha

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