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River Out of Eden: A Darwinian View of Life I got this book for an english class Richard Dawkins really bugs me His view is that people who are religious are uneducated and delusional hence his newest book The God Delusion. This was okay, but it felt like a simplified version of his other work A good place to start, but maybe one to skip over if you ve read How Did The Replication Bomb We Call Life Begin And Where In The World, Or Rather, In The Universe, Is It Heading Writing With Characteristic Wit And An Ability To Clarify Complex Phenomena The New York Times Described His Style As The Sort Of Science Writing That Makes The Reader Feel Like A Genius , Richard Dawkins Confronts This Ancient Mystery Magisterial In person, Richard Dawkins can seem defensive, arrogant chippy Hardly surprising, considering that he is a dignified and serious scientist who has had to spend years combating preposterous and impudent attacks But his books are meticulous, supple and surprisingly sensual His love of, and fascination with, the mechanics of the natural world is exhilarating and a joy to read Complexities melt away, leaving a view of the world which is infinitely beautiful, mysterious and astonishing than that propounded by any of his innumerable detractors.I defy any rational person to read his fiercely funny analysis of Intelligent Design and its fallacies deaf turkeys who dilligently slay their own young because they cannot hear the sound that makes them recognise the chicks as their own, for instance and not be convinced they must simply not want to know As Winston Churchill once said to a persistent questioner Madam, I have given you an explanation I cannot, alas, give you an understanding If Dawkins did not exist, we would have to invent him. I didn t connect with the river analogy and also felt that the greatest show on earth and some of his other works were much stronger but this was still enjoyable. I finally get him Guess what Your DNA is eternal, not you It flows like a river through us and all creatures and we are merely the banks of the river that house the DNA for its continuation into next generation, and the next or not.I have read many of Dawkins books and articles and this is a winner If you re interested in learning exactly what Dawkins means by The Selfish Gene or the DNA river this is the read it s a quicky The concepts are not as difficult in this book as many others rather it s a layman s explanation of our beginnings from the replacation bombs in space to the biological zygote or previous bacteria and on to our own technological replacation bombs Now, I get why he was lead to the next step memes.A fun read about the river of DNA that flows in all of us And, it was particularly interesting to learn about Mitochondrial eve and the importance of the female line as it is always a pure line no mixing of DNA there , so it s much easier to study. This is simply a beautiful book It s kind of hard to put into words why this book is worth reading, or even really what it s about, but I ll try.Richard Dawkins was catapulted into popular stardom by his views on religion, not his views on science But what the average person who now knows his name doesn t know is that Dawkins was a well respected evolutionary biologist long before he released The God Delusion The vast majority of his books are written within his primary field of expertise, and The God Delusion is the exception to this, despite it being the book for which he is now most famous among the population.I imagine it must be frustrating for Dawkins that whenever he appears on a news show, the caption under his name says something like militant atheist rather than evolutionary biologist or even scientist Sam Harris and, to an extent, Christopher Hitchens, are at war with religion belief in God is their primary target Though Dawkins is often lumped with them, I don t get the impression that Dawkins is really the same kind of atheist as Harris or Hitchens.Richard Dawkins is an expert on evolution and biology In his writing, he makes it clear that he has an outstanding appreciation for nature, an appreciation that is informed by his understanding of evolution To Dawkins, the world is full of majesty and wonder, beauty and grace, and it is so not IN SPITE of the fact that it formed gradually over billions of years, but BECAUSE of it For Dawkins, the Darwinian view of life is what makes the world so fascinating and awesome This makes Dawkins passionate about evolution, to the point where he wants to share his appreciation for nature with others The problem is, whenever he has done so, he was met with frothing morons who talk about evolution being just a theory without knowing what they were talking about Further investigation into this perplexing resistance to facts revealed they were all motivated by religion, which caused Dawkins to realize that one of the major problems with our society was that it was largely under a collective delusion that prevented them from having the same appreciation for the world that Dawkins wished to impress upon them, hence The God Delusion For Dawkins, religious belief isn t something to argue against on its own, but it is particularly heinous because