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Heat Lightning Utterly forgettable And I mean that Sincerely Apparently I read this book in 2009 and didn t remember a damn thing about it so I mistakenly re read it over the recent Christmas holiday Here is the sum total of what I got from both reads 1 The Vietnam Warsomething something about American greed2 Guys were murdered many years post war3 Virgil Flowers drove all around Minnesota looking for the killers4 Minnesota is quite damn large so Flowers drove around in almost every damn chapter5 Lastly, Minnesota has a lot of bugs in the summerDon t make my mistake and read it twice In fact, don t even read it once. I really like the Virgil Fucking Flowers Flowers series I ve read several of the Lucas Davenport books by Sandford and find the Flowers books to have humor and interest They are also perfect for listening to while putting up snow fence I have about 800 feet of snow fence to put up along my lane For those who don t know what that involves, it means driving fence posts into the ground with a post driver weighing about 20 lbs, unloading rolls of wooden snow fence and then attaching the fence to the posts It s always done when the weather is shitty cold and windy and the field often muddy and for someone my age probably inviting a heart attack Takes me usually about 4 5 hours so I find a good book to listen to and take my time I used to get done in about 3 hours The Flowers series, read by Eric Conger is perfect Occasionally, I ll pause and laugh out loud.The plots are rather routine In this one a series of murders is being committed All the dead had been in Vietnam at the same time, although not in the military The bodies each have a lemon duct taped in the mouths several had been slowly tortured Fine, the investigation is interesting and makes sense, but it s the character of Flowers who knows his Aeneid and his relationship to the other cops that I really like It s obviously not a spoiler to say Virgil gets his man woman.The ending is a lot of fun Sandford certainly has no love for Homeland Security why does that name always seem to force my arm into an unnatural stiff arm salute The subtext issues of this book must have John Stuart Mill rotating in his grave. On A Hot, Humid Summer Night In Minnesota, Virgil Flowers Gets A Call From Lucas Davenport A Body Has Been Found Near A Veterans Memorial In Stillwater With Two Shots To The Head And A Lemon In His Mouth Exactly Like The Body They Found Two Weeks AgoWorking The Murders, Flowers Becomes Convinced That Someone Is Keeping A List With Many Names On It And When He Discovers What Connects Them All, He S Almost Sorry Because If It S True, Then This Whole Thing Leads Down A Lot Trails Than He Thought It Did And Every One Of Them Is Booby Trapped Of course, four stars in the brain candy category is not the same as four stars in the great literature category, but I really enjoyed the ride while reading this book This is the second in Sandford s new Virgil Flowers series, and I liked it than the first one, Dark of the Moon Good plot with lots of little kinks and curves, and Sandford s trademark guy humor Also many familiar characters carried over from the Lucas Davenport series, so I felt I was hangin with my old friends I especially loved the way they resolved their dilemma with the Homeland Security guys near the end of the book Heh, heh. It felt good to be back in Virgil s world.The solution in this story was fairly intuitive for the reader to pick up on but the author kept interested as we experienced Virgil reaching the same conclusions I also liked a lot of the side characters in the story The Red Lake police guys, Raines and some of the other supporting characters were good What I liked the most about the book was that the mystery and story setting was so different from the first one but yet I felt Virgil was still true to the character introduced in the first book His chemistry with the Lucas, Sally and the other characters came through really well He is just a likable guy My biggest complaint is that this story does involve quite a bit of Lucas and I wasn t sure if I liked it or if I felt like Lucas was intruding into my Virgil Flowers world The other complaint was the story lingered on well after the climax and even though I found it interesting it seemed to be an add on versus an integral part of the story.Eric Conger is a great narrator for me I always feel part of the story and not like someone is just a reading a story to me. Here is yet another example of a foot flavored experience, meaning after years of scoffing at every Sandford book that I saw on the shelf good grief, how many ways can you use the word Prey in a title , I got curious Oh wait, peeps at Mulholland Books think he s entertaining Maybe he s actually pretty goodThe kicker was coming across a nice copy of the second Virgil Flowers book on one of those tables that you see on the sidewalks of New York Even better, this was the day before a long flight So, alright, here s a buck and here s to trying Sandford hypocrisy be durned Well kids, let me tell you what my foot tastes like this time Chewy a killer is on the lose and we don t know who he or she or they be And wow but their methods are weird Earthy Call in Virgil Flowers The man who wears faded t shirts from 90s bands pretty sure there was a Pixies reference in there, hell yeah and jeans and who barrels into an investigation with fearless curiosity Familiar yep, we ve got some genre staples here, and yes, some of them are easy to call Still, the plot chugs along and the ride is fun Spicy there is not a lot of action here, and some of it is mundane in nature I still got caught up in every scene the way I was intended to The car chase, in particular, is really good, while the way Flowers handles the subsequent arrest on the reservation border is an awesome display of his meaner, badder side.The final flavor of my foot the ass that goes into assumption Let that learn me a lesson. 