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Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha Sometimes When Nothing Happened It Was Really Getting Ready To Happen Irish Paddy Rampages Through Barrytown Streets With Like Minded Hooligans, Playing Cowboys, Etching Names In Wet Concrete, Setting Fires The Gang Are Not Bad Boys, Just Restless When His Parents Argue, Paddy Stays Up All Night To Keep Them Safe Change Always Comes, Not Always For The Better

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    I hate to be facetious about this, but it s true I love to read good books as much as I love to discover which ones are actual impostors that is, which ones are overrated past the norm, books like On the Road, Catcher in the Rye, or anything by Ayn Rand Yuck Well, this one won the Booker, which I can only guess is a HUGE deal But I guess the yea

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    I hate to think that I m susceptible to some merchandiser s power of suggestion, but as soon as hearts and Cupids give way to shamrocks and leprechauns typically Feb 15 , my thoughts often turn towards the Emerald Isle Of course, when the lovely lass I married accompanied me there last year to celebrate a round number anniversary, I can be forgiven for th

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    I am now into my final three Booker winners, and this one left me somewhat in two minds I had never read Doyle before and always had a feeling that I wouldn t enjoy it that much.So let us start with the positives Doyle s ability to inhabit the mindset of a boy who is ten at the end of the book is extraordinary, and the final part of the book in which he watches his

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    This was much better than I had expected, based on other reviews, and I think expectation is everything with this novel It s not really a story with a plot, and the characters experience little in the way of change or development And it s not quite a stream of consciousness, either It s kind of a mix of impressions and dialogue the world seen through the mind of its young pr

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    Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha reminded me of another famous Irish novel, Patrick McCabe s The Butcher Boy Both are narrated by a young boys who grow up in Ireland during the 1960 s, and both make use of vernacular and local folklore The Butcher Boy was shortlisted for the Booker in 1992, and Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha won it in 1993.But don t be dissuaded from reading Paddy Clarke by thinking tha

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    A strikingly powerful portrait of a dysfunctional family and the boy acting as the glue holding it together, Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha is a nostalgic Irish novel with many profound themes hidden beneath childish innocence.

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    I ve read a lot of books, and I can tell you, there isn t one out there that captures a childhood, or the perspective from a 10 year old child, better than this one.Not just any childhood, and certainly not any in 2014 in a middle class or affluent neighborhood, where the children can now be found indoors, and in silence, save the hum of their tv or computer.This is a childhood set in Ireland, but these

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    Doyle, one of my favorite authors, nails the stream of consciousness of a young boy, Paddy Clarke of the title While not exactly spelled out, I think Paddy, our narrator, is about 8 when the book starts and 10 when it finishes He and his mate Kevin are the defacto leaders of a band of boys who rove a developing subdivision in late 1960 s Ireland, wreaking havoc on themselves and anyone who might be in their way I

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    I really enjoyed this novel and the author really nailed the voice of Patrick our protagonist I found all of the characters compelling But the story lacks a plot beyond the life of a pre teen boy in Ireland who is endlessly involved in minor mischief The novel would have benefited from a seismic outside event or perhaps just drama This novel reminded me of World s Fair by Doctorow, not quite that masterful but in the ball

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    Abandoned Child protagonists annoy me anyway.Just found this ramblings of a young irish lad

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