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Kin 2.5⭐ I really felt like I wanted more, but it was still a good story

I read this story, audibly, through the wonderful new podcast LeVar Burton Reads
It was a short read, and I think the biggest sin is that it was actually kept a short story. It seemed to demand expansion, to me as a reader at least. But, it gave a strong and lovely message, it held my attention, it had that nice scifi language, and you can listen to it for free via LeVar Burton Reads. It's a great way to spend 30 minutes, especially if you dig science fiction. This story can be for adults or teens, and it has some universal appeal. Don't miss it.

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This is a short story about the meeting and connection between a young boy and an alien assassin. Long car rideLevar Burton reading to me via podcast = heaven!!

At first, I didn't quite get the ending, but when I DID, holy cats, this became a five star "read".

I find it funny that a wish of many millennials is to have Levar Burton read them a bedtime story. This wasn't quite a bedtime story, but MAN does he have the speaking chops to draw you into the world the author created!

Great story, great narrator, highly recommended! 5 stars! Listened to this short story courtesy of LeVar Burton Reads (ITS READING RAINBOW FOR ADULTS!!!!!). It is a story of a boy who hires a alien to kill someone who is going to kill his sister. The characters show a lot of complexity in a short amount of story and the story itself is heartfelt beneath the whole hiring an alien to kill someone thing. Kin is a short story that builds momentum as you suddenly see how the title relates to the relationship between an Earth boy and an assassin alien. Young Kim contacts an Antalou alien and convinces him to prevent the forced abortion of his yettobeborn sister. At first you will wonder why this alien follows through on the boy's request, but this quietly menacing story will show you how the mercenary alien recognizes that the two share a kinship of character. Evil can put on an innocent face and the alien knows Kim's true nature will soon reveal itself. This thought provoking story was narrated by LeVar Burton on his podcast's first episode @ http://www.levarburtonpodcast.com/. Discovered this on the Levar Burton Reads podcast and loved it! I wasn't expecting a story about an alien assassin and a twelveyearold boy to pull at the heartstrings.

I, like bajillions of others I assume, listened to this on LeVer Burton Reads. Review of 'Kin' by Bruce McAllister

Does it count as 'read' if I listened to this short story in the 'Levar Burton Reads' podcast? Yes, it totally does! I don't get why some people discount audiobooks. I adore them. I need them! I am not a reader of science fiction, sadly. It's not because I think they are geeky, or trash or whatever stupid stereotype. It's totally my fault, I get too caught up in the pronunciation of words, it's a perfectionist/phonetic reader thing, so you can see my problem. Instead of progressing on with the story, I will stop and pronounce the interesting made up words. And then I have to try and pronounce them 10 different ways to see which sounds best and then I've forgotten what I'm even reading. Thus, has been my problem with scifi. This podcast has convinced me I just need to listen to audio of science fiction, because I LOVED this short story. I didn't give it 5 stars because I wanted more! Short stories done wellnot many I've read. This one was fantasticI learned just enough about the characters to understand what was going on, but it wasn't overwhelming, and it felt rich and full of detail. I felt the connection forming between the boy and the alien. I hated the govt person immediately because of how the author described him, not as 'hey, this guy is awful,' but in finding his thoughts repulsive/small minded. This showing, not telling thing in short story is often truncated or just completely missing, but not here. Not a single time are we told how we should feel about a character, but my feelings were intense. And I just loved how the alien showed the boy his problems could be solved a different way. Loved every minute!

About the Author: Bruce McAllister

Bruce McAllister is an American writer best known for his science fiction, fantasy and literary fiction. His short fiction, which he began publishing as a teenager ("The Faces Outside," 9TH ANNUAL OF THE YEAR'S BEST SF), has appeared over the years in genre magazines, original anthologies, “year’s best” anthologies, literary quarterlies and college readers; won a National Endowment for the Arts wr

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