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Sightlines 3,5 rounded upIt pains me to give this book only 3,5 stars, but unfortunately I expected so muchMaybe it s meagain Maybe I had too high hopes for this one Anyway, I was disappointed it didn t raise to my expectations I loved the second book, Oversight so much It was amazing and naturally I expected the third one to knock me on my feet I was also a huge fan of Chase He was so mysterious and I knew his story will break my heart But I also expected a grand finale and I didn t get it Chase and Elijah were very hot together and their bond was so strong and powerful But Chase s insecurities got me bored I mean, given his tormented childhood and awful past, I can understand why he couldn t believe Elijah was truly in love with him, and not his brother Holden But at some point I really wanted them to act like grown ups and just talk I couldn t understand why Chase chose to sort things out only after the big fight Santino surely knows how to create suspense He s also good with making you love the same characters you once disliked He can show you glimpses of their haunted souls and make you understand where they come from like Chase s past I just didn t expect the grand finale to be so plain I mean, I felt like someone magically poked his fingers and things fell into place way too easily No BIG fight, no real punishment for the bad guys After hating them for so long, they deserved a muchpainful ending.And even if we got some surprises, their final battle felt pretty unprepared and well, flat.What I did enjoy about this book and the reason I m giving it 3,5 stars would be the few hot scenes between Chase and Elijah and the characters great humor It was also great revisiting the other couples, Nate and Trent, Holden and Six. Chase Payne Is A Walking Contradiction He S The Most Powerful Psychic In The Community, But The Least Respected He S The Son Of The Community S Founder, But With His Tattoo Sleeves And Abrasive Attitude, He S Nothing Like His Charismatic Family No One Knows What To Make Of Him, Which Is How He Wound Up Locked In A Cell On The Farm Yet Again But This Time, The Only Man He S Ever Loved Is There TooElijah Estrella Was Used To Being The Sassy Sidekick Who Fooled Around With Chase For Fun But That Was Before He Realized The Community Wasn T The Haven He D Believed In And Chase Was The Only Person Who D Ever Truly Tried To Protect Him Now They Re Surrounded By People Who Want To Turn Them Against Their Friends, And The Only Way Out Is To Pretend The Brainwashing WorksWith Chase Playing The Role Of A Tyrant S Second In Command, And Elijah Acting Like Chase S Mindless Sex Toy, They Risk Everything By Plotting A Daring Escape In The End, It S Only Their Psychic Abilities, Fueled By Their Growing Love For Each Other, That Will Allow Them To Take The Community Down Once And For All Review and rating removed. Review Removed. 4 4.25 stars When I first started reading this series, what I read and got was so not what I expected I ended up enjoying it so muchthan I thought This seriescannotbe read as a standalone Although each book features different characters, the story that flows from book 1 to now is continuous.Chase is someone you met earlier in the series along with Elijah As soon as you read their story, you know there was something going on there and I just had to get my hands on their book And this starts off exactly where book 2 left off.Though I do wish that there was a bitromance shown between Chase and Elijah There wasn t enough It wasaction But that ending was sweet Overall, I really enjoyed everything I m sad this is the last bookAn arc was provided in exchange for an honest review Review and rating removed 4.5 While I m not sure any series by any author will ever impact me quite the same way as ICoS Santino has yet again produced another riveting read This has a slight ICoS feel to it and it s a rough beginning It was always a challenge to maintain his mental shield while pretending to be mind controlled by a sociopath in a black lab coat who was trying to splinter his brain However, Chase had done it before Without his shield, the sociopath in question Jasper, psychic vamp extraordinaire would realize Chase had never been truly loyal to the Community More terrifyingly, he d also gain access to Chase s psychic talents.To cause such mind numbing pain that Chase at times forgot who he was or even what he was Could a human experience this and still come out okay Maybe not Maybe he wasn t human Whatever the case was, he wouldn t let Jasper get him And Jasper would never hear him scream Chase gritted his teeth, fingers clenching.Chase is powerful,powerful than anyone realises but his life has been one of captivity and torture and it makes for heavy yet addictive reading.Elijah is the one good thing in Chase s life and he d do anything to save him but it s a dangerous game in an evendangerous place The Farm.I noticed a couple of reviews stating this wasn t a romance and they re right but the fact that the love these two share is the only thing that gets them through the horror of the Farm then I suppose it sof a love story than a romance.This is a gripping read which never lets up and makes for an exciting read it doesn t leave much room for romance or sex, the heat level on this is lower than I expected but it s inline with the rest of the book and while I m a huge fan of this author s m m scenes I found I really liked that random sex scenes hadn t been inserted just for the sake of it After all they would have distracted from the plot and it s a good plot.I read a lot of books but not since ICoS have I felt so strongly about any characters This author appears to be the only one capable of making me form without actually realising I m doing it a mental kill list in my head This list was headed by Jasper, followed by Richard and Will There s no epilogue I know, what on earth was Santino thinking Yet despite this I m happy.The world building once again is frightening yet brilliant and this book brings this series to a close and I m left wondering where this author is going next.I voluntarily read a review copy kindly provided by NetGalley and Riptide Publishing. 