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Saving Sarah (Cajun Connection, #1) Haunted By Memories Of War And Strangely Prophetic Dreams, Gaston Ranger Boudreau Spends His Time Alone In The Louisiana Bayou He Calls Home When Fellow SEAL, Matthew Wolf Steel Calls In A Favor, Ranger Can T Refuse A Boudreau Always Pays His DebtsWriter Sarah Sloane Is In New Orleans On A Mission, To Find Her Missing Sister Unsure What She Ll Uncover, She Needs Somebody Who Knows The City But , She Needs A Bodyguard Who Can Keep Her Safe One Sexy Former Navy SEAL Might Be Just The Person For The Job As Ranger S Dreams Evolve, The Dangerous Search For Sarah S Sister Becomes A Race Against The Clock Can They Find Her Before It S Too Late, Or Will Their Quest Cost Than One Life Tortured by memories that haunt him, Gaston Ranger Boudreau spends most of his time in his cabin on the bayou struggling with PTSD and memories of the past But when a fellow SEAL sends Sarah Sloane to him asking for help, he s all in Sarah s sister Anna has disappeared without a trace in the city of New Orleans and Ranger promises to do all he can to find Anna while also recognizing with his sixth sense that he and Sarah are meant to be together While Ranger and Sarah chase down every clue and give in to their sexual attraction this storyline takes a gripping and violent turn and becomes a frantic race to save the life of a woman on the brink of death. Sarah Sloane is desperate to find her sister Anna has gone missing from her spring break in New Orleans Sarah s friend, Caroline s husband, Wolf has offered the help of his friend Ranger Together they hunt through the places and events that lead up to Anna s kidnapping Ranger has the gift of dreams, which he uses to find Anna He just didn t know that she was Sarah s sister until he sees her photo With the help of his friend Remy, Rangers father and an old Veteran they follow the trail, leading them to Anna, just in time to save her Sarah and Ranger try to contain the feelings they have for each other, but eventually cave in Ranger didn t believe in love at first sight , but has a change of heart on that thought Loved the story, can t wait to read the other books of Kathy Ivan. Sarah is determined to find her sister She doesn t care what or who she has to go through Ranger is asked to help Sarah Sarah and Ranger find themselves getting deeper and deeper into the search for Sarah s sister But will they manage to succeed And what will become of them after they find her This book was so good I did not want to stop reading I read it straight through, and I really hope we get glimpses of them in the future I absolutely loved it Sarah has come to New Orleans to find her sister who is missing Ranger Gaston is an ex Navy Seal who s trying to get past his own nightmares when he was captured in Afgan Wolf calls him to help Sarah find her sister Sparks fly at the first meeting It s a long road to finding her sister This may have triggers for some This was a great story. Sarah needed a bodyguard Who better than a former SEAL Ranger hides out in a cabin in the bayou trying to forget his past When a friend contacts him and asks for his help, he can t turn the man down He owes him so much Ranger has been having horrible dreams but they don t make since He keeps seeing a young girl in trouble He is sure he has never met her When Sarah meets up with Ranger, she explains what s going on and shows him a picture of her sister He is left speechless That is the girl in his dreams Can Ranger find her before it s too late Wolf has asked Ranger to meet him at a bar in New Orleans While he is sitting there, a woman walks in and he just knows she is looking for him Ranger has dreams and he has seen Anna in them He knows he has to help Sarah find her He has Tex and Carlisle helping him along with Remy Can Anna send him help through his dreams to find her Will he find his true love Suspense in New OrleansThis book takes place in New Orleans which adds a nice flavor to the story The suspense and romance keep the story flowing Entertaining Susan Stokers Special Forces series is one of my all time favorites I absolutely love that other writers are including her characters from this series and spinning their own tales with new characters in them Kathy Ivan created an intense page turner around this world and I couldn t wait to see how it ended I loved that it had just a hint of paranormal in it too The character s dreams that led to the male lead, Ranger saving Sarah and her sister were well written and totally believable.I can t wait to read everyone else s stories based on this world, especially if they are written as well as Kathy Ivan s.I was given this book in exchange for an honest review, but I want ALL of the books from this world in my inventory so I can read them whenever I want This world is awesome Loved the touch of paranormal.

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USA TODAY Bestselling author Kathy Ivan can t remember a time when books and reading weren t a part of my daily life I was blessed with a mother who instilled the love of reading in me at a young age That progressed into a passion for the written word in all forms, which led to my writing Every day I have new stories and new ideas roaming through my brain, the characters chomping at the bit for

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