5 Stars An entertaining romp through northern Minnesota and, just a little, the Rainy River area of Ontario, Canada As usual that F n Flowers is front row centre in the commotion It s a page turner A body is found at the Veteran s Memorial in Stillwater with a lemon in its mouth Both the middle aged man, and his dog, had been shot in the forehead Flowers is yanked out of bed during a visit with a former wife when Lucas Davenport calls telling him to get up there ASAP as there are striking similarities to a murder a few weeks ago Connections to the Vietnam War become apparent and a strange incident surfaces about the theft of construction equipment followed by a horrible rape and slaughter Has someone developed a hit list Who are the others on such list Along the way we bump into anti war hero Meade Sinclair, now a local college professor, his Vietnamese daughter Mai, a few U.S Homeland Security bullies, Sandy who is Virgil s go to researcher, and a Governor who takes a huge political risk Throw in two international territorial violations Yes I liked it July 2019 I enjoyed this a lot, but as a guilty pleasure I can t quite stretch it to 4 stars Our hero with the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, Virgil Flowers, is wonderfully likeable, genuinely happiest when he can fish or write about fishing, is prone to fall in love a lot, loves dancing, and always wears a t shirts featuring old rock bands He harnesses his charm and affability to solve his cases by drawing clues out of conversations Here is case is a growing set of serial murders of elderly men, apparently professional hits, with the bodies all placed on a veterans memorial The common link among the first victims appears to point to past military or business experience in Vietnam Though a poor marksman, his drive for justice makes him carry bravely on when situations get dangerous and violent Lots of exciting twists and turns with a lot of lively and often humorous dialogue in the quiet times On the down side, his failures to stop a lot of the killings is a bit frustrating, and the victims don t evoke much empathy in the reader In compensation, the bad guy turns out to be very interesting indeed. When the going gets tough, try to unload it on that fuckin Flowers This philosophy is put into practice when several men are murdered and the bodies are left prominently displayed on various veteran s memorials with lemons in their mouths With Minneapolis about to host the Republican National Convention it s a bad time for a bloody murder spree Since Lucas Davenport is wrapped up with all the convention planning he puts his man Virgil Flowers on the case Virgil finds connections that indicate the killings are linked to Vietnam veterans, but bodies keep dropping I liked but didn t love the first three Virgil spin offs from the Prey series when I originally read them, but this one gets a big boost from a reread of it There was a lot action than I remembered, and Virgil s laid back manner is severely tested in interesting ways by the increasing pressure to solve the crimes I particularly liked how seeing Davenport in his role as Virgil s boss makes him seem like of a bastard than usual.The ending brings about some unexpected twists, and there was a lot of the tense action and sense of momentum that Sandford is so good at delivering All in all this another remarkably solid thriller that adds a lot to the on going adventures of Flowers. I ve only read two John Sandford novels, but I m ready to apply an adjective I ve formerly reserved for only two writers, both of whom rank among my favorite writers of all time Joe R Lansdale and El Leonard The adjective Sly I m not just talking about Sandford s wonderful leading man Virgil Flowers affectionately sometimes referred to as that f% in Flowers , but also Sandford himself The paragraphs and pages fly by, but when you slow down and study what you re reading, you find interesting twists of phrase, beautifully idiosyncratic riffs on standard technique Sandford scaffolds his stories to please every reader, which is a rare and wonderful gift In short, there s something for everyone in a John Sandford Virgil Flowers novel I ve read two of them, out of order, and loved them both I can t wait to read.

About the Author: John Sandford

John CampJohn Sandford was born John Roswell Camp on February 23, 1944, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa He attended the public schools in Cedar Rapids, graduating from Washington High School in 1962 He then spent four years at the University of Iowa, graduating with a bachelor s degree in American Studies in 1966 In 1966, he married Susan Lee Jones of Cedar Rapids, a fellow student at the University of Iowa He was in the U.S Army from 1966 68, worked as a reporter for the Cape Girardeau Southeast Missourian from 1968 1970, and went back to the University of Iowa from 1970 1971, where he received a master s degree in journalism He was a reporter for The Miami Herald from 1971 78, and then a reporter for the St Paul Pioneer Press from 1978 1990 in 1980, he was a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize, and he won the Pulitzer in 1986 for a series of stories about a midwestern farm crisis From 1990 to the present he has written thriller novels He s also the author of two non fiction books, one on plastic surgery and one on art He is the principal financial backer of a major archeological project in the Jordan Valley of Israel, with a website at

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