4 Stars All in all, I am a fan of this series I think I may be a bigger fan of the paranormal genre than I realized My favorite book in this series, hands down, was Book 2 Holden and Six were fantastic While this book finished the series nicely, it was a bit lacking in the actual relationship of Chase and Elijah I realize all the intense action was happening, so I get why it wasn t all about them as a couple during the bulk of the story, but I was hoping for somethingmaybe at the end about them together.That aside, I m really glad I stay with this series and I would definitely say I enjoyed it. RATING IS REMOVED, BECAUSE REASONS Review stays under spoiler tag because Goodreads is first and foremost my record of reading activities, and the fiasco doesn t change the fact that I ve read this book view spoiler More than any books released this month October 2017 , Sightlines sits on the top of the list I ve been dying to read the conclusion of Hassell s X Men like series, especially because I love Chase and Elijah So when I was offered the chance for advanced reader s copy, I didn t think twice to request it.So, does it deliver to my satisfaction FUCK YEAH.Between the three brothers, Chase s background is the one that draws me the most Probably one of the most powerful multis with his telepathic and telekinetic power, Chase has been tortured since he was a child by psychic vampire who wants to understand how his DNA works under his own father s order His father who wants to breed multitalented psys in order to take over the world Elijah is Chase s only light in the darkness Even if Chase thinks that Elijah only thinks of him as substitute for his bother, Holden, he cannot stop his heart to fall for Elijah and wants to protect him at all cost.Based on the blurb With Chase playing the role of a tyrant s second in command, and Elijah acting like Chase s mindless sex toy I thought there would besex scenes in this book And you know I actually pouted that it wasn t really Because I actually wouldn t mind to read Chase and Elijah going down and dirty grin So yes, I wished there wereof Chase and Elijah time together because ChaseElijahFTW But for the rest Sure, the bad things that happened the torture, the brainwashing, the assault are not easy to read or to imagine however, at the same time is quite a page turner due to the danger and risks that follow our rag tag band of freaks to dismantle the Farm and makes a permanent change in the Community leadership I admit, I think the climax needssuperpower clashing or guns blazing something at the level of destruction of X Men The Last Stand though Also the deaths of a number of main villains here are a little too easy Guess I can be blood thirsty woman lol Sightlines is an exhilarating read the best and my favorite of the series And despite the slightly lacking of Chase Elijah moments the ending is sweet, hopeful, and manages to make my heart feels warm and fuzzy An excellent ending, Mr Hassell The ARC is provided by the author for an exchange of fair and honest review No high rating is required for any ARC received. hide spoiler 4.5 starsI ve been waiting for this book ever since I met Chase and Elijah in book 1 I couldn t wait to read about how the douchey bad boy fell for the sweet twink Sightlines definitely delivered Book 3 hits the ground running Chase and Elijah are captives at the Farm, and their only way to survive is to play along with Richard and Jasper s vision for the Community The two men are cut off from any allies, and can only rely on each other.If you ve been following along to their side story in the past two books, you ll know that Elijah and Chase don t make things easy on themselves Their relationship has been a rollercoaster of arguments and misunderstandings.Even while their lives are in danger, the two men just can t seem to figure out how to communicate their feelings Chase, in particular, doesn t want to admit that he s been in love with Elijah from the get go.I thought Chase s reluctance to accept his feelings, though annoying at times, was also adorable It made sense, given his childhood He was just so afraid of rejection, and that he wasn t good enough for Elijah.But regardless, Elijah and Chase were very sweet together I really liked seeing them slowly work out the kinks in their relationship, and all of that while being total badasses.Plus, they ve got some great chemistry in the bedroom The action plotline gets as much page time as the romance The past two books have been building up to this final showdown between Richard and his sons.I don t want to give anything away, but I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen next The plot moved quickly, and there was never a dull moment.The ending was perfect, wrapping everything up nicely for Chase and Elijah, and also for Nate and Trent, and Holden and Six.If you re looking for an engaging paranormal series that delivers on the action and the romance, I highly recommend The Community series

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