it takes a thing of elegant beauty that from a simple set of basic rules and a huge amount of time, a great deal of complexity could develop on its own and cheapens it by explaining all as the mere act of an all powerful bearded man in the sky.I see Dawkins as a teacher who considers the entire population his classroom He wants to share with his students, but has found them resistant for a silly reason Undaunted, Dawkins has simply taken it upon himself to remove this roadblock before continuing on his lesson If he wants everyone to understand and appreciate how amazing evolutionary biology is, he must first get them to release their grips on this ancient superstitions that prevent them from accepting it Once that s done, he can get back to work.Dawkins s recent books, The God Delusion and The Greatest Show on Earth, are addressed to these students The ones who cannot let go of their ancient myths, and the ones who refuse to understand the basic facts of evolution The God Delusion is meant to weaken the grip, and The Greatest Show on Earth is meant to explain the very basic tenets of evolution as well as dispel some of the most common misconceptions and weak arguments against it.His earlier books, however, were written for a different kind of audience This audience already accepts the facts of evolution This audience already has an appreciation for the world as seen through the lens of Darwin And River Out of Even is exactly this kind of book.If you don t accept or don t like evolution, River Out of Eden will not convince you that you are incorrect The book you want to read is The Greatest Show on Earth If you insist that all of this complexity surrounds us because sky daddy deemed it so, pick up a copy of The God Delusion.But if you accept evolution, River Out of Even will take you on a fascinating journey Dawkins uses Darwinian evolution as a lens to look at a wide variety of different aspects of life on this planet, leading the reader down dozens of unique wow, I never thought about it like that moments The implications of evolution often included things I never realized, and I had holy crap, that s awesome occurrences during this book than anything I ve read recently Dawkins takes the reader on this journey with extraordinarily well written prose, weaving concepts together seamlessly The book never gets particularly technical, but it never reduces itself to pandering to the ignorant either This is a book for smart people who think science is interesting If you ve ever read about or seen an experiment that resulted in a feeling of heart pounding excitement at its implications, you may well enjoy this book a great deal. I thought this book elegant The writing is elegant Dawkins s use of analogy and example to explain the complexities of evolution is elegant He glides from idea to idea as elegantly as dance I only wish I had background Dawkins writing here isn t overbearingly technical Still, not being a strong swimmer in science, I found myself at times over my head in deep pools of DNA and replicator genes and had to flail a bit before finding a toehold on some sandbar of familiar detail That s not the author s fault but my own muddy understanding To me his writing seemed clear, concise impressively so and even tinged with humor Mostly it s smooth and effortless Mostly Dawkins and I were good companions, Huck and Jim I m glad I made the journey. There is a point in River Out of Eden when the stark brutality of nature really hits home With a nervous system programmed to kill anything that moves near its young unless it emits a babies cry, a deaf mother turkey mistakes her children for predators and, in a bid to protect them, ends up massacring every last one It s one of several tragic anecdotes used to make an important point, and the kind of jolt that Dawkins does best This is not however a pessimistic book Far from it As Dawkins reminds us, nature is neither cruel nor kind, only pitilessly indifferent but when you understand how it works, its genius is positively awe inspiring If you have already read several other Dawkins titles The Selfish Gene, The Blind Watchmaker, etc then you may find this adds little to what you already know However if you re not too familiar with evolution but keen to delve into Dawkins scientific titles perhaps you ve only previously read the God Delusion then I recommend going for this one Not too long and not too lumbered with detail, it takes the reader through genes, DNA and natural selection via African Eve and blindfolded bees in a beautifully written account peppered with anecdotes and various mind boggling facts and figures that will explain just enough to inspire you to read. There are some good examples in this book, in addition to some good science fiction scenarios that were enjoyable and original, but I found it hurrying from topic to topic without much depth There s nothing special here that can t be found in Dawkins other book If you still didn t read The Blind Watchmaker, or better still The Ancestor s Tale, I would suggest you opt for them as the topics he is talking about in this book are better treated in in the others and in the case of The Ancestor s Tale, they are up to date.

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