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The City of Ember An Alternate Cover Edition Can Be Found HereMany Hundreds Of Years Ago, The City Of Ember Was Created By The Builders To Contain Everything Needed For Human Survival It Worked But Now The Storerooms Are Almost Out Of Food, Crops Are Blighted, Corruption Is Spreading Through The City And Worst Of All The Lights Are Failing Soon Ember Could Be Engulfed By Darkness But When Two Children, Lina And Doon, Discover Fragments Of An Ancient Parchment, They Begin To Wonder If There Could Be A Way Out Of Ember Can They Decipher The Words From Long Ago And Find A New Future For Everyone Will The People Of Ember Listen To Them

About the Author: Jeanne DuPrau

Jeanne DuPrau spends several hours of every day at her computer, thinking up sentences She has this quote taped to her wall A writer is someone for whom writing is harder than it is for other people Thomas Mann.This gives her courage, because she finds writing very hard So many words to choose from So many different things that could happen in a story at any moment Writing is one tough de

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    Maybe 18 months ago, I came out of my office to find my 5 year old son laying in the hallway reading a book.He wasn t just flipping through a picture book, either He was actually reading it A book with all words and no pictures.This was that book He d read it with his mom a over a month s worth of bedtimes Then, of his own volition while walking through the hallway, he d pulled it off the shelf, sat down, and

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    The City of Ember is a young adult novel that is a fantastic allegory for spiritual awakening, though I have no idea if it was intended as such The story is of a girl who lives in an underground and completely self contained city created by the Builders The population of the city knows of nothing outside the city, in fact, though they speak English many of the words in it like sky are not understood in any terms but

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    DuPrau makes a typical first time novelist mistake throughout this book she doesn t trust her reader to infer In other words, she often over explains, following up dialogue and action sequences with redundant descriptions of a character s take on what just happened Another disappointment is that the mystery of Ember unfolds in an entirely predictable manner There are no great surprises DuPrau s characterization of Doon is one d

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    Very interesting and exciting The City of Ember is a dramatic book and the three main characters, Lina, Doon, and Poppy find a dark tunnel where they find a box of matches But they don t know what they are because they haven t discovered movable light yet And I think it is very creative and if you want to know , read The City of Ember The mayor is actually behind some of the problems of Ember Looper, Lina s friend s boyfriend, and th

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    This books makes you appreciate even the smallest of things that you may take for granted I look forward to seeing how the movie compares with the book

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    Before The Hunger Games 2008 there was The City of Ember 2003.Well, that s not exactly true because, to be completely honest about it, before HG there were the Japanese novel 1999 and then movie 2000 Battle Royale from which only the blind would say that HG isn t based upon or at least heavily inspired by Which, don t get me wrong, is totally fine inspiration comes in every shape and form, and if a great book movie inspired HG author Suzanne Col

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    My 12 year old son just knew I would love this book He s been hounding me to read it since early last spring Finally, I have read it and Jacob my son was right Omigosh What first hooked me were the vivid character descriptions that show than tell, so the reader can draw their own conclusions The story is told in third person, limited in two different perspectives Lina Mayfleet, twelve years old, sat winding a strand of her long, dark hair around her

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    This is for my book report The City of Ember is all about these two regular kids saving their city Doon and Lina had never thought of being twelve years old and getting jobs Lina orriginaly got chosen to work in the sewers as a pipework s laborer,but Doon knew being a messenger wouldn t do anything to help save the city, so he traded with Lina Luckily, Lina just so happened to be a super fast runner and that s why she thought messenger would be a perfect jo

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    This book was a huge thing when I was in the fifth grade The film was coming out, and it was one of the pioneers of the YA dystopian genre My sister told me I should read this one, despite my adamant hatred of the similar The Hunger Games I m glad I gave The City of Ember a chance because it s an inspiring, spectacular tale of friendship, shady politics, horrid underground conditions, and the story of how humanity rises again